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Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Years Glam: Sequined Nails

This was actually inspired by the Ciate Sequined Manicure set which retails for $19.99 per set. And I thought that the price is a little bit ridiculous, even though it's the cheapest among other Ciate sets (Caviar & Velvet), that's why I made this video. It's kinda the DIY version of the sequined set. Plus, you can save a LOT by doing it this way. The hexagon I got for 7000 rupiahs per jar = $0.70.

So, with that being said, I hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and THANK YOU for watching!!!
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Last but not least, have a wonderful New Years everyone!!
I love you guys to bits and pieces ♥♥♥

Oh, and this is my last video this year. I hope to see you guys in 2013

♥ Do not double dip. Dip just once. The first time I tried and dip it twice, it became really bumpy and uneven.
♥ After the first dip, wait for a little bit before you pat your nail for the clear nail polish to dry a bit.
♥ Try mixing a lot of different colors of hexagon glitter. They're really pretty, especially if you got the holographic one :D


♥ Hexagon Glitter
♥ Etude House Dear My Party Nails PWH904 - Glitter Nail Polish
♥ Etude House Dear Darling Bling Bling WH004 - Main color

Thursday, December 27, 2012

❄ Snowy Snowman ❄ Winter Nails

This is my holiday nail for this year :D Next, I'll upload my new years nail!!
I'll list out the product used as soon as I get back to Jakarta. I'm in my hometown right now and don't have it with me.
I hope you guys have a wonder holiday time <3

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

I just wanna say a very quick MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Holiday!!!

Super sleepy now, so I'm gonna take off :)

btw, I have a video up today. I'll make a post about it tmw. till then, take care xoxo

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas French Tip Nails

So, christmas is just a couple weeks away and I'm so excited to go home :D

Don't you just get all excited whenever it's christmas season? Plus, the whole town just light up with pretty christmas decor.


This is my christmas nail tutorial this year...

It was kinda an impromptu video, I didn't plan to have any christmas video, only new year, but I still hope you guys like this =D
This nail art is super simple and not gonna overpower your special christmas day outfit. 
I seriously dunno what else to write *bang head to wall*, so I'll just leave you with some pics of this nail art and list of products I used.

Products used:
Green, Black, White - Enamel Art 1000
Red - Oriflame Pure Color in "Coral Red"
Silver Glitter - Yi Chen (some cheapo nail art striping brush nail polish)
Super Sparkly Glitter (Accent Nail) - Etude House My Dear Party Nails in PWH904

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

♥ November 2012 Favourites ♥

Hi loves <3

It has been quite a while since my last post, I thought after mid-exam I'll have a lot of free time, but turns out, I'm even more busy *sigh*

I know it's almost halfway through December, but nonetheless, here's products I've been loving for the month of November :)

I've only been getting into shaping & filling my eyebrows for a couple months. I used to think "nah, whatever eyebrows shape will work just fine. I have bangs to cover". But boy, was I wrong, eyebrows do frame your face and it does make a quite difference when you filling them in. Anyhoo, I bought this 'cos the one I stole (lol) from my mom was already so short. And the verdict is, I love it!! First thing first, it's quite cheap (less than 20k IDR)!! It glides on quite easily, not too "thick" (so you don't end up like you have caterpillar eyebows), and easy to blend in with your natural brows.

I've been on a hunt for lipstain for quite a while and I was collecting TBS receipt to get member card, so when I found this I was like, "Scorreee!!". I don't know if it's just because it's my first lipstain or what, but I really love it <3 The color is very buildable and nice. The downside is, it's quite drying. But worry not, nothing a good ol' lip balm can't do to moisturize you lips! *I think I'm gonna do a review on this one*

3)Maybelline - The Magnum Volum' Express & Oriflame - Revelation Mascara
I think Magnum is similar to Colossal one in the US, but I heard the wand is different. And the Oriflame I've had this for a loooong time, but never use it. When I revisit it again, I fell in love. It's not clumpy, and the wand is kinda skinny, which made the application easier. I love it. I don't think they still have this though.

Let me tell you, this is DABOMBDIGGITY (I know it's all in caps, because it's THAT good!!). It's sweet and salty and just so super yummy <3 It was a gift from my mom's friend and now I really want more but dunno where to get T.T

5) Lauren Conrad - Style
Since my last favs where I included L.A. Candy, I've been a little bit obsessed with Laured Conrad lol. I do love this book though. It's a fun read and I love all the eye candy pics inside :) Definitely going to buy the Lauren Conrad Beauty.

And that's conclude my November Favorites. I'm excited for Christmas and I hope you guys have a wonderful holiday <3 xoxo