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Friday, November 3, 2017

[REVIEW] Electric Trimmer VS Manual Trimmer | VEET Sensitive Touch


I’m blogging in a parking basement of a hotel right now ‘cause we’re having a staycation for Halloween and I'm just killing time before the whole shebang started!! Such excite!

I think this is the most I’ve blogged in the last 2-3 years lol and that’s with only an average of 2 posts a month HAHAHAHA that should tell you how abandoned this blog had been.
Okiedoke, today I’m gonna review VEET Sensitive Touch, which is an electric trimmer for your face and body.

BUT! To make it more interesting, since this kind of electronic review can be quite a bit boring -talking about the parts etc-, I’m gonna make it a battle of sort post. You’ll see, you’ll see.

Here’s a basic overview of the tool first:
  • An electric trimmer
  • Retails for around Rp350,000.00, depending on where you get it.
  • Blades last for up to 2 years
  • Cell battery operated
  • Comes with 2 heads and 3 attachment

Here’s something I gotta gush over first…

It’s an easy pull like that 😍😍😍. Convenient, no? I usually hate hate hate this kind of hard plastic packaging because I have to use hardcore scissors to pry it open (lame flimsy scissors will just break down), so troublesome.

Ok, I’m not gonna ramble on and on about the packaging. I mean, that’s all it is, a user-friendly packaging.

Inside you get the Veet sensitive touch main body, 2 heads, 3 attachments, a tiny brush, and…


In my humble opinion, a product that needs battery SHOULD ALWAYS COME with the battery. It’s kinda annoying when I’m excited to use a product, then I find out that it needs a battery, but I don’t have any laying around (I always have some stashed in my house, so this is like an out-of-the-house scenario). UURGH! I know, I know, #FirstWorldProblem much?
Still, I think a lot of you will agree with me that a provided battery is just awesomesauce.

Now, do you guys prefer cell battery operated OR rechargeable one (I’m not sure the correct terminology for this)?

I personally prefer cell battery operated because I often forget my charging cables everywhere and it’s also rather irritating when I want to use a tool and its battery is drained. With cell battery operated tools, I can just pop a fresh new battery.

I know some people prefer the charging method because you don’t have to keep spare batteries at all times (which I think, if you live on your own, you should!) and it’s more cost-efficient. So, the battery-operated aspect can be a plus or minus depending on your preference.

The all kind of attachments can be a little bit intimidating, so I’m gonna explain them one by one, hence the battle! (It’s confusing to explain each part without showing you what they actually do).

The first battle is,
How do you usually trim your brows? Waxing? Tweezing? Threading?
I’m a chicken, so I usually just use my cheap trusty trimmer from Japanese drugstore that I’ve raved and raved and raved to death. I love it. Pain-free, crazy sharp, and the result is clean, no stubbles whatsoever.
I put the electric trimmer to the test. For the eyebrows shaping. I used the smaller head that has 2 sides, a 6mm, and a 16mm length blade. Without any attachment.
I used the 6mm for shaping the arch of my brows and the 16mm for cleaning up stray hairs around the brows.
Then, I put on the small comb attachment, which has 2mm (the shorter teeth) and 4mm sides (the longer teeth).

With this attachment on, you can trim, instead of shave, meaning you can leave some length of the hairs (as opposed to completely shave it to a bald). The 2mm, of course, will leave 2mm of hairs, and the 4mm will leave 4mm of hairs.
My brows are bushier toward the tail and I only ever trimmed them once or twice before because both of those time I did it unevenly and ended up with thicker and thinner uneven looking eyebrows 😅 So this attachment is perfect for eyebrows trimming to give them uniform length! I used the 4mm sides for trimming my eyebrows.


There are 2 aspects to good eyebrows (in my opinion): SHAPING & TRIMMING.

For shaping, I prefer my good ol' trusty traditional trimmer because it makes for a cleaner finish. The way that Veet electric trimmer works, the blade NEVER touches your skin (which I guess is good for a beginner), so when you shave with it, it leaves tiny little hairs. The leftover hairs are not obvious from normal talking distance, but up close, they're there. So, yes, you can very much still use the electric trimmer to shape your brows, but I prefer a cleaner finish my usual trimmer gives.

For trimming, however, I ❤ the electric trimmer!! Uniform length EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. My traditional trimmer, of course, cannot handle this task at all, so this win goes to the electric trimmer and its awesome comb attachment.
So, yes, it's a draw for the eyebrows. I need both for my eyebrows.

P.s. Before this, I didn't know how much trimming your brows affect the overall appearance of your brows. It's so super easy now for me to draw and fill in the brows and get the right shape. I guess my bushy-at-the-end brows made it hard for an even fill-in before? I dunno, but now it only took me 2 to 3 minutes to do my brows with eyebrows crayon. Yay!

P.p.s. On hindsight, it's easier if you trim first, and then shape.

Next Battle~
I have hairy arms and legs. Once upon a time, because of this, my grade-school classmate told me I must be a closer descendant of the ape lol fml. Man, kids are mean 😂 Anyway, she didn't mean any harm lah when she said it, it's just the usual kid's nonsense.

But I digress.
I still don't shave my arms and legs regularly until now because it's so so troublesome to shave hairy arms and legs every other day. In my entire 22+ years of existence, you can probably still count how many times I've shaven my arms and legs only with your fingers (and a couple toes maybe).

For this hairy task... (HAHA the pun)
I used the bigger head with no attachment.



One of the thing that hinders me from shaving my body often is that, with a traditional shaver/razor, after like one swipe across my arm, I have to wash the blade because it's chockful of hairs and can't be used to shave until I clean it. So, IMAGINE shaving your whole arms and legs and having to stop every one or two strokes to clean the blade. How tedious is THAT?? Do you get what I mean by troublesome now? And the whole process takes such a long time too. No, thank you, I'll live as a close ape-descendant just fine.
But with this electric trimmer, I can just shave and shave and shave non-stop because most of the hairs fall down to the ground instead of getting stuck to the blade. Such joy. Maybe after one whole arm, I'll blow the head a little (that's what she said) so that some of the hairs on the blade fly off. I can legit shave my whole arms and legs in under 4 minutes.

Next up...
aka. armpit. haha. I just don't feel like putting the word "armpit" in big, bold, uppercase letters.

This was probably the only area that I constantly shave. Because armpit hair is very unsightly ok. I don't care what you feminazis say, but I think overgrown armpit hairs on women are gross (nasty on men too if it's really thick, yuck). It just screams poor hygiene to me (cos it looks smelly). Not that I have the best hygiene, but at least I still care enough to not seemed to have a bad one.
Just like with arms and legs, I used the large head with no attachment.


I just can't with using the electric trimmer alone for my armpits. The reasoning is the same as to why I prefer to use my usual trimmer to shape my eyebrows: Veet electric trimmer's blade NEVER touches the skin, so it leaves tiny a quarter millimeter of hairs on the skin. While the leftover hairs are very fine and not noticeable on the arms and legs, it's quite obvious on the armpit, because the hairs on armpit tend to be quite thicker and darker. So I would stick to my usual razor for a very clean finish, which is important for the armpits area IMO.

Last comparison,
Yup. This is gonna be a bit too intimate. (hey, it's a pun :p)

But here we go...

I didn't really do regular maintenance on my bikini area because, just like the case of my hairy arms and legs, I find it troublesome and tedious. And quite scary to do by myself haha. What if I make a nick or a cut down there? 😱

Anyway, since I knew that I wouldn't cut myself accidentally with this electric trimmer (because of its mechanism), I soldiered on.

I'm not gonna explain in great details on how I did it, because, ahem, tmi much? But basically:
I put on the large comb attachment and started trimming the area.
you can adjust the length of the trim by moving the attachment up and down. If it's really bushy, starts from the longest trim setting and then gradually moves to the shortest trim setting. Or whatever floats your boat, I don't know your bikini area preference 😅.

After I trimmed, I removed the comb attachment and did a clean up around the bikini line. That's it.



It's more time-efficient because it trims and shaves faster than regular razor (and no need to go back and forth cleaning chockful of hairs from the blade). And more importantly, it's a SAFER option for such a delicate area, especially if you're a beginner. Bottomline (again, the pun 😆), it makes trimming and shaving the bikini area much easier and less intimidating.


Oh, and the last attachment that I haven't mentioned:
is the cap for the smaller head to keep the blade nice and protected. I don't get why they don't include the cap for the larger head though.

Oh, and one thing you should know, for VEET Sensitive Touch, you cannot buy replacement heads/blades, so if your blades have become dull over time, you have to buy a whole new set. To be fair, it's not an expensive tool and it's supposed to last for up to 2 years of regular usage. But I still think a replacement heads option is more convenient.

Anyway, here are some tips to keep your electric trimmer last longer.

  • Use oil lubricant on the blade to keep its edge

  • Clean the blade after use with the provided small brush
  • Wash the heads (not the main body) after some use to keep the tool hygienic

I hope you guys find this blog post helpful and it gives you some insight on what this baby can do very well (and no so well) at.
I'll end it with this gif of my newly groomed eyebrows from my IG story. hehe.

Till next time, take care xo.

FTC Disclaimer: this is a sponsored blog post as a part of Sociolla Blogger Network. All opinions remain my own and honest, this post is not vetted.

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