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Saturday, February 25, 2017

JAPAN Summer Trip DAY 3 Pt.2 | Bamboo Grove & Tenryū-ji Temple

Okay, I'm on a roll here, edit: this one blogpost ended up taken me more than 2 weeks to finish lol, so let's continue this travelogue! My goal is to finish it before mid-April. Not sure if it's possible, but here we go. Here's what I have so far in this log:
After our 1-hour was up at Kiyomizu-dera, we had lunch at one of the shop located at the uphill street leading to the temple. The tour agent organized it, so I'm not sure what's the name of the place.
We each got a box of bento and a bowl of udon with aburaage and kamaboko.
I don't really remember this meal distinctly, so it's probably only okay, but I do remember that eggplant thing is really good and not bitter at all.
Also don't remember anything particular about the udon, but it's decent.

After the lunch, we were supposed to get on the train to go to Arashiyama, but my Dad and I got separated from the group and lost wtf. All because my Dad was so engrossed photographing everything (he loves photography) 😅 and I was waiting for him for abit and the next second I turned around the group had vanished 😑 We almost missed the train by seconds.

Not really my Dad's fault tho, because our itinerary was so jam-packed we basically rushed from one thing to another without truly taking the time to enjoy the little things. So my advice, if you're planning to use a tour agent, please arrange a feasible itinerary where you get the time to really immerse and enjoy yourself. Or just plan everything yourself without tour agent. I mean, Japan is pretty easy to navigate anyway because of the extensive train routes and countless travel blogs covering it. Especially if you're just planning to go through the Golden route (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo), save your money and just skip the tour agent.
Finally made it inside the train. It's like an old style one with wooden seats. Cute.

Arrived at the Bamboo grove.
I thought this photo has a cool bokeh effect when I was editing it, but then I realized that it's just water droplets covering the lens from the pouring rain 😂
Snapped a quick somewhat-acceptable photo because we basically weren't given any time to stop and snap, just had to keep on walking through the groove.

Also, the rain was so heavy I gave up my wedges and just walked barefooted from this point 😅 I knew it wasn't a good idea to wear wedges on a trip, but I wanted to keep a cute OOTD for this Japan trip, and I thought that we would use the tour bus a lot, so it'd be okay 😑
We only spent a grand total of 10 minutes from the start of the bamboo grove to the end of it. Again, plan a FEASIBLE itinerary people. Can't stress that enough.
On the way to Tenryū-ji temple. I think this is one of those purifying water thing to clean your hands with, cmiiw.
Finally arrived at Tenryū-ji!!! It's only 10 minutes walk from bamboo grove.
This temple is absolutely gorgeous and got that zen feels to it. Really.

Okay, I just did a quick look-up on this temple, turns out it's like one of the top five zen temples in Kyoto. Figures.
You can just sit on the balcony of the main hall and spend hours gazing through the beautiful garden in front of it, pondering #isthisapun. Musing on where you went wrong in life lol.
lol this one got that old time Chinese MV feels or not? with that slanted angle, greenery, umbrella, and all. 😂

On a side note, do NOT get up on those rocks like I did. It's actually prohibited, I didn't know at the time. I guess the rope around it should be my first sign lol. This effing ignorant gaijin. Sorry :x
Love this photo my Dad took. It really shows the already ubiquitous clear umbrella.
Oh, another addition to the zen feel. A bird perched on one of the branch across the pond.
Even my then-emo-ridden pubescent little brother smiled so wide. THAT'S how beautiful and serene this temple is.
How gorgeous this site would be tho in autumn. Momiji galore!
Another sad attempt at artsy shot.
Cup no Fuchiko gachapon. This is where the obsession began. I've collected 5 or so so far. No doubles 😏 Also got this super cute summer edition one with beach attire from Yokohama but lost it 😭
Another shrine we passed while on the way out out of Tenryū-ji temple.
I LOOOVEE the neighborhood around here. Super old school and quiet like in those manga I read years ago. Just looking at this photo gives me a sense of peace.
Okay, end of this post. I can't believe it took me more than two weeks to do 35% of this post, and then less than an hour for the remaining 65% 😅

See you on the next post! It's gonna be my first kaiseki ryori and onsen experience.

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