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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jessie J Halloween Nails Tutorial

Okay, here it is, the nail art tutorial I talked about before :D

This video is probably took the longest time to edit more than my other videos. It took me about 3 or 4 days because I used my dad's laptop (which, infact, capable of editing this video, I've always thought it'll just crash on me in the middle of editing, which it did, but thank God, I have the one I already converted into mpeg-4) and it's really slow in loading and also because I tried out this new editing software, so I just need more to get used to it and of course, because I don't have all day to just sit and edit, I have uni assignment and stuff (huft).

Anyway all in all, I loooooveee this new ediing software I tried out. It has so much more helpful features, I have more control over the editing videos. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!! It's DA BOMB DIGITTY~~!! (compare to my previous one)

So this is the video :D I hope you guys like it <3

I'll edit this entry and add more pictures later xoxo

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sneak Peek : Halloween Nails

I'm still in finishing step right now, but hopefully I'll be able to upload tonight :)

I know it's only days away from halloween, but better late than never.

Anyway, I was removing the mani and found that it left the design on the cotton, so I decided to make this sneak peek entry :D

It's kinda blurry, but I'm sure you can guess it right.

bye. xoxo.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Fancy French Nail Art Tutorial

Hi guys, halloween is near us and I want to show you cute halloween nail art.

And yes, this is my last year nail art tutorial, but I don't think I'll do halloween nails this year, except if I could pull something off last minutes 'cos I have a pile of assignments this semester wtf.

I don't really celebrate halloween, because, well, no one really does in my country. And I actually don't know the story behind halloween celebration lol. I tried to google it once, but I don't really understand the whole story.

But still, I love the atmosphere around this time a year (on the internet, of course, I don't get to feel it live here). So, without further ado...the tutorial :)

Have a great halloween :)

Friday, October 12, 2012 windows crashed..


why why why whyyyyyy

I'm using my dad's laptop now and am forever thankful that I didn't return this laptop the last time he visited me :p

Anyway, My dad's birthday is coming soon, so I'm going back to Jogja tmw ^^

That's all I guess..nitenite xoxo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Fimo Craze

I ordered this bundle from disdus, a groupon site.

I haven't done any fimo nail art in a while, but it was a really really great deal, so I just snatched it up!!

Usually I bought my fimo cane at 7k-8k per cane, but this one is only 59k for freaking 40 fimo canes!!!! (+ 1 bottle of nail glue)

ONLY 1,5k per cane!!
*tears of joy*

The model of the canes is random, so I don't like some of them, but I will say that I like more than half of 'em :D

Fimo is one of those nail art things that for me, is not cheap, so I'm incredibly happy now I feel like I just ate a glittery rainbow~

Expect a fimo nail art soon ;)

take care.xoxo.

p.s. Price in IDR

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Revlon - Tropical Temptation Review

I was planning to be sound asleep by now. But of course, my brain disagreed with me -___-"

Sooo, here I am still wide awake *katy perry's song in the background*

Anyway, I decided to just write my another revlon nail polish review tonight.

Today STAR is.. *drumroll please*

To me, this shade screams S-U-M-M-E-R.

It's a bright coral.

The formula has jelly consistency (please don't quote me on this, because I've never had jelly nail polish before, so I'm just guessing this is one of them because it's kinda watery).

And of course, because it's watery, it's really sheer.

You'll need a minimum of 4 to 5 coats to get it opaque.

1 coat. I smushed my pinky one -__-"
2 coats. Still very sheer
3 coats
4 coats. Finally!! ^^

All in all, I actually do like the formula because they're easy to work with. I think it's great if you want a color that you can build-up. The color is gorgeous too :) 

I hope you like this quick review <3 I have one more revlon nail polish to be reviewed, so don't get bored with Revlon just yet ;)


Friday, October 5, 2012


I copy-paste the questions from my friend's tumblr.

I don't know if you guys interested, but here it is, everything basics about me :)

Eye Color 
Black/Dark Brown

Hair Color 
Black(It's kinda dark brown now with a hint of red after I did my treatment)



Right Handed or Left Handed 

Your Heritage 
I'm pretty sure I'm 100% Chinese, but I live in Indonesia :D

Your Weakness 

Your Fears 
That I wouldn't be happy in the future? I'm a positive person though!

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year
Hmm..get everything in order!! I have to get organized!

Your Most Overused Phrase On Chatbox 

Thoughts First Waking Up 
"I'm gonna sleep for another 5 minutes" -> "Whoops, already 15 minutes..Oh,well,another 5 wouldn't hurt"

Your Bedtime
10 lol. I'm a big ol' sleepyhead

Your Most Missed Memory 
Getting together with my family and just chatting all nigt long

Pepsi or Coke 
Don't like both soda drink! I only like rootbeer and mountain dew

McDonalds or Burger King 
Definitely McD :D

Single or Group Dates 
Single date. Yeah, I'm a loner like that even if I'm in a relationship.

Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea
They taste different meh? --"

Chocolate or Vanilla
Chocolate. Duh.

Cappuccino or Coffee 
Cappucino maybe.

Do you Smoke
Not in this lifetime. I effing hate smoke!!

Do you Swear
Mmm..yea?I just did :p

Do you Sing

Do you Shower Daily 
err..I guess

Have you Been in Love 
Not sure

Do you want to get Married 
Of course!! I want to be a mom <3

Do you believe in yourself 
Oh hell yeah I do!

Do you get Motion Sickness

Are you a Health Freak 
Not really. Today I ate one greasy chicken breakfast and ham carbonara for lunch. Yumms! :9

Do you get along with your guardians 
Don't have one.

Do you like Thunderstorms 
Who does? --"

What do you want to be when you Grow Up 
An incredible mom and woman in general and live peacefully :)

Hope you know me a little bit better now :)


Monday, October 1, 2012

DIY(sorta) - Make-up Brushes Holder

 I don't even think that this is a DIY entry (hence the title), but..oh, well :p

I loooovee looking at it!! So pretty and sparkly *-* 

The (sorta) DIY part!

You'll need:
  • Clear glass
  • Crystal pebbles

  • Just fill the glass with the crystal pebbles (I used combination of small purple and big clear one)
  • Put your brushes/anything-you-want in.


Haha I know I know, you must be thinking like "wtf??!! Do you call this a DIY tutorial??!!@#*#$!"

But still, I think it made an utterly cute brush-holder.


It's so freaking cheap to put together!!

The glass only cost me 6k, the pebbles thingy is actually for aquarium decoration. They cost around 5k-10k, I think.

So, in total, much much less than 20k = LESS THAN $2!!
(And I still have quite a lot of the leftover crystal pebbles)

Gotta love that, right? <3

Okay then, byebye xoxo