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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday I'm in LOVE

Here it is..the valentine's day nail art I talked about before...

*drumroll please*

I've actually uploaded it this morning, and gleefully went to campus for final exam, went to watch movie after that and had fun and stuff..
Then, I get home at like 9 pm realize...the video already got 66 views, 2 comments, and 5 likes!! in 1 day!
That's a lot for me okay... *teary eyes*..
But then..the horror...I saw weird comment about how the video is only same shot for 5 minutes, so I went ahead and watched it..apparently, there's some error in the uploading process that the video ruined... T.T...
So, I try to upload another one..still corrupted...
Deciced to shrink the video quality from HD to this video right now...and I succeeded in uploading it!!
I don't know what's wrong, but I can't seem to upload HD video ><..

About the nail art...I made this to be a part of youtube collaboration, "Friday I'm in Love", by robinmosesnailart and ProfessionalDQ
I really am thankful for this open wide collaboration. from the bottom of my heart!

I do hope you guys like this Valentine's day nail art as much as I do, because so far, from all the other videos, I put the most effort in this one. ;)

*Still have final exam until next week T.T*

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