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Sunday, January 8, 2012

one day.. =)

/*pics entry*/

Met up with my friends from high school last week cos I got back to my hometown for christmas and newyear holiday :)

Tried this new eating place. The price range is quite high for me though. Oh, well, once in a bluemoon is no problem, right?

My duck rice set!! I think it's around Rp 40k? the kailan is a lil' tough to chew and the duck is ok. *definitely not the best 40k I've spent on food*

Detta's duck noodles. Duck is the same as mine? noodles and soup is quite tasteless --".

Yudhis's...I think this is either chicken fried rice or duck fried rice. Didn't try the meat, but the fried rice is good!! It's like chinese style fried rice one. Best order overall.

Don't think I'm gonna be back to this place.

(and no, I won't say the place's name. Later they'd think I'm bad-mouthing them, then sue me how?)

Walked around and stopped at cupcakes stall. believe it or not, this is my first time trying cupcake with frosting and all!

the chio pink box.

lemon cupcake!! I smashed it T.T~ taste super lemony and nice! But I think eat one will already stuffed you cos so creamy.

mint cupcake!!
I thought that the mint flavor is only in the frosting and the cake itself is just a chocolate flavor cake, but I was sooo wrong!! the cake also has minty taste! Sooooo gooooooood...
And I really like the pearly decoration! yums!

Also went and get Shihlin ^^
Bought the sweet plum potato cos it's the cheapest. 10k only and got a lot portion of it. It's perfect for movies snacks. I also love their XXL chicken. Always try to sneak it into the theater :p

Starbucks!! Tried their holiday drinks. Peppermint Mocha. nice!

Then, went to gramedia and bought this book by Raditya Dika that supposedly is funny. I've read his first and third book and they're cracked me up.

Oh oh! and from Detta and Yudhis for my birthday last december =)
love them max
And I loooove the purple box! my fav color. gonna keep it =)

Have a super fantastic day! my money fly fly away after this T.T. Have to save more!

Nitynite? =)

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