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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NOTD - Meteor Rain

Short post =)
already 11pm. Have to sleep immediately.tomorrow got mid test~

So...I think I'm gonna post the nail art I've done one by one.  This one first ^^

like it or not?hehe

It's called NOTD. but it's not actually my nails for today. I did this a couple weeks ago =). I think all my NOTD won't be my actual nail of that day lah.
Anyway, the design isn't originally mine. It's from LOVE4NAILS. I just change the color and rhinestone and the glitter.
I was painstakingly put on the silver beads ok!!doing both hands somemore! my eyes went @@" after that.
abrupt end.

Product used:
Light Purple - Pixy Rs-04
Dark Purple - Pixy Rs-02

nite nite ^^

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