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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bali Family Trip Christmas & New Year 2011 Part. 1

 Heeeyyyyyy thereeee!!!

I'm off to Bali tmw with Diana, Jan, and Sam for semester break. It's my first time arranging a whole trip all by myself (and Diana, of course) without parents, teachers, etc, so I'm really excited and my heart literally pounding so fast right now as I'm typing

Anyhoo, I went to Bali last Dec for a family trip but never have the mood to post it, so I'm posting it right now (I know, super tardy wtf).

And since it happened quite a while ago (a half year, to be exact --"), I don't remember the detail, so I'll put up a collage of photos I took and some commentary.

Oh!! And I wanna WARN you!! 80%-90% are food piccies, which is one of the reason I don't really wanna blog about this trip (only food pic can write what you tell me?), the other of course, I'm being a lazyass :p

let's START <3


We arrived at our hotel @6pm cause of damn traffic so we just took a lil' rest and head out for supper ;)
It was just a random restaurant along the Kuta Street, but I can't remember what's the name.
Oh,well, the food was meh. The food's name though, was fancy and all. 
The first pic of soup was called "Consume de Onion Soup".


This day was my 17th birthday!!! ^^
Went to Titiles in the morning, grab lunch at sushi tei and then supper at Stadium Cafe to celebrate my b'day (happyyyyyyyyy)


Waterboom in the morning through the night maybe 7pm.
Fams decided to eat seafood at Jimbaran, but I don't fancy seafood that much, so me, my brothers, and cousin decided to eat at this Indian food place.
That was actually my first time tried like a real real indian food...
and I'm SOLD!!! I loooooveeeeeeee it!!


I wanted to make them into one post, but I haven't finished editing, so yeah..part 2 tmw or after I come back from Bali ;)

night night. loooove youu all xoxo

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