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Thursday, February 13, 2014

3 Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas!

Tomorrow is Valentine's day already so I'm gonna post this up today even though I already blogged a post this afternoon :p

P.s. What are your plans on Valentine's day? I don't have any since I'm on my final test right now *sigh*

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The first one here is suitable if you have some time to spend since it can take up to more than an hour to do.

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For the ombre/gradient nails lovers out there, I got you covered. This one is way easier than the first one too!

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The last one is my newest nail art tutorial and this is the most subtle one among the bunch. If you're someone who don't like in-your-face type of nail art, give this one a go. It's a reminiscence of the classic french manicure, but with a cute twist ;) Not to mention it doesn't take a lot of time to recreate, perfect for last minute nail art :) *not literally last minute okay! :p*

That's all my Valentine's day nail art round up for you! Hope you try one of these and have a sweet Valentine's day ♥ xoxo

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