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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Etude House Nail Polish Haul + Little Review

Did a nail polish haul before went to watch The Vow.

This is my first time shop at Etude House, and the employee greets you by calling you "princess" lol!! And the whole store is princessy-themed.

Anyway, bought 5 nail polishes. Cost 140k in total.

Top Coat, Petite Darling PP905, Petite Darling BR310, Petite Darling BL 501, Petite Darling BL505

I've tried the sky blue and the dark nude far, here's what I think about them

  • Price on the medium range, so it's still pretty much affordable (@28k)*
  • They dry really quickly!! 
  • I like the consistency and they're pretty easy to apply on nails
  • Their variety of colors are lovely, sweet, pastel and really girly, albeit not a lot of variety

  • They need more than one coat to get them opaque.** The dark nude needs 2 coats and the sky blue needs 3-4 coats.***
  • Not a lot of variety of colors

*for the type that I bought. There were also ones that @100k @60++k.
**The one with fuchsia cap supposed to have more intense color, so maybe they only need 1 coat, haven't tried though.
***Actually, for the con, they already compensate with the fast drying, so I'm totally okay with applying layers of coats and it doesn't make the final looks bulky or anything like that.

Basically, you get a good quality nail polish for pretty affordable price, so I'm definitely gonna buy some again soon. Really drooling over the Matte Top Coat.

Oh!! And I love the top coat (one at the far right)!! Will do a review soon!

//all price in IDR, of course.

--edit-- // 24 November 2013
Etude House actually has a massive selection of nail polish, didn't know at that time

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