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Monday, March 12, 2012

The Vow Quotation

Last week I went to Puri to watch "The Vow" with friends (kinda late I know).

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And despite there were a lot of sweet things said in the movie and the vow itself was beautifully written, my favorite line from "The Vow" actually came from Paige(Rachel McAdams)'s mother.

/*spoiler alert*/

When Paige found out the reason she left the house before was because her father caught cheating on her mom with her best friend, she confronted her mom, asked why hadn't her mom left her father. 

Then, Paige's mom said she was planning to leave. She was all ready for leaving, but then she saw a family photo album, and she saw her family together in the house, and the house seemed full, so she wanted to keep it that way and forgave her husband. She said,

"I chose to stay for the many things he did right and not to leave for the one thing he did wrong"

/*spoiler end*/

Yup, she said that. (Well, It's not exactly like that, I can't remember the exact line, but you get the geez).

If you think to yourself, let's try something simpler than marriage, just imagine your bf cheat, what would you do? Can you just forgive him, thinking it's the one thing he did wrong, all the other things he did right? 

Honestly, I wouldn't even consider giving him a second chance (providing he want one). Got to admit, I have a certain trust issue. I have a certain thought, like "Once a cheater always a cheater", I know it's not right to judge people like that because everybody can change and bipidiblapidibla, but if he really is a decent, honest, faithful guy, he wouldn't cheat in the first place, right? Why would I want to run the risk of getting cheated on for the second time by forgiving him? Maybe because he was just on the edge (F that! Have you got no self-control or commitment??!!) ? Or maybe because the history we had and the future might be worth another try? 

Here is the condition, EVEN if you've forgiven him and think this relationship deserve a second chance, would you be able to trust like you used to? Would it just be the same and not awkward? For a person with a concerned trust issue like me, it won't (I know leh, it all comes down to me with that, I'm the one with trust problem).

Well, I can't really compare this relationship thingy with Paige's mom' decision. I mean, she was saving a marriage, a bonding that has vow being said and written and meant all over it. But then again, marriages begins with relationships, yes?

What are your view on this? :)

And yes, this is an inconclusive entry.

It changed the way I see a cheater a bit, but I'm still not all pro-justforgive though. Although, I know couples went through all the cheating drama and still walked down the aisle at the end, but there's still a chance the cheating continue after the marriage, it's just whether you're willing to risk it or not, whether what you have or had with him is worth the risk or not.

Let's move on to another thing ^^. I got nail polish haul before the movie! Will blog about it soon ;)


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