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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Dear guys...

If a girl still doesn't reply to you after you text her many of times, then you most probably are just harassing her with your unbearable amount of texts.

It's really either that, or she ran out of credit :| ...which in that case, go top up for her

But seriously, if we even in the slightest interested in you, we'll gladly reply to you. If not, well, it's either super short 1-word-kinda-reply, or no reply at all.

If there's still no reply at ALL after times, and you still insist to keep texting her, then FFFUUUU!!
You're just plain harassing her, you moron. Go get a life or other person to bother.

And no, keep texting her doesn't make you look faithful, loyal, devoted, blabipidibla... it'll make you look like a f-ing stalker!



I know I sounded so mean, but it's the truth okay. And don't give me gibberish talk like 'what if he's really in love with her?' etc etc..
You really like her meh? make an effort! and NOT in a stalker-kind-of-way like keep texting her when there's no reply!
If texting her is the only effort you made, then you sure as hell...*too many swearing in this entry, so just finish the sentence*

I think I'm done.


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