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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Sprayed Heart Bokeh - Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial

So. I just had the worst valentine's day of my life. Weeping aimlessly, on a valentine's day, no less. Ikr. Lovely, isn't it? No coming back from that I guess =X

Anyway, gonna stop being a debby downer now, so let's move on to a nicer topic. I just want to quickly post a Valentine's day nail art I uploaded yesterday :) My first video this year!

The hearts are incredibly simple and easy to do, so I hope you guys liked it :D

[The Face Shop] Lovely Me'ex Nails in: PK101, PK102, and PK103
[Oriflame] Pure Color Nail Polish in Intense Pink

Alright, wishing you guys the best valentine's day with your loved ones!

Take care,

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