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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lolabox March 2014 Review

Another late Lolabox review for you :p

I wasn't able to get this up earlier because I went to my hometown in the 18th morning and I thought I would've gotten my box in the 17th (my box usually arrive between 15th to 17th, mostly 16th) and would be able to take the pictures and do the blog post the next day or so while I'm in my hometown, but I didn't get the box until 18th evening when I'm already there. Now that I got the pictures and the time (and the motivation for that matter), let's unbox this month's Lolabox and see if they upped their game after last month's less than interesting box.

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Like always, I'm gonna start with the box itself!

I was relieved (and glad) when I saw nice new light blue box design after they were repeating their box for the last 2 months! So it was off to a good start I'd say.

the greeting card
The theme of this month's box is It's Our Day since Woman's Day is in March.

Next, I'm gonna show you what's inside the box!

[Crazy Rumors] Gingerbread Lip Balm
Full-size: 0.15 oz (Rp 54,900.00)
In the Box: full-size

This is a new brand to me, so I was quite excited when I got it, especially because of the adorable packaging and unique flavor (scent?). The ginger scent is a tad too strong for me though. It applies a bit differently than my baby lips (or other lip balms that I've tried), as it feels more "waxy"? I don't know if that's good or bad, but I personally like it. Have been using this everyday. Oh, and the cherry on top is, you know how usually lip balm has a weird "chemically" taste and left you with yucky after taste when you accidentally lick your lips and then you eat or drink? This crazy rumors lip balm doesn't do that, in fact it tastes sweet! Like sugary sweet. Probably one of the reason I've been using this everyday, I like to eat my lip balm a lot #lipbalmeater

[L'oreal] Extraordinary Oil
Full-size: 100 ml (Rp 69,000.00)
In the Box: 2 sachet samples @5 ml (Rp 6,900.00)

Usually when I received sachet sample as one of the item I'll go on a 1 paragraph rant, but this one was actually not a bad size sample. 10 ml of hair oil can last me for at least 10 uses -I used up 9 ml Rudy Hadisuwarno hair oil for 13 uses, and I applied it quite generously too-. Also, a hair oil is always welcomed since I have crazy frizzy hair.

[Shobi] Decorative Eyelash in Play Cute #7
Full-size: 5 pairs (Rp 175,900.00)
In the Box: full-size

This is probably my most favorite item in this box. I've been wanting to venture into the world of falsies (especially for youtube videos), but damn, they're quite expensive (the one with thin band), so this is great for me to get a chance to play around with falsies.

The one that I got is actually individual falsies, well, not really individual, a single band has three bundles (?) of fake lashes. Personally, I prefer this individual type one since I can play around with the placement more, so I'm glad I got this one (Lolabox also gave out the full falsies type).

I also love how it has a thin transparent band, I imagine it will be more natural-looking when you wear it. I haven't gotten a chance to actually try out these babies since I don't have lash adhesive on hand (actually I do, from years ago that I've never used and when I wanted to use it to try this falsies, it's already so spoiled it has vomit scent with disgusting yellowish separating consistency), but I will write a review on this falsies once I do :)

[Skin79] Hot Pink BB Cream
Full-size: 40 gr (Rp 178,000.00)
In the Box: 5 gr (Rp 22,500.00)

This BB Cream is probably no stranger anymore as it is one of the most popular BB Cream out there. I have never tried this out, but KlairedeLys seemed to really love BB Cream from Skin79 and God knows I trust her opinion on products, so I'm excited to finally able to give this BB Cream a whirl. (Ps. It expires in July 2014, just a reminder so you use up yours from Lolabox before it expires)

[Hada Labo] Gokujyun Face Wash
Full-size: 100 gr (Rp 25,900.00) 
In the Box: 15 gr (Rp 3,885.00)

[Hada Labo] Gokujyun Lotion
Full-size: 100 ml (Rp 31,900.00)
In the Box: 15 ml (Rp 4,785.00)

Another highly-raved products that doesn't need introduction. I have been eyeing the Hada Labo skin care for a while now, but never took the plunge because for some reason, I had it in my head that they are more mid-range priced, so when I saw the full-size price on the greeting card, I thought it was a typo lol -it's not-. I'm happy they gave out the Gokujyun series one, since that's the one I wanna try out. Anyhoo, that lotion packaging is a bit misleading 'cause the lotion inside is actually only half the bottle x_x.

Beauty Extras

[Skin79] Samples of VIP Gold BB Cream, The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream, Super Plus Triple Funtion
I think this is a nice adds-on to the box so that you can try more variant of BB Cream from Skin79 and decide which one is more suitable for your skin.

Lolabox Price: Rp 145,000.00 for 1 month subscription / Rp 375,000.00 for 3 months subscription / Rp 725,000.00 for 6 months subscription They removed the 3 months & 6 months option recently.
The Box's Value: Rp 268,620.00

In the Box: 6 Items (2 set of sachet samples, 2 deluxe samples, 2 full-sizes)

Lolabox has redeemed itself after last month's unimpressive box as this is might be my second favorite box after their December box from last year. I really like all the products that I got in this March box and looking forward to try that falsies! 

If I were to give a suggestion to Lolabox, it probably to vary the product types they give out, like the BB Cream that can be found in most of their boxes, maybe foundation, loose powder, or concealer will be a nice change. Lip balm is also another one that they give out often, so maybe a lipstick or lip stain will be a good alternative. I'm not saying that I don't like getting the crazy rumors lip balm or the skin79 bb cream, I think they're great, but an alternation type in lip product and face product department would be nice. With that being said, I'm actually satisfied with what I got this month and can't wait to see their next month's box since it will be their 1 year anniversary box (Eek, I'm excited).

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xoxo, Lily

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