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Friday, April 12, 2013

Etude House - Dear My Deep Color Nails (Review)

To start of, I just wanna tell you that there won't be any swatches in this post, just the basics that applicable to all the nail polishes in this collection that I want to cover (price, color range, the basics of the products, etc). The swatches and individual review that vary from each nail polishes (opaqueness, color description, etc) will be in the next few posts. I just don't want to repeat the points in this post every single time, so I sum it up here :)

The Range of Colors

The Newer Addition
*pictures above from google,, and etude house web*

The first collection has more bright and 'POP' color, while the newer ones has a more dusty look.

  • 24 colors range
  • 9 ml/bottle
  • Price varies to where you buy it. (I got mine for 28k idr/pc = 2.8 usd/pc)
  • On the matter of cruelty-free : Etude House claimed that they do not test on animal, but their parent company (Amore Pasific) does test on animal for safety reasons. Amore Pasific stated that right now they're progressing in research for alternatives.
  • I couldn't find any information regarding if they're 5 free (doesn't contain toluene, DBP, formaldehyde, resin, and camphor) or not. I did read that they're toxic-free at an online shop, but that's hardly a reliable source. 

Now, I just want to say that this is (along with Dear My Neon Pop Nails and Dear My Party Nails), is my most favorite line out of Etude House.

The reason is...


The brush is just the perfect wide and density

See how it's wider than the common brush size?

said before that I like my brush wide because it makes application much easier. Just one swipe and it covers most of the surface of nails. There are not much going left and right. With my pinky (sometimes ring finger and pointer finger too), it's one swipe covers all. 

It's also denser, so it picks up more product, but not too much in the sense that you'll get goopy application. It's just the right amount to cover your nails.

The brush also doesn't streak. You'll see on my swatches next time. It gives a smooth surface to your manicure -of course, the nail polish' formula also plays a huge part here-

Here's the catch though, this brush might not be your favorite if you have super extra small nails, as  I'm guessing it will get the polish to the skin around your nail.

I think I've covered everything I want here. So see you on the individual swatch :) 

take care, xoxo

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