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Tuesday, November 28, 2017


I don't usually write an event report unless I'm obligated to (I prefer to do a product review) because I find it boring (not the event, just the process of writing it).

BUT THIS EVENT WAS SUCH A HOOT, I immediately sorted out the photos after the event was done (right at the hotel's lobby while waiting for Sam), which is totally unheard of for me as I usually do this week(s) after, and edited all the photos sometime later. It's a Halloween Staycation with Emina!

The staycation was held at Yello Hotel, and luckily, it's walking distance from where Sam works! So he drove me from home to his office, then I only needed to drive like hundreds of meters from his office to the hotel. Yay. I hate driving in Jakarta with a passion.
I arrived pretty early, so I snapped some photos of the pretty decor. The theme was "TROPICAL".
That's real fruits! I actually poked it cos I thought they were fake πŸ˜…
EMINA "Soul Mattes". Haha pun. Have you ever realized that a bunch of Emina products' name are puns?πŸ˜‚

Anyway, the soul mattes, I've filmed a video of them and I actually like the fact that they're not waxy and dry like other matte lipsticks. They don't cling as much to dry patches of your lips either!
The hotel.

It's freaking adorable, please! It's one of those artsy, hipster-ish boutique hotels. The vibe is very casual and youthful, precisely the kind of hotel you'd have a staycation with your friends in.
There's lounge area where I spent 5 hours the next day at while waiting for Sam to finish work. So happy there's this area, or else I'd have to spend money on some random cafe (this hotel is in the same building with a small mall) and I'm too cheap for that. #forevercheapskate
X-box Kinect for guests to play with!
I think I took this photo because if that unique bicycle seat chair. Hipster enough for you?
And this one is me attempting an artsy shot πŸ˜‚...and to show you there's foosball table.

We had lunch after the others had arrived, which is a buffet by Yello. I've mentioned my love for buffet multiple times in this blog, so yes, I was in bliss taking and gorging down all the food on the buffet line.
And I have to say, whilst the buffet is simple (just like other boutique hotels), the foods were really tasty.

That curried chicken was sooo delicious! The fish with, I think it was dabu-dabu sambal or rica-rica, was really good too.
I like their customized plate and bowl, so adorable. If I could bring 'em home, I would.
random photo I took of the buffet.πŸ˜…
The cakes! which were meh haha. Go for their hot food instead ok!
This is what I meant by artsy hipster boutique hotel! There are sooo many murals you can practically do a whole week of OOTD with different background each time πŸ˜‚. Perfect for Instagram-loving millennials, no?
There are full-length windows surrounding the area too, so may your vain photos always be LIT! Hey, it's a pun! See why I love Emina products' name now?

After lunch, our first activity was making our own lipstick!! And we could mix it with whatever color we want.
The pigment. There were red, nude, brown, pink, purple, etc.
And here's a vain photo of me with my concoction. There are only 2 vain photos of me in this post, I promise.
My lipstick!! I just anyhow threw in whatever color in front of me and ended up with a very boring red color 😞
Melt the pigment on this hot stove.

AND LOOK! I MADE A PLETHORA OF GIFs OF THE PROCESS! (okay, it's only 3 GIFs, but "plethora" seems infinitely more exciting)
 Woooo, self-spinning beaker.
Pour the hot hot mixture into a mold
AND VOILA! My boring red lipstick emerged!! But so satisfyingly perfectly molded, right? 😜
Mine is the middle swatch. I wish I did a warm nude lipstick, which is equally boring I admit, but I'd wear it more often at least.

After this, we had a bit of chit-chat about the Soul Matte lipstick and off we go to our room. I'm bunking with Chaca. Met her during this staycation and she's sooo nice, love her. And that's her effort btw in making the lipstick swatches to be the shape of hearts.
See, there's even a mural on the wall of the room!! And the room is predominantly white and grey, purrfect for Instagram-dweller favorite theme, right? Minimalist, clean and barren. 

Ok, ok, I poked fun at all these IG stereotypes, but I actually also like the minimalist and clean theme πŸ˜†
Here's the other and the last vain photo of me! See, I kept my promise. Only 2 gratuitous photos.
The goodies Emina team left us on our bed. We were so spoiled. πŸ’“

Thankyou Emina and Beauty Journal for having me on this Halloween Staycation! Stay tuned for the part 2 of this Staycation ok, that's the Halloween part! I'll blog very soon cos I'm feeling diligent.

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