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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Any of you play showtime??? It's quite fun =)
my nick : lilyzhen (duh!)
add okay~~

nitenite =)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

J.Lo AMA 2011 Performance!!! ♥♥♥

Ignore the emo-ish post from the other day. =)

Wanted to blog yesterday but then I don't know how always got distracted with useless and meaningless things and ended up with a super non-productive day!! like seriously, woke up, then played around with my laptop..watched TV Show..ate instant noodles for lunch, then took a nap for 2 freakin' hours!! (please note here, that  it was like 12pm, and I just woke up 4 - 5 hours before from 10 hours sleep), after napping, played around with my laptop again, ate instant noodle AGAIN for dinner and watched somemore TV Show..then bbm-ing until 1 AM!!
Super unproductive or what ! always feel a little guilty afterward -__-"

Enough with my rambling.

Did you catch the AMA 2011? I didn't. I've never really watched an award show :p.
Anyway, afterward I read all this fuss about J.Lo performance that night on the internet. Still hadn't got my interest. But then saw on breatheheavy that J.Lo has this nude tight glittery bodysuit just like Britney in VMA 2000. And then decided to watch it. Saw it on perezhilton.

Here, here, you HAVE to watch it!

I was like O.O after I watched it. It was AWESOME!! love it max! went to download the performance in HD afterward =)

Some points that I really like to urge you to watch it:
(She sang 3 songs : Until it Beats No More/Papi/On the floor. total is 6 minutes)

the dress she wore on UIBNM
the transition between UIBNM to Papi (I think she ran out of breathe while singing UIBNM though), when she looked down, the music stopped, then she glance at the audience while still head down, gave this super seducing smile (me like), then her flowy gown got pulled away and the beat music of Papi start. I reaaaally love her smile here =)

on Papi
In Papi, where suddenly got car on stage and she jump in. I like the graphic in the background, really made it looked like she drive around hollywood!
In the middle of Papi when she yell 'STOP' and the music stop. But then the music back and she jump up and down! so fun!

on the floor. the bodysuit I was talking about
Just simply love the energy here! the crowd went nuts and dance and sing! Oh, and pitbull joined her in the beginning.
and do you know what's amazing? She's freakin' 42!!!!
But still lookin' THAT smoking HAWT!!

And can still do that!!
She sang LIVE somemore!! well, not completely live, she used double voice (when her mic is on and she sings but there's also the record playing in the background). And she do that while she danced!! In that heels!!
AWESOMENESS overload~ =)

And everyone say it was the best performance of the night. well, no doubt here ;)

Anyway, I read the comments on perezhilton about this performance and 80% of them are negative. why???? you people just plain bitter and jealous one!

I mean, it's okay if you want to criticize, but at least make one that make sense.

There's nothing inappropriate about this performance. Okay, so lady gaga can perform like really almost naked, and it's okay, but then when it comes to Jennifer Lopez it's inappropriate because she's already 42??? Have heard a saying 'Age ain't nothing but a number'? Especially when you're still looking that good in your 40s then why not? that comment is just plain jealous cos you don't look that fit in your 40s!!

And also about the car. They said that it just an annoying product placement. Ok, when I watched it at first, I didn't even know that it was a product placement. I thought it was part of the attribute for the performance. So, no, it's not obvious that the car was a product placement. Some other singer also have done this kinda thing when they perform okay. Miley and her motorcycle? was it a product placement? no. So you just read too much into it -__-". you wouldn't even know that it's a product placement if you don't know that fiat sponsored her in the first place.

Ok lah, shall end here. Getting a bit

credit:all pictures from google =)

p.s. did pitbull got a boner there? -__-" a comment about it then got curious myself :p 

kay.bye ♥  

Friday, November 25, 2011


Since you already have your special one...
then I will settle in being your best friend who you can confide to =)

p.s. last day of mid today!! \(^o^)/ tmw~

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NOTD - Meteor Rain

Short post =)
already 11pm. Have to sleep immediately.tomorrow got mid test~

So...I think I'm gonna post the nail art I've done one by one.  This one first ^^

like it or not?hehe

It's called NOTD. but it's not actually my nails for today. I did this a couple weeks ago =). I think all my NOTD won't be my actual nail of that day lah.
Anyway, the design isn't originally mine. It's from LOVE4NAILS. I just change the color and rhinestone and the glitter.
I was painstakingly put on the silver beads ok!!doing both hands somemore! my eyes went @@" after that.
abrupt end.

Product used:
Light Purple - Pixy Rs-04
Dark Purple - Pixy Rs-02

nite nite ^^

Monday, November 21, 2011

me ♥ pizza

Ok. I give up. cannot wait another week to blog! If I wanna blog now, shall I blog, right? Better than just keep thinking about it. If can only think about blogging while doing the mid test, how? will fail one! So, definitely better to just give in and later can concentrate on the mid test well :D *defensive mode*

Ermm, added new tab on side bar. Nail art and project. Still empty though cos I haven't had any post related to it. Will post something about nail art soon and the project have to wait till mid is done. 

So, I woke up this morning at 6. Have no class and planned to prepare for algorithm exam but then got distracted to read esther's blog instead --". I've just discovered her blog recently from another blog and have been reading her archive backward for the past few days. I really love her blog. So full of nice picture! anyway, stumble upon a post in which she shares pictures from when she got invited to taste pizza hut's new menu. Ok, it was already like 8, I haven't eaten anything, and this post got SO much yummy tempting food pics! How would you expect me to react?
In my heart kept saying "Damn. Should've just study for mid instead of reading her blog, then wouldn't have to see this yummy pics and drooling over it. Stupid karma!"

After that, I was determined to have either pizza or pasta today. Pasta can cook by myself, but I was just too lazy. Lucky me, my neighbor sell this good homemade pizza and they do delivery too!! don't have to go anywhere. just wait and eat! the best part? It's quite cheap!! Living in a boarding house means I have to really manage my monthly allowance. cheap, yummy, & healthy food ftw!

The place called in_ni pizza. why got '_' ? cos it's actually forming a smile emot.

see? it's forming a smile emoticon. so cute!

ordered 'the supreme in_ni'

the supreme in_ni : beef, beef luncheon, hot dog, pepperoni, bell pepper, onion, corn, mushroom, and cheese!!! so much, right! I think it's similar to pizza hut's super supreme.

The taste? Honestly, I can't taste much differences with the pizza hut's one. It got corn somemore. I love having extra topping like corn and onion. They're just so great to chew on :).
It cost me 30000 rupiah only! The size is like the medium size in pizza hut. Pizza hut would've cost 70000-80000! I admit, the price difference might've made me bias about the taste of both, but I swear, it tastes good too.
They also have stromboli too!! I've tried the supreme in_ni in stromboli before, and it taste great!! better than the pizza. I really love their stromboli. Next time I buy the stromboli will take picture of it.

It's 10 pm already and I haven't touch my algorithm at all. meh. will study tomorrow.

End this post with a close-up pic of the pizza :D

super yummy!
nite nite.xoxo. ♥

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi there =)

Finally made this new blog. had been planning it for months!! So lazy one or what?
My old blog still there, but I'll never put anything to it anymore.
cos that blog got bunch of craps already, plus I rarely post anything there, thus the blog is so messy and got lots of spam in the chatbox...bottom line, can't stand how messy my old blog that I had to make a new one. And the option of repairing my old blog is just troublesome. so, better just make a new blog.

Anyway, spent like 5 hours to make this one. -__-"...the template took so long. but I'm very happy with the result :D

Planned to start the whole new blog thing once my mid-test done (still one more week), but suddenly felt the urge to at least make the blog first (which I give in). and now, got the urge to start blogging again from today.
But, have to wait till the mid is done, right?ok, will start next week...but I want to blog from to start next week..focus on mid now..maybe only one post per day ok? to wait till mid is done!!!

So, I guess have to hold the urge till next week T.T ...