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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BIODERMA Promotion!!!

This baby probably doesn't need any introduction, I'm sure y'all know Bioderma. It was hyped to death by beauty gurus across the countries years ago when the micellar water trend started. it's THE OG of #MicellarWater.

Actually, it wasn't even a trend. It was just Bioderma doing its own thing and fast forward a couple years later, tons of other brands are competing to come up with their own micellar water.

Still, out of the micellar water that I've tried, Bioderma is the one the that I trust the most when it comes to cleansing my skin without washing/rinsing afterward (totally not recommended by the way -to not wash your face after removing your make-up-, but you know, sometimes laziness wins. Fine, a lot of times).

Throughout the years I've used up at least 7 bottles of 'em (two 250ml sensibio, two 100ml sensibio, two hugeass 500ml sensibio, and one hugeass 500ml blue cap one. LOL I still remember which and how many bottles I've used up). Yup, it's that reliable.

The only thing I'm not a fan of is the price lol 😂 #forevercheapskate. SO THE GREAT NEWS IS, SOCIOLLA is having a promotion for Bioderma Sensibio (the pink cap)!!!

🎵 Sensibio H2O 100ml for Rp 99,000.00
🎵 Sensibio H2O 250ml + 100ml bundle for Rp 231,000.00. Plus free pouch!
🎵 Sensibio H2O 500ml for  Rp 272,800.00

Click HERE(*) to purchase. Promotion valid until 31 May 2017. You're welcome.

Disclaimer: I'm not paid to make this post, however, I am obligated to as a part of Sociolla Blogger Network. Link with (*) is an affiliate link ^_^

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