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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Revlon - Ocean Breeze Review

This is one of the Revlon polishes I picked up a week ago while my family come to visit :)

It's the polish that caught my eye the second I saw it.

As you can see, it's a beautiful teal/greenish color that will totally remind you of the easy breezy beach. It has a very "mermaid-ish" feel to it. I do think "Ocean Breeze" is a perfect name or maybe "Mermaid Lagoon" is good too, right? It reminds me more of a mermaid rather than the ocean.

In the bottle it looked like it will have a duo-chrome sorta finish, but it's not. Still, very pretty color.

This one is one thin coat. It's definitely still very sheer, obvious VNL and very strokey.

Two thin coats. It's still a bit strokey, but I think tou can get away with 2 thick coats.

And 3 thin coats :)

I stopped layering it at this point, because in real life it's actually already decent-looking, but as in the photos above, the finish still a bit strokey, but won't be so obvious if you don't like really stare at it.

It ended up to be a frost finish (hence, the strokey) with slight change of color if you look at it from different direction, so no, it's deifinitely not a duo-chrome. A bit lean to iridescent IMO.

I don't really have a problem with applying this polish. They're easy to apply and layering them were easy too.

What I do have problem with though, is the scent!! I seriously cannot stand the scent. I know it's supposed to be parfume-scented nail polish, but the smell was just too "chemically" and too much and just ugh!! Maybe it just me, but they smell like someone who POURED parfume all over his/her body. 

And the other problem, and I'm having this with all Revlon nail polishes I've tried, is the brush. They're just soooo skinny please. I like my brush to be fuller so it's easier to use.

But other than that, I like the "Ocean Breeze" :)

So, yeah, in conlusion I like this nail polish and I'm willing to deal with the scent and the brush because I really like the color ^^

take care xoxo

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