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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Light as Cotton Candy

I'm just finished with my mid-term. I haven't got my laptop back yet, but apparently I have one tutorial that I've edited ages ago, so that will be my tutorial this month :)

Been in the downer, thus have no spirit to blog whatsoever.

very big cotton candy, yes? even bigger in real life!! ^^

//edit (originally posted on May 3rd)

p.s. speaking of cotton candy, I really really want the Revlon Cotton Candy!! It's a very subtle, yummy-looking baby pink

let me search for the pic ^^

image :

Revlon is still quite reachable for me, so I might getting it if I get the chance. It's a buzz-killer though that it's parfume-scented. I just bought 2 revlon recently when my parents come to visit and one of them is parfume-scented. And for the life of me, I HATE the smell!! It's very "chemically". 

Anyway, I'll talk about the 2 Revlon I just got recently on the next post :)

take care, xoxo

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