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Saturday, December 2, 2017

[DOVE] Go Fresh & Deep Nourishing Body Wash | REVIEW

What is the most important aspect of a body wash for you guys?

For me, first and foremost, it's THE SCENT. If the scent intrigued me, I'd most probably buy the body wash to try.

Moisturization and other benefits come in second for me. I'm just superficial that way 😅

HOWEVER, I do have quite dry skin (especially legs) from staying in an air-conned room all day and laziness to put on body lotion, so if the body wash is moisturizing too, it's even better.

Today, I'm gonna do a thorough review of Dove body wash that promises both MOISTURIZATION and WONDERFUL SCENT.
a gratuitous vain photo appears lol

I first chanced upon this series of Dove body wash when I was in Singapore (it wasn't yet released in Indonesia) and I loved the cucumber one and contemplated to lug back a huge bottle of it, alas, my luggage was already full to the brim. It wasn't the only time by the way, I attempted again a couple years after that, but my luggage was full of food and heavy-ass condiments.
There are 4 scents available in Indonesia currently. I wish they'd release the other scents in the near future!
Here's an overview of Dove body wash:
  • Retails for IDR20,000-IDR45,000 depending on where you get them and the size
  • Available in 200ml and 400ml bottle (like mine in photos) and 550ml pump
  • Refill pouch in 400ml is available
  • Promises deep moisturization

The packaging is just like any other body wash, I suppose. It's quite sturdy and I think won't accidentally spill all over because the cap is pretty tight. What I'm happy with though, is that a pump version of the bottle is available cos that's what I prefer for everyday home use. I just don't want to bother lifting the bottle up every time I use it in order to open the cap lol. I know, I know, #FirstWorldProblem much?

The Go Fresh range has a translucent thinner texture and the deeply nourishing one is an opaque milky white with a thicker consistency.

Like I said above, I love love the cucumber scent. It's oh-so-fresh and clean-smelling. The cucumber scent when I use it is not as strong as when I smell it in the bottle though. If you prefer a sweeter, warmer scent, go fo the deeply nourishing one.

The scent's power is STRONG! I got dog's slobber all over my hand and I can still smell the body wash through. The wonderful scent lingers for about 5 hours after I showered, which is not bad.

It's definitely more moisturizing than regular body wash, but not to the point where you can skip body lotion. I do love the fact that it moisturizes my skin well without leaving that annoying sticky film that moisturizing soap usually does. It leaves my skin soft after I shower, none of those "dried out" feelings. Oh, and the deep nourishing is much more moisturizing (duh!) than the Go Fresh range, so if you have dry skin I really recommend you go with that one.

Major grocery stores and convenience stores should already be carrying them now 😊 

I do think that this is a good solid body wash that I can see myself repurchasing in the future (especially if they launch new scents).

As a matter of fact, I actually HAVE repurchased them to take the photos in this post because I left mine in Tangerang and I'm in Jogja right now. I was confident enough that I'll love the body wash, so I just bought all three in here instead of lugging 3 bottles of body wash from Tangerang to Jogja. The scent lingers for a good 5 hours, but I do wish the scents are stronger (not the staying power, but the actual scent).

The deep nourishing one is indeed very moisturizing, but you still need to apply body lotion imo (the skin on my legs is very dry to begin with, like white patches dry), while the Go Fresh one is a bit more moisturizing than regular body wash.

Hope you find this review helpful! 😄

Till next time,
take care xo

FTC Disclaimer: this post is a collaboration with Beauty Journal and Dove as a part of Sociolla Blogger Network. All opinion remains my own and this post is not vetted.