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Friday, January 22, 2016

1st Sociolla BOX (January 2015) - Unboxing & Review

I come to this long forgotten blog bearing GOOD NEWS!!

Subscription box is BACK in Indonesia!

Since Lolabox shuts down almost 2 years ago, there is no more beauty subscription box in Indonesia -legit one, not fb-based-anyhoo-put-together bag-, at least to my knowledge, which means no more monthly surprise.

Not to be dramatic or anything, I really was kinda sad when lolabox closed down, mainly because I liked the anticipation of getting a surprise box every month, but also because I have enough points for more free box lolol #cheapskategonnabecheapskate

Naturally I was eager when I received an e-mail that SOCIOLLA is launching their own monthly box.

Anyway, I was going back and forth a bit whether I should sign up because they are pricier than Lolabox. Lolabox had “the more month you subscribed, the cheaper your box is” system, and if you subscribed for 6 months, it reduced the overall price quite a bit. Sociolla has the same system, but not as much price reduction (and you can’t just subscribe for 1 month, minimum is 3 months).

Sociolla do have 1 free box for first time subscriber though, so in the end I thought why not try it for 3 months, so I signed up.

And the first box arrived...
Surprised me quite a bit ‘cause it’s like half the size of Lolabox! Okay, tbh, I wasn’t just surprised but also kinda sorta disappointed, but then I convinced myself, what matters is the insides, right?

So I recorded the unboxing because I haven't done one of these for almost 2 YEARS! Here is the video:

If you're not bothered to watch the video, here's the product & price breakdown anyway (I'm nice that way lol):
Lavie Lash in "Amaryllis"
Retail Price: Rp 44,800.00

I remember there was a time when Lavie Lash was quite the rage. I felt like every other blogger talks about it, so I'm quite happy I got to try it myself. Plus, I'm totally into the "falsies" bandwagon now and has been leaving my mascara in the dust. Another thing, I like the type they sent, looks quite natural from the packaging. I think I'll do a review on it on separate post.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 
Retail Price (Travel Size - 30ml): Rp 146,000.00

Another raved about product. This hand cream is probably one of the most known product from the brand.

You know I love nail art and all things nails, hand care included, so this is definitely my favorite product out of the bunch. I've been wanting this coveted gem for quite sometime but can never justify the price, so yup, I'm a happy camper.

I've been using it everyday since I got it. So far, here's my thought on it: It's definitely mosturizing, but I'm still not sure if it's more moisturizing than any other hand cream because I don't use hand cream a lot to begin with - it's just a habit that's hard for me to get into albeit it being important if you do your nails a lot like I do. They still feel slightly sticky once you rub it all over, which is a big no no for me for a lotion (just can't stand stickyness), but since it's just on my palm, fingers, and the back of my hand, I can deal with it.

Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection SPF30+++ (Mini)
Retail Price (50ml): Rp 269,900.00
In the Box (3ml): Rp 16,194.00 -> Rp 17,000.00 (I'm just gonna round it up)

This is my least favorite from the box, not only because it's tiny, but also because I'm really not interested in suncreen. I'm still loving my holygrail Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel. It's the BEST sunscreen I've ever tried!!! No unpleasant smell, no sticky residue, absorb flawlessly into your skin, and makes your skin velvety!! Plus SPF 50++++!! And also the Biore UV Spray is super awesome! Eh, sorry OOT, but anyway, I just count this as a little bonus.

Cottage Shower Gel in "Le Caramel"
Retail Price (Travel Size - 50ml): Rp 18,500.00

If you've watched my videos or read this blog, it's probably no secret that I love Cottage body wash, especially in this caramel scent as I always mention that it smells like freaking alpenliebe candy. I've even done a review on Cottage body wash HERE. Probably even better if they include the bigger size (sorry, it's the #kiasu in me), but yeah, no complaint with this.

The Box Price: Rp 450,000.00 (3 months subscriptions)/Rp 850,000.00 (6 months subscriptions)/Rp 1,650,000.00 (12 months subscriptions)
The Box Value: Rp 226,300.00

Honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed at first (you can see it in the unboxing video), probably because I've been seeing ipsy unboxing and such, but after I scroll through my Lolabox posts, this is not bad at all. Lolabox had certainly put out worse boxes (and better ones too of course). Probably could've been done with more SHEBANG, this being the first box and all, but I do like 3 out of 4 products and I really love the hand cream, so overall I'm not mad at this. Infact, I am quite pleased with the box just as is (also because I only paid Rp 112,500.00 for this box with the first subscriber free box). What do you guys think? Does the box worth bucks? #thatrhymed #ithink #imbadatrhyming

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