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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hi there =)

Finally made this new blog. had been planning it for months!! So lazy one or what?
My old blog still there, but I'll never put anything to it anymore.
cos that blog got bunch of craps already, plus I rarely post anything there, thus the blog is so messy and got lots of spam in the chatbox...bottom line, can't stand how messy my old blog that I had to make a new one. And the option of repairing my old blog is just troublesome. so, better just make a new blog.

Anyway, spent like 5 hours to make this one. -__-"...the template took so long. but I'm very happy with the result :D

Planned to start the whole new blog thing once my mid-test done (still one more week), but suddenly felt the urge to at least make the blog first (which I give in). and now, got the urge to start blogging again from today.
But, have to wait till the mid is done, right?ok, will start next week...but I want to blog from to start next week..focus on mid now..maybe only one post per day ok? to wait till mid is done!!!

So, I guess have to hold the urge till next week T.T ...


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