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Friday, April 20, 2012

Rant on The Face Shop Sale...

I said in my previous post about the face shop mini haul that they're gonna be having a crazy sale. The shop's employee told me that there will be 40%+10% off sale because they want to renew their packaging and add ingredients and whatever shit that is.

And I was sooo pumped and couldn't wait!! I was already planning to get a big haul and try their higher price range of nail polish (the colors are really gorgeous please), so today is the first day of the sale and I was excitedly going there, only to find out from the EXACT  same employee that the sale is only for the skincare wtf.

When she told me about the sale I was on the cashier paying for nail polishes and she told me about the sale and didn't mention that the sale was only for the skin care. She said it like it was all items.

AND when I asked her whether the sale is for the member card holder only, she said that the sale is for all people, but today I found out that the +10% is for member card holder wtf square.

AND she told me the sale will start on 19th of April, but it actually start on 20th of April wtf wtf wtf.

Major FAIL!

I was so pissed that I kept on ranting on the way back to my boarding house *poor Sam had to listen lol*.

Soooo, yup. No haul whatsoever. I really hate it when I already got all pumped and it ended up disappointing the shit outta me.

I'm done ranting.
I'm not so much ranting here about the actual sale, which I'm sure might be great, rather than about the fact that the employee gave me a very unclear message and two of 'em are wrong -___-"...

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