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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Midnight post

It's 1AM now and I was going to blog about this resto I went to a couple days ago, but I'm too sleepy already. But but butt, at the same time I want my latest post to be anything but the emo-ish gibberish crap one I did on my last post lol (don't want to delete it either because I treat this blog as a diary of sort and it's good to keep memory of not just the good days, but also the emo moments haha).

I initially planned to blog about the resto on the day of (oh silly little naive me), but of course that didn't happen. Next day, still didn't happen. The next day (17th), also didn't happen. So I'm gonna make a pact to myself that I'mma blog about it TODAY (18th - after I've slept lah). Anything to bury the embarassing emo-existencial-quarter-life-doubt-anything-crisis rant -___-".

Okay, filler post done.

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