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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Monthly Montages - March & April 2014

Going to do another monthly montages as virtual diary on some things I did the last two months :)


  • Finally found a place that sells corn dogs here! It's at Food Town in Living World btw.
  • Another 3Ds max project. Did the yellow bird from angry birds.
  • THIS is for me, one of the best lunch. I lovee Indonesian food. It's bakwan sayur, fried egg, perkedel, and my favorite of all, sayur lodeh nyam nyam.
  • Had a throwback moment and played harvestmoon non-stop for a couple of days.
  • Selfie with Sam when we had dinner at Fish & Co. He loves Fish & Co. so much it's unreal
  • Suki from Rainbow Kitchen. I've never really liked suki since I preferred yakiniku (grilled) and I find suki to be kinda bland and "meh", but this suki from Rainbow Kitchen I actually LOVE LOVE LOVE. Never before Diana introduced me to Rainbow Kitchen have I ever craved for suki. Both the chicken soup base and tom yum soup base are really flavorful and delicious, my favorite is the tom yum one (I could eat just the tom yum soup with rice to be honest), but a lot of time I mixed it with a bit of the chicken soup base. I've tried the more popular suki places like Ita Suki and X.O. Suki, but their soup just not tasty enough for me and they're actually the firsts suki places I tried and the reason why I deemed suki is just not my thing.
  • Minimelts! Found it at Ita Suki in Living World when I was passing by. I used to buy this quite a lot when I was little and I remember it was quite cheap, but now it's like 20k -_-"
  • Leftover from Fish & Co. Re-deep-fried it and they're just as good as the previous day.
  • Went to Bene Ristorante again to have their Paella Pasta because I had been craving it since the first time I tried it. Anyway, Bene Ristorante has closed down now *cry in silent*, but at least I have a chance to eat there again before it closed down.
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich from Circle K for waiting my plane. It's actually not bad.
  • Bought this new felt tip pen and decided to play with it when I was bored in a practicum class :p
  • Delicious Kopyor Durian from ice juice Kedungsari. I didn't know they have a branch at Summarecon Mall Serpong! I always eat at ice juice Kedungsari everytime I went to Surabaya because my father loves it, plus they have a really delicious grilled chicken at that one.
  • The insane amount of queue when ibox Binus had a clearance sale. Macbook Pro sold at 4mill to 6mill wtf (around $400 to $600).
  • Love this lip balm from Crazy Rumors. Thank you Lolabox for introducing me to it! :)
  • Another satisfying lunch in my book.
  • Bought this floral skirt from Berrybenka (had been eyeing it for a while) and in love with how flowy it is. I'm definitely going to start building my wardrobe in the skirt area.


  • Morning selfie ;) I think I was checking to see if my make-up looked okay in natural light.
  • Went to Starbucks to do a programming project with Sam. Don't remember the drink, but the sandwich had a yummy cranberry sauce.
  • Sushi galore from Sushi Rakyat (They had promotion on Living Social). The sushi were decent, but the delivery was almost 2 hours late wtf. 
  • OOTD when I went to Piscator with Sam. I filmed a get ready with me video on it. Probably will be up next month.
  • Some of the rounds we had at Piscator. All the food were decent. I like the batter-fried stuffs and the bulgogi. Forgot to try their oden and pudding section though T_T.
  • Went back to Jogja to join my first election and to unwind :D
  • I HAVE to eat at Serayu Restaurant if I'm in Jogja, especially for this salted egg and butter bun. It's so melty, creamy, and just freaking delicious! The best salted egg bun I've ever tried. Although, they used to have a deep-fried version of this and now they only have the steamed one. Still the best salted egg bun, but I much prefer the deep-fried one since you get that extra crunchy exterior to accompany the soft bun.
  • Had my first spa experience at Laseca. Pretty good, felt relaxed afterward.
  • Super duper tiny pannacotta from Parsley. It was yummy though. The tuile was tasty too.
  • My mom had this free one night voucher from Quality Hotel, so we took a bit of a staycation. Threw myself a nice bubble bath, also used the bath bomb I got from Lush. I think it's fun, but other than color and aroma, I don't really feel any difference in the whole bubble bath experience.
  • Breakfast!! You know what I'm always excited about when I'm staying in a hotel? The breakfast! No matter how small the breakfast is, I'm always looking forward to it
  • Another plate of my breakfast :D
  • Tried this pudding from Jele at Amplaz. It was smooth, but too sweet for me.
  • Back to Tangerang. Had a batagor craving, so went to Es Teler 77. I actually had to google where I can find batagor in Alam Sutera area, and Es Teler 77 is the only place I can find. Do any of you know where I can find actual batagor place near here or Serpong?
  • This is what Sam had when we ate at Rainbow Kitchen. Chicken feet and rice. Weird combination.
  • Took selfie when Sam tried on those black sweater at Baleno. Didn't end up buying the sweater though, so we just went in, take a selfie, and left :p
  • Love this opaque berry red lipstick from Sariayu. Not sure if I can pull it off though.
  • Toasted baguette, scrambled egg, and bacon for breakfast. So simple and easy yet satisfying.
  • Got this new bumper case. So cute, no? Got it for a rather cheap price too. Only 75k, usualy they sell this bumper case for 120k and up.
  • Finally mended the broken eyeshadow from Lolabox. It's pretty good for first attempt at mending broken eyeshadow I think.
  • Also got this mint case from the same seller as the Aristocat bumper case one. Only 30k.

And that pretty much rounded up the last two months of my life. Looking at it though, more than half of these are food pictures -___-" what can I say? I love food.

Lily, xoxo

Monday, May 19, 2014

Ledre Café | Yogyakarta

There are tons of new cafe popping up in Jogja, so whenever I'm back in my hometown I never miss a chance to try something new.

This time, I went to Ledre Café

I didn't take any picture of the interior unfortunately, since interior seems to be the main selling point for the new cafes that has been popping up in Jogja.

I was planning to take the pictures after we're done eating, but it was already really late by the time we're done and we had to rush home because my brother and cousins had to go to school the next day. So keep this in mind, they take SO long in getting out the food. We had to wait for more than an hour for the first order to come and wait some more for the other orders, and the place wasn't even jam-packed at that time, there were still 3 or so empty tables out of 7 or 8 table groups available.

Anyway, moving on. To sums up the interior = Hipster-ish, suitable for a hang-out place with friends where you just wanna catch-up and talk all day err day or for studying together. Not quite suitable for family, and definitely not suitable for someone who just want to grab a quick bite considering the waiting time.

Now let's get into the long-awaited -literally-, food, shall we?

Spaghetti Holognaise @19k
I thought it was gonna be something like spaghetti bolognaise because of the name, but as you can see from the picture above, it looks and also tastes NOTHING like spaghetti bolognaise. Still, it was delicious nevertheless. My aunt really liked it and so do I. It's a unique tasting pasta, in a good way. It's creamy, a bit sour, and has a bit of spicy kick, worth a try.

Penne Ledrenara @19k
This one was okay, a bit too salty at some part, but overall not half bad.

Smoked Beef Margarita @22k

This pizza was nice, especially if you like cripsy/thin-crust pizza. The toppings were pretty generous too, considering the price.

Blackpepper Chicken @21k

I know it's not the prettiest pizza, but if you love black pepper to death like I do (seriously, the amount of blackpepper that I usually used is unreal), this pizza is right up your alley. It has a very strong blackpepper taste (maybe a bit too strong -even for me-).

White Mud Potato @12k

This potato dish is probably the biggest let down of the night. Not that it doesn't taste good, but the potatoes weren't fully cooked and I remember this dish was one of the last ones to arrive, so I'm surprised that they were still kinda hard to bite. Since it was already late, I didn't even bother to send it back to the kitchen haha. Honestly, I don't remember how's the taste of the white sauce because I was too focused on the raw potato part, so I'd have to give this dish another go next time, but I think it was so so.

Pancake Ice Cream Double Chocolate @14k

Tasty-looking pancake. The overall taste was good. I mean, you can't really go wrong with pancake and ice cream. For the pancake itself, it was so so, tasty, but not something I would crave.

Oreo Chocolate Soil @17k
THIS! This dessert is actually the reason why I went there. I've seen a lot of this "soil" dessert and have been wanting to give it a try myself, so when I knew that Ledre is serving this, I just went ahead and decided dinner's gonna be Ledre Café.

Anyway, if you're not familiar to "soil" dessert, it's basically a dessert that looks like a pot of plant by using cookie crumbs as the "soil" and (usually) mint as the "plant", then sometimes there are " worms" inside the soil.

In this soil dessert, they layered vanilla ice cream and oreo crumbs, also put chocolate jelly as the worms. Overall, I actually quite liked this dessert. I thought it would just taste "meh" like gimmicky stuffs usually do, but the oreo crumbs and vanilla ice cream make a really nice match (I mean, how could they not? It's oreo and freaking vanilla ice cream. Hello cookies 'n cream ice cream).

Borobudur Sunrise @11k

This, I recommend you to give it a try. I'm that type of person who always order unsweetened iced tea everywhere I eat out, just because I don't really like sweet or fizzy drinks and I love how refreshing unsweetened iced tea is. So most of the time I'll order either iced tea or plain water unless there's a drink that catch my eye, like this one (I think it's because I saw it on some blog and became intrigued by it). 

I'm glad I ordered this because it was so good. I love how it's not too sweet too. I can't really describe the taste, because honestly, I don't remember lol -it's a concoction of orange, strawberry, and lemon-, but I do remember that I enjoyed this drink thoroughly and I'd maybe order this again next time, which is saying a lot, since the only other drink I order more than once (beside iced tea and water, of course) is lemon mint splash from Dixie.

We also ordered other beverages (I remember iced tea, cafe latte and dark chocolate), but none of them were good or anything special, so I'm not going to bother to put them up (also, other than the cafe latte, I don't have the photos). That is all for my experience in Ledre Café. Overall, I actually enjoyed the food and will come back for the Borobudur Sunrise and Spaghetti Holognaise, but the waiting time was horrible. They actually gave us 50% off for 3 or 5 of the items as an apology, but still, If you're impatient or/and in a rush, this place is definitely not for you. 

Toodles, Lily