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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Back to the Start

Do you know what I haven't been doing in this blog for a while (other than neglecting it lol)?

Write about all the random things in my life.

The reason why I started a blog way back when I was in high school (5 years ago wtf I feel so old) was to keep a virtual diary and I just like to write about random stuffs that's been going on in my ordinary life.

If you see the blog posts that I wrote in the early years of this blog (especially ones in my old blog), you'll see that most of them are random posts with no purpose or beneficial value whatsoever. Sure, they weren't interesting to read for other people, but at least I love reading them from time to time just to reminisce.

Then, I started to write reviews, and I see those posts are the ones that get more hits, not that I have a lot of hits now, but from those few hits, review posts are the popular ones, and what people are actually interested to read. Even though getting hits is not my main goal, I thought to myself, "Well, if people like my reviews more, then I'll write more reviews". I'm not saying that I've been diligently writing review (let's face it, my last review post was months ago), but I decrease the frequency of me writing random things that I just feel I wanna write about.

I became more concern about the picture's quality in my blog. I tried to make my pictures as nice to look at as I possibly can. I'm not gonna lie, when someone comment that he/she likes the pictures in my blog, I'm over the moon. With that being said, decent pictures = more effort = more time consuming, which is one of the main factor why my blogging has been crazily decreasing over the years. I'm just not committed enough to this blog that I'm willing to spent hours a week just to post up a review. First and foremost, I have classes to go to and thesis to write. Second of all, I'm more committed to my youtube channel than this blog.

My youtube channel is a sort of creative outlet for me to share my interest in nail art and all things beauty and maybe to share a tip of two about the aforementioned subjects. In other hand, my blog was an outlet for me to rant and keep memories about my life, about what I'm going through, and simply, just anything about my day. Thus, when this blog started to turn from lifestyle blog into more beauty/nailart-ish blog (I added the "isn" because I'm nowhere posting enough posts about those things regularly for this blog to be in those category), I just kinda lost interest in it.

Beauty reviews/posts were never something I want to do on a regular basis, in between posts maybe, and frankly, the random things are the ones that I look forward to look back to in the future.

I don't know what's the point of this post haha, but as for the trigger, I was looking at the blogs that I followed and I saw iamyoursuperwoman. A singaporean blog that I followed long long time ago and probably one of the blog that intrigued me to start blogging. I do remember it was the first blog that I read and I was enjoying it and I ended up reading all of her entries. It was a simple lifestyle blog and she just wrote whatever going on in her day, but it was a fun read for me and I thought that this blogging about your day thing seems kinda fun.

She has closed down her blog for a while now. At a risk of sounding really creepy, I tried to look online that maybe she changed her domain or something, you know, stalker style, but found none. I find her deviant art that has been abandoned long time ago, but I can't even find her twitter and instagram (I remember I saw her twitter and instagram sometime back) now.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit sad about it, but I remember how much I enjoyed reading her blog and it reminded me of the reason I started to blog. So long story short, I'm probably going to post random stuffs again (with beauty post from time to time), they might not be helpful whatsoever for others, but they will serve as what I started this blog for, a "virtual diary". One I look forward to reminiscing about years later.


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