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Saturday, June 16, 2012

NOTD - (sorta) Rainbow Mani

It's been a while since the last time I did a NOTD entry and I hope you guys will like this one since it seems like rainbow pattern is really popular nowadays.

This is actually a remake of my looong looong ago nail art minus the fimo.

It's VERY VERY rare for me to do a nail art more than once (except classic one like white french mani) 'cos I'd rather try out new design. I think the only other nail arts that I've done more than once was a nail art deco thingy and a purple mani with stripes (never blog about both of them, someday maybe).

Anyway, like most of my NOTD, this is not actually a nail art I wear today. It's from a month ago.

Right now, I'm actually supporting a classic white french mani ;)

My bedroom light

Bathroom light.
p.s. you can spot my absolute favorite pink 'fantasy' loofah there :3

The only reason why I didn't add the fimo was because I was so goddamn lazy -____-".

If you opened the link in the beginning you'd see that it was the same EXACT color as in this entry. I actually didn't realize it until I saw the photos. And I'm actually using a completely different products!!!

This one in this entry, the pink, blue, and yellow all from TFS nail polishes and the glitter is Nail Art Deco by L.A. Color.

Back then I only had a small spread of nail polishes and didn't have any pastel color, so for the blue and pink I actually used acrylic paint and for the yellow I mixed an intense yellow nail polish with lots of white. For the glitter, I didn't have polishes with thin brush nor stripper brush, so I used toothpick (I think).

See, even with a limited supply you can still create a cute and beautiful nail art ;)

p.s.s. I'm gonna have final exam next week. Wish me luck ;)

Product used:
  • Pink - The Face Shop PK109
  • Blue - The Face Shop BL601
  • Yellow - The Face Shop YL701
  • Glitter - L.A. Color Silver Glitter

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