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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Infinity Flowers Nail Art Tutorial | Pattern Nails

Oh, hi there..

Been a long while since I upload my last video, hasn't it? So glad I got to upload videos again :D

How are guys?Hope you all have been great!

This particular tutorial is something i filmed back in October last year, so more than a half a year ago O.o~ It inspired by this flower-like pattern which resembles 'BATIK' that we used to do in elementary school art class.

True, the pattern is a bit time consuming, but the result is SO WORTH it! It was a loving-it-until-cannot-bear-to-remove-it nail art for me. And I hadn't had one of those in quite a while.

So I really do hope you guys like this at least half as much as I do.



Nail Polish used:

  • [Etude House] Ice Cream Nails in PP501
  • [Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails in DPP504
  • [Etude House] Petite Darling in PP905
  • [Pixy] V-01