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Friday, September 8, 2017


As a preface, this is not just me ranting, there's a nugget of (hopefully) useful information on hosting your image on google drive, so read on hehe.

I'm pretty sure a lot of people are aware of it by now, THE PHOTOBUCKET FIASCO! where the cb Photobucket stopped their free 3rd party image hosting service and tons and tons of images on blogs, Amazon, eBay, etc turned like this:
And you have to pay FREAKING $400/YEAR to enable the 3rd party hosting WTFBBQ

Honestly, when I first saw my blog turned like this I was just like, "meh." I can easily change hosting. No biggie. 

But man, $400 a year for a measly 500GB storage is damn expensive.

As a comparison, you get 2TB of storage on Google Drive for $300/year. Plus the fact you can save all kind of files on google drive, not just images.


The only thing with google drive is that it doesn't automatically give you a direct link to the image, so I have to edit the URL one by one so that it becomes a direct link. Meh.

HERE is a helpful video showing you how to do it in case you wanna go the same route as I do and change to google drive to host your images. You're welcome.

LUCKILY for me, I only use Photobucket to host images pertaining to the layout of this blog and never to host photos I put in my posts (I use the default google photos for that), so I only had to re-host 7 photos or so.

In the midst of the mind-numbing task of manually changing the links, I thought of bloggers who DO use Photobucket as their main photo-hosting site for the photos on their blog. Imagine re-hosting hundreds, thousands even, of photos so that your blog post isn't just filled with stupid grey squares. Imagine how many days/months it'd take for such a tedious task. WHAT A COLOSSAL WASTE OF TIME. 

While I do think it's completely fair for Photobucket to put a price on their hosting service, I think it's deviously calculating to force your users to upgrade if they want to keep the photos on their blog/listings as it was, out of the blue. They know people who have hundreds of images wouldn't want to re-host and would naturally opt for an upgrade. HOWEVER, IT'S A TOTAL MAJOR DICK MOVE to make the 3rd party hosting service to be only available for the most expensive $400 package. FFUUUU! They effectively force the user to not only upgrade but upgrade to the most expensive package available. I'm sure they (as in the assholes of Photobucket team, not the users) know a lot of people use their service mostly for 3rd party hosting. DICK!

Anyway, as I said, I mainly use Photobucket for 3rd party hosting my blog layout images and that's it, not as like an actual online storage for photos. One of the reasons for this is the Photobucket website is damn laggy and takes forever to load and often freezes.

So yea, no thank you, I ain't paying $400 just for an upgrade of storage that I don't need, a laggy service, and a 3rd party hosting. I'll gladly use google drive and manually edit the links, tyvm.

And thus my goodbye to PHOTOBUCKET. You've served me well before all this nonsense.

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