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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

[MAYBELLINE] The Loaded Bolds | Review & Swatches

It's been a while since the last time I did like a proper thorough beauty review. I'd say at least a year? Eh, just checked, actually did one on my lovely germanikure cuticle nipper in January.

But I digress.

Since I felt like it's been years since I did one of these reviews, I got excited and put more efforts to the photos in this entry, so let's get to it, shall we?

Welcoming the new addition to Maybelline Color Sensational line..

♥︎♥︎♥︎ THE LOADED BOLDS ♥︎♥︎♥︎
What is it? It's a range of lipsticks with BOLD COLOR (as in not your usual light pink/nude lippie) and STRONG OPACITY.

Like my other reviews, I'm gonna get to all the points one by one and start with the general info:

  • A total of 12 shades
  • Retails for Rp 105,000.00
  • Available online HERE(*) and offline at your local Maybelline counter

Now for the specific points.
The tube is similar to other sensational lines, only this one is blue with a purple hue. The words on the cap are all printed on the plastic packaging, so if you remove the plastic, you'll be left with a plain blue-purplish tube. I do love the color of the tube though, looks chic IMO.


YUP, they have BLUE, WHITE, and BLACK!! I'm ogling the audacious blue, chocoholic, and fearless purple right now ­čĄĄ Not everyday a drugstore lipstick has a range of unconventional colors such as those. But other than the mentioned above shades (plus the fuchsia), the rest are pretty common colors, nothing special or surprising.
As for me, I have 3 colors with me to review, Fierce Fuchsia, Dynamite Red, and Smoking Red.
Here's a hand swatch of the colors. I'll get to the lip swatch in a bit when I go in-depth to each individual color.

First, I want to tell you my thoughts on the quality across the board for these lipsticks.

*Please note that this review is ONLY applicable strictly to these 3 shades that I've tried as lipsticks have the tendency to be different for each shade (some might be more opaque, some might be patchy, etc etc depending on the shade).

All three lipsticks are VERY OPAQUE, especially the reds (as you can see from the gif above). All three stay true to the claim that one swipe is enough. However, for the fuschia, I find that a second coat gives a smoother and more true-to-color payoff.

The formula on all three lipsticks are very creamy, smooth, and glides on easily. The finish is demi-matte. Not drying on the lips and the wear is very comfortable (it doesn't feel "thick" on the lips). The formula is not transfer-proof per say, but even after you drink all day long, the lipstick is still there. Also something to note, the fuchsia tends to emphasize the dry skin on your lips a bit, so make sure to exfoliate before using that particular color

Now, as for the longevity, these babies can last for more than 8 hours PROVIDED you don't eat any heavy and/or oily food. Drinks and light snacks are fine, but once you get anything slightly oily pass the lipstick, it BLEEDS like crazy. It will feather out to the outside of your lips a la Miranda Sings, but if you're into that kind of thing, then go ahead I guess.
This is what happens after I ate fried noodles. Seriously, oily food is like a kryptonite to these lipsticks.

With all of that nitty gritty out of the way, let's get into the LIP SWATCH!

This color is a straight up NEON fuchsia, like it's really super duper bright and neon-ish (I know, I'm so bad at describing color). This is one of the more unique colors out of the collection. I mean, usually, the fuchsia in lipstick is like a creamy solid fuchsia, right? But this one is B.R.I.G.H.T and have that "translucent" quality of a neon color. To be honest, this color is not my cup of tea and doesn't really suit my skin tone, so it's not something I'll wear again willingly, I don't think.

This is your usual warm-toned bright orangey red, nothing particularly unique about the color itself. Perfect for CNY imo.

This is my favorite out of the bunch because I personally prefer this kind of blue-toned deep red. The same as the other red, it's not really a unique kind of red, something you'll probably find in the other sensational color line. Is the color bold? Yes, it is. But it's a dime a dozen I feel like. Still a good solid lipstick though, so if you don't already have this kind of red in your collection, you can give this a go.

Here's a side by side swatches of the three lipstick.
It's a good quality lipstick with a relatively affordable price. The formula is wonderfully creamy and oh so comfortable on the lips. They have a beautiful demi-matte finish without drying your lips. I'm also satisfied with the 8 hours+ staying power despite them not being transfer-proof. Some of the color selections are quite unique to the drugstore, some are a dime a dozen. The only con I can think of for these lipsticks is its reaction to oily food; I'd be totally fine with fading color, but these lipsticks don't just fade, they bleed, creating clown-like mess outside your lips. But all in all, still a good solid lipstick, just remember to bring one to touch up with if you're planning to have oily lunch.
All right, that's all for this review, I hope you guys like all the GIF in this entry ­čść also the entry itself lah. You can purchase Maybelline The Loaded Bolds HERE (*) and you can use the coupon code "SBNLAC3U" to get 50k off.

Take care,

FTC Disclaimer: I am NOT paid to write this entry, however I'm obligated to as a part of Sociolla blogger network because the items were sent to me specifically for review purposes. All opinion are mine and honest as always. Link(s) with (*) are affiliate link.

Friday, September 8, 2017


As a preface, this is not just me ranting, there's a nugget of (hopefully) useful information on hosting your image on google drive, so read on hehe.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people are aware of it by now, THE PHOTOBUCKET FIASCO! where the cb Photobucket stopped their free 3rd party image hosting service and tons and tons of images on blogs, Amazon, eBay, etc turned like this:
And you have to pay FREAKING $400/YEAR to enable the 3rd party hosting WTFBBQ

Honestly, when I first saw my blog turned like this I was just like, "meh." I can easily change hosting. No biggie. 

But man, $400 a year for a measly 500GB storage is damn expensive.

As a comparison, you get 2TB of storage on Google Drive for $300/year. Plus the fact you can save all kind of files on google drive, not just images.


The only thing with google drive is that it doesn't automatically give you a direct link to the image, so I have to edit the URL one by one so that it becomes a direct link. Meh.

HERE is a helpful video showing you how to do it in case you wanna go the same route as I do and change to google drive to host your images. You're welcome.

LUCKILY for me, I only use Photobucket to host images pertaining to the layout of this blog and never to host photos I put in my posts (I use the default google photos for that), so I only had to re-host 7 photos or so.

In the midst of the mind-numbing task of manually changing the links, I thought of bloggers who DO use Photobucket as their main photo-hosting site for the photos on their blog. Imagine re-hosting hundreds, thousands even, of photos so that your blog post isn't just filled with stupid grey squares. Imagine how many days/months it'd take for such a tedious task. WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME. 

While I do think it's completely fair for Photobucket to put a price on their hosting service, I think it's deviously calculating to force your users to upgrade if they want to keep the photos on their blog/listings as it was, out of the blue. They know people who have hundreds of images wouldn't want to re-host and would naturally opt for an upgrade. HOWEVER, IT'S A TOTAL MAJOR DICK MOVE to make the 3rd party hosting service to be only available for the most expensive $400 package. FFUUUU! They effectively force the user to not only upgrade but upgrade to the most expensive package available. I'm sure they (as in the assholes of Photobucket team, not the users) know a lot of people use their service mostly for 3rd party hosting. DICK!

Anyway, as I said, I mainly use Photobucket for 3rd party hosting my blog layout images and that's it, not as like an actual online storage for photos. One of the reasons for this is the Photobucket website is damn laggy and takes forever to load and often freezes.

So yea, no thank you, I ain't paying $400 just for an upgrade of storage that I don't need, a laggy service, and a 3rd party hosting. I'll gladly use google drive and manually edit the links, tyvm.

And thus my goodbye to PHOTOBUCKET. You've served me well before all this nonsense.