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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Healthy Instant Noodle?

This is just a stupid quick filler post :3

My mom sent me this instant noodles, and I thought it was rather a unique one.

Now, my mom is quite health concious, so she cut out flavor enhancer (MSG, Vetsin, etc) and anything "instant" (which means contains lots of preservative agent) most of the time. So, with that being said, I was actually surprised she sent me this instant noodles.

No, this instant noodle is still not healthy because they probably still contains preservative, MSG and stuffs. This is just a tad bit heathier.

The condiment inside is quite different, usually the seasong is liquid, but this one has weird gel-like texture --".

And and, what really distinct is, the noodle is freakin' GREEN.

I've seen green noodles around, but not green instant noodles.

The taste was quite good, not as good as Indomie, of course :p

Worth a try though.

Okay, bye xoxo~

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