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Monday, August 14, 2017

Girl's Night Out Look - #CleansedByNIVEA International Friendship Day

Hi guys, I have another makeup tutorial. This one can last all night long and is quite bold, so it perfect for girls' night.

This blog post is actually a part of NIVEA double effect campaign to be a part of the video competition.

After trying out the makeup remover I gotta say that I honestly love it.

It’s ONE OF THE NICEST oil-based removers I’ve ever tried. I swear ✌­čĆ╝.

It can remove even THE heroine make volume & curl super-waterproof mascara COMPLETELY. If you’ve tried that particular heroine make mascara before, you know that while it’s an awesome mascara, it’s also such a pain in the butt to remove, even with oil-based remover (most of the time I just gave up and I’d wake up with panda eyes for the next 3 days lol). This remover does it effortlessly and in a 1-minute flat.

AND no need to rub you eyes roughly to get the make-up off, just gentle swipe is enough. That’s how powerful this remover is. Roughly tugging and rubbing your skin caused premature wrinkles btw.

The only thing though, it still left a bit of an oily residue on your skin despite the “non-oily” claim. I personally don’t mind it so much as long as it can remove waterproof shiz easily.

You can see in the following Instagram video of how powerful the remover is:

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Disclaimer: Nivea products were sent to me for review purposes. I'm not paid to write this blogpost, however I am obligated to as a part of Sociolla Blogger Network.

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