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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sociolla Box April 2016 - Unboxing & Review

Another month, another Sociolla Box review! Click HERE (*) to subscribe to Sociolla Box.

I'm not going to go super detail about the products this month, just the price and such. You can watch the video here to see the products' details:

First thing first, the box is a bit bigger this month (see above pic for comparison). Not that it affect anything, but I thought it's worth mentioning.
Avene Thermal Spring Water
Retail Price: Rp 178000 (150 ml)
Avene Micellar Lotion
Retail Price: Rp 217,000.00 (200 ml)
In the Box: Rp 27,125.00 (25 ml)
Kedip False Eyelashes in Candy Cane
Retail Price: Rp 35,000.00
IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion
Retail Price: Rp 695,000.00 (50 ml)
In the Box: Rp 13,900.00 (1 ml)

EMK Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Serum
Retail Price: Rp 2,652,000.00 (30 ml)
In the Box: Rp 132,600.00 (1.5 ml)

Maaan, that anti-aging serum is damn expensive. Didn't realize it until I write this post. It better make my skin as smooth as a baby's butt.
The Box Price: Rp 450,000.00 (3 months subscriptions)/Rp 850,000.00 (6 months subscriptions)/Rp 1,650,000.00 (12 months subscriptions)
The Box Value: Rp 386,625.00

This is the most value box Sociolla has ever put out. Hands down. But items wise, I actually prefer last months' and the first months'. 

Anyway, this is the last of my Sociolla subscription. I signed up for the 3 months (then +1 free cause it was grand opening). You can watch the video above to see my thoughts and overall review of the Sociolla Box subscription service. Whether it's worth your moola or not. Too lazy to write them down lol. 

Am I gonna continue to subscribe? Hard to say. I'm leaning toward yes, but still not 100% sure. What do you think?

I decided not to extend my subscription for now, not because I didn't want to (I really do, which is why I still religiously watch Jihan's unboxing video of it), but more because Sam and I suddenly (yes, it really was sudden, no exaggeration, it was kinda like an overnight decision lol) decided to buy our own apartment, so I figured we need all the money we can save. In the future when I have more to spare, I'll probably subscribe again. You know my love for subscription services is endless haha.
Click HERE (*) to subscribe to Sociolla Box.

You can use the code “SBNLAC3U” to get 50k off your purchase *wink wink shameless plug wink*. 

As I said before, It is an affiliate link and code, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, ok. It doesn’t affect you either way (except if you use the code, cause then you got discount!!!), only affect my income haha.

FTC Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I paid for the subscription service myself. Link with (*) is an affiliate link.

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