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Monday, August 14, 2017

Girl's Night Out Look - #CleansedByNIVEA International Friendship Day

Hi guys, I have another makeup tutorial. This one can last all night long and is quite bold, so it perfect for girls' night.

This blog post is actually a part of NIVEA double effect campaign to be a part of the video competition.

After trying out the makeup remover I gotta say that I honestly love it.

It’s ONE OF THE NICEST oil-based removers I’ve ever tried. I swear ✌🏼.

It can remove even THE heroine make volume & curl super-waterproof mascara COMPLETELY. If you’ve tried that particular heroine make mascara before, you know that while it’s an awesome mascara, it’s also such a pain in the butt to remove, even with oil-based remover (most of the time I just gave up and I’d wake up with panda eyes for the next 3 days lol). This remover does it effortlessly and in a 1-minute flat.

AND no need to rub you eyes roughly to get the make-up off, just gentle swipe is enough. That’s how powerful this remover is. Roughly tugging and rubbing your skin caused premature wrinkles btw.

The only thing though, it still left a bit of an oily residue on your skin despite the “non-oily” claim. I personally don’t mind it so much as long as it can remove waterproof shiz easily.

You can see in the following Instagram video of how powerful the remover is:

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Disclaimer: Nivea products were sent to me for review purposes. I'm not paid to write this blogpost, however I am obligated to as a part of Sociolla Blogger Network.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Smoothies Bowl Hype | RAISIN Resto & Kitchen

Okay, so commitment obviously failed, but better late than never I guess. And I must must blog something to bury the embarrassing emo-ish crap post, right?

There are a lot of new, hip eateries popping up in Jogja, but I usually stick to restaurants that I've frequented for years. Not because I don't like to try new places to eat (I DO. SO MUCH.), but because most of these hip cafes/bistro/eateries that I've tried in the past were damn gimmicky only.

Most of them are winning in picturesque decor, cozy ambiance, all that hipster-ish shiz, just Instagram-worthy all around. But for the most part, the food is either bland, substandard, or okay only. The kind of eatery that I would only visit once, take photos, and never come back. Some more the price of this kind of place is a bit pricey for Jogja standard.

I don't really mind the price (they're still not as expensive as Jakarta's standard cafe price) IF the food is good, but that's not the case. I'm not even sure they know what the food in their menu is supposed to taste like. Even when I ordered a simple scrambled egg, what came was a horrific curdled mess of yellow dried bits (I'm looking at you Gadjah Brasserie 😒). A beef burger that used a sad piece of ham as the "beef patty". Bland baked rice. And so much more.

You get my point. They give you a menu with westernized/hipster-ish food and serve you their attempt at it.

Okay, rant over.

Anyhoo, 5 days ago almost a month ago, I decided to go to this new eatery because I wanna try smoothies bowl and see what's all the fuss about (other than that it looks pretty).
RAISIN Resto & Kitchen
The decor is the usual run-of-the-mill hip cafe decor; white walls, wooden furniture, hanging plants, huge windows, cushiony seating area, all that jazz. A nice, cozy, hang out place, but nothing I would shout about (I do love the huge windows tho, great for photo taking).

Okay, without further ado (because I've written 9 paragraphs without a single photo 😅), here's my order:
Milk Coffee

I know, I know, boo hoo boring choice. But look at the presentation!!! Not boring, right? Been done thousands of times, but still intersting imo.
I don't like coffee, so I can't really say what I think about it because my answer will always be "blech". But my brother and my Dad said their coffees are good.
Smoothies Bowl
Yes, the thing that made me come to this place. I ordered the avocado banana smoothie bowl with acai, flax seed, coconut, pineapple, granola, and strawberries topping.
Tbh, I was kinda disappointed when it came to the table because the color isn't as vibrant as I imagined smoothie bowl to be (I cranked up the saturations so damn high in these pics). The pineapple is canned pineapple, so it doesn't have that nice bright yellow color. It's also mushy, doesn't have that nice pineapple crunch. The strawberries are mushy too.

I do have to say that I love their home-made granola! I'm not a big fan of granola (I loathe oats, which are in abundance in granola mix) in general, but their granola is good.

The smoothie itself is okay. Taste like if you were to puree avocado and banana, nothing special. A bit too loose for my liking. A thicker texture would've been nicer because I just felt like drinking an avocado juice in a bowl.
Dory Sambal Matah
The 'it' thing right now is sambal matah. Everything has sambal matah on them. I, for one, am not complaining because I love sambal matah!

I like their sambal matah, but it was lacking a bit of punch (not like I need it to be spicier, but there's something missing, like that extra oomph). The dory itself is okay. I'd prefer the meat to be thicker though (you see how thin it is in the pic) -this is not cheapskate thing (which I know I am), this is a "it would have a nicer bite to it" thing.

I actually ordered this again via go-food a couple days after I went there.
Tofu Burger

I honestly don't remember how this tastes 😅. I don't even remember if the meat filling was fish or chicken, so that's probably a good sign that this particular dish is passable.
Fish Bowl with Orange Honey Sauce
This one is actually very tasty. I love the sauce.
This is one of the top two dishes we've had that day (the other one is another rice bowl). The meat is generous, the sauce too. All around great dish imo. The sauce has a slight tangy taste that is nicely balanced by the sweetness of the honey (omg, I sound like a food connoisseur or not 😂) .
Chicken bowl with Pineapple & Sweetened Soy Sauce
Another winner in my book
Just like the previous rice bowl, the sauce is what makes this dish. I recommend you guys go for their rice bowl if you decide to go there (their menu is quite vast it can be a bit overwhelming). Yummy .
Singapore-style Dory Fish
Ok, I'm not sure what the actual name of this dish is, but it was for sure have something to do with Singapore.

Overall, it was an okay dish. The sauce was nice, but the dory was a bit dry. I would have preferred that the fish is steamed to give that soft melt-in-your-mouth texture rather than being floured and fried like this one.
Random photo of other coffee drinks we ordered. I don't remember the name, but my Dad and brother said that the coffees are nice. So why don't you try them yourself if that floats your boat 😉

Would I come back again? Probably yes for that rice bowl (I mean I technically have eaten there again by ordering via go-food, right?).

Okay, that's all for this blog post! All photos are taken with my mobile phone. Super love it, not regretting upgrading at all. Maybe it's because my old phone was almost 4 years old, the camera upgrade seemed really significant. Anyway, I'm blabbering now. kthxbye!

RAISIN Resto & Kitchen
Jalan Sagan III No. 5, 
Terban, Gondokusuman, Terban, 
Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, 
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 
55223, Indonesia
Opens Everyday 10AM–11PM
+62 274 2923797

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Midnight post

It's 1AM now and I was going to blog about this resto I went to a couple days ago, but I'm too sleepy already. But but butt, at the same time I want my latest post to be anything but the emo-ish gibberish crap one I did on my last post lol (don't want to delete it either because I treat this blog as a diary of sort and it's good to keep memory of not just the good days, but also the emo moments haha).

I initially planned to blog about the resto on the day of (oh silly little naive me), but of course that didn't happen. Next day, still didn't happen. The next day (17th), also didn't happen. So I'm gonna make a pact to myself that I'mma blog about it TODAY (18th - after I've slept lah). Anything to bury the embarassing emo-existencial-quarter-life-doubt-anything-crisis rant -___-".

Okay, filler post done.

Monday, June 5, 2017

the chase

You know what I miss?


What I've learned from this occurrence is that I've forgotten how wonderful the chase is. It gives you tingly feeling and butterfly in your stomach. 

It's been a long while since the last time I felt that hopeful, thrilling sentiment. It made me giddy. And for some unknown reason, it motivates me to be more productive.

Most importantly, It made me realize how stunted our growth had been. We just...stopped. We've stopped trying. We don't put in any effort anymore. It shouldn't be this way, right? That shit supposed to happen AT LEAST after like, maybe, 5-10 years of marriage. Not now. We're still in our early 20s for fuck sake. I guess we're just too comfortable that we unconsciously decided to stop getting better for each other, for ourselves. We don't challenge ourselves anymore.

I'm not saying full-acceptance is a bad thing, it just makes a relationship awfully dull when we don't even give a fuck to be better anymore. I need to be challenged.

It's not helping that my friends had been breaking up left and right. Their relationships are long-term too. Made me wonder. Should I allow myself a fresh start?

This episode made me realize that maybe I'm not ready to commit (not that we're gonna get engaged soon or anything, that's probably like 5 or more years down the road), that I still need some times for myself. And this is going to sound cliche and cringy as fuck, but maybe I need to discover and get to know myself?

I've been in this relationship since I was 17. I basically have been with him through my prime teenage-discovery-years. Early 20s too. Who I am today is largely influenced by the fact that I grew up from teenager to young adult with his presence in my life in a significant way. I don't know who I am just by myself as a young adult, without him. I could be better, or worse for all I know, but I at least want a chance to get to know the "me" without him as my crutch.

This is either an epiphany moment or a confirmation that I'm having a quarter-life crisis.

This is kinda ironic too, given that I wrote something about the chase that is polar opposite to this years ago in this blog. But that was a different time. We haven't given up on making an effort at that time, we were still getting better and better each day, we still gave a fuck.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Craps I Bought in Japan - 2017 Omiyage

Okay, I know the title says craps, but NONE OF THESE ARE CRAPPY!!!

In fact, I'm regretting not getting multiples for some of these things. They're good stuffs, so maybe this post can help you to shop (more) in Japan next time lol.

I'm usually OCD and very anal about posting in correct sequence, but I'ma blog about this year's Japan trip first before continuing my 2015 travel log since they're (the 2017, not 2015) still fresh in my memory and I can recount the details well. 

Kicking it off with this haul post. I AM gonna do a haul video for some of these items for my channels later on, so the measly amount of people who do read my blog get a preview first.

There are 40+ pictures, so let's get to it!

Start with my favorite thing from Japan, THE FOOD!!

It's the thing that I miss the most-est-est-est. Foods there are...just...AMAZING. Sam also says it's the thing that he constantly miss. Like in a single day, there would be a couple times where he'll tell me that he want to eat Japanese food again -__-".

I totally took his Japan-virginity and made him a Japan-slut in this trip lol. Welcome to the club buddy!
Okay, this is kinda ironic given my previous sentences, but of the two above I only like the Honey Butter Almond which I got from Kuala Lumpur airport haha. And it's Korean brand, not Japanese.

The other one is a dried sweet potato snack from MUJI and it tastes meh. Better just go ahead and boil some actual sweet potato.
These are perfect for souvenir! Mad cheap (only around 100yen, so you can buy more souvenir varieties) and quite yummy. My mom actually bought tons of this to give away, but I begged for one bag because it honestly tastes quite good.
These Two!!! GO TRY!!!

The first one is a langue-de-cat (is that how you spell it? googled, it's de-chat) cookies with white choco in the middle. The cookies are nice. I like langue-de-chat that are thin and melt in your mouth sort.

You know how some langue-de-chat cookies are a bit thicker and "kriuk-kriuk" just like any regular sugar cookies (the one from Languly is like this *bleah*)? Yea, don't like those kind. Taste just like regular sugar cookies, so why bother. Bottomline, this one is not like that and is actually good.

I bought one at Haneda's lawson and ate it on-the-spot, but because I really like it, I bought another two (one has already been given to my brother) at the Donki there. Yes, there is a Donki in Haneda!! I love how you can still buy cheap discounted stuffs at the airport.

The second one is this thing that I also bought from Haneda's lawson. I assumed it's a snack from the famous BAKE baked cheese tart shop (still don't know if this is true), so I bought a couple boxes.

I expected it to be like biscuits with solid cheese center because I tried another similar snack from PABLO collab and it was just like mini puff pastry with solid chocolate filling (good, but I expected it to have a gooey melty filling).

But to my utter surprise, when I popped this unassuming little rectangular thing, IT MELTED OFF IN MY MOUTH!!! Like really melted.

It has a STRONG BUTTERY TASTE (I feel like the middle part is just a slice of butter lol) and SWEET CHEESY MELTY OUTER. SUPER NICE!!

The taste can be a bit too overwhelming if you eat like 5 cubes in a row, but I feel like that's a good thing? Helps with portion control lol.

You can also store them in the fridge to mellow the flavor, but then it's not as melty. I still prefer melty room-temp.

Omg i just wrote 9 paragraph, albeit short ones, to describe cookies wtf. What is this blog.
More almond snacks! I love almond. This one is a go-to-souvenir from Tateyama Kurobe Alpen route, sold at the Murodo station point, which is the highest station in world (or is it in Japan? eh, I can't be bothered to fact-check).

It's basically milk-covered almond, the orange one is the special kinako edition. Both are pretty nice, but somehow it was tastier when I tried them at the station?
More donki haul, this one from don quixote in Kamata-Ota. Instant Go! Go! Curry (regular & cheese), instant cream stew mix, and ochazuke, also instant lol.
Instant royal milk tea (one of my favorite vending-machine drink), random pack of fruit tea, and actual gourmet tea leaves from Lupicia!! Petite Amie smells heavenly. Anyway, it's cheaper to buy the tea in packet like this. If you buy with the tin can, the price can go up quite a bit.
Chocolates bar from 100% Chocolate Cafe by Meiji. They sell lots of chocolate varieties, even ones like chili flavor and pepper flavor!
Stopped by Sugi Honey shop in Miyajima.
Honey karinto.
LOVE THIS!! It's a like a deep fried dough I guess. Crunchy and airy with this distinct (also crunchy) honey coating. Super nice. I tried to eat it bit by bit because I really wanna savor it for as long as possible, but alas, it's all gone now.
Flavored Honey!! You guys should try the Yuzu one if you love citrusy taste.
Mini colorful konpeito (I spent a good ten minutes searching the name on google lol) because I've always been curious of the flavor whenever I saw them on manga.

Also, random mini cured meat. Only 40yen I think from Donki, impulse near-cashier-trap buy. They also have mini cheese to pair it with!! Forgot to get those tho T_T
Instant garlic bread paste :D So convenient. And pickled sakura. You can use the pickled sakura to make cakes/sweets, tea, sakura gohan, jam, ice cream, coffee, milk shakes, and so on and so on and guarantee will make your food 10x prettier!

I've always consider Japan to be the MOTHERLAND OF NAIL ART! So, of course gotta pick up some nail stuff ^w^
Tiny gel pot set! This is the cheapest Japanese gel I can find (Japanese gels are CRAZY expensive y'all) and even then, the quality is not bad.
In an unrelated note, I'll be selling Japanese gels (better quality than this one) soon, so stay tuned ;)
Trying out nail files from Japanese brand. My favorite (for my own natural nails) is still the Germaniküre glass nail file, but these rougher ones are great for extension and false nails.
Again, bought the cheapest Top and Base gel I can find lol (laoniang got no money to spend on expensive gel atm okay), but they were still quite a bit pricier than the China-made one you can find online.

It's okay tho', because these top and base are DABOMBDIGGITY. I've only used those cheap made-in-china-for-wholesale top and base gel before this, and this cheapest Japanese top & base gel blew those out of the water.

With the china one, chipping only took a week (or less than). With the Japanese one, even after 3 weeks, there's no chipping in sight (but the gel on a couple nails did popped off lol, but I think that's partly because of noob application. 2 weeks if I'm using china gel colors underneath.

P.s. not saying that all China gels are bad, because the premium ones are good, but just the ones that costs like $1.5-$2

P.s.s Oh, and the one in a pot is clear gel, which cost like $20 fml. Thank God for tourist budget. I'm waaay to stingy to spend that much in a day-to-day situation.
More Japanese gel!! Haven't tried them both yet.
Gel brushes! I.LOVE.♥︎
Really got difference than the usual brushes I used!! Now I finally understand what Robin Moses meant when she said, "it's hard to find a good liner brush."

I had always thought that my liner brush had been doing a great job. Boy was I wrong. Okay, to be fair, my liner did make beautiful crisp line (after I customize the bristles or maybe it's just my skill *ahem*), but this Japanese brush is SO MUCH BETTER!! It's easier to maneuver and creates a more define line. Can make the line thinner too!
Cuticle oil. With gold flakes inside ♥︎w♥︎ Sooo gimmicky and pretty please!! It's also available in other gimmicky form like flowers, pearls, rhinestone, etc.

P.s. used the chibi gel to create the simple nail art in this photo.
Nail clipper 'coz they say Japanese nail clipper is damn good.
Nail polish thinner (mine's almost out), gel primer, and gel remover.
Okay, these ones are from KLIA, so technically not a part of this haul post, but whatever, I love Essence so much I feel like I have to include it here.

Didn't get a lot of beauty products this time around. Gonna Konmari methoded the hell out of my make-up stash. I don't have a that much to begin with, but the amount now is already too much for me leh since I only wear make-up to events and when filming youtube videos.

So look out for pre-loved sale! (Some are still brand new and never been opened!)
Bought K-Palette tattoo pencil liner because it was on sale for 50% off or so O_o!! Super smudge-proof. Also stocking up on my fav eyelashes glue, which also happens to be on 50% off sale 😆 SALE is probably one of my most favorite english vocab lolol #forevercheapskate
Have been curious to try the Kose Lip Magic. It's a lipstick topper that can turn ANY lipstick into a transfer-proof lippie!!
Drugstore lipstick with topnotch beautiful packaging ♥︎♥︎♥︎ Yes, I'm a sucker for cute and gimmicky packaging. I've even written a blog post about this sickness.
The forever-hyped Daiso puff sponge cleaner. They also came out with brush cleaner, so decided to give that a try too.

Crazy sharp and super cheap!! A good quality face blade like this would cost a LOT in Indonesia, if I can find one, that is. The ones that I usually buy in the drugstore here is so inferior to this Japanese drugstore ones that they just seem like a kid's play knife. *smug scoff*
Erm, tmi, but my favorite panties *ahem* undergarments *ahem* are from UNIQLO! The ultra seamless one with high side. So granny, I know, but it's super duper comfortable okay!! Plus no visible pantie line no matter how tight your shorts/skirt is. LOVE ♥︎
And a 4-pack of black t-shirts, just because they're on sale. But actually, I practically live in these supima cotton t-shirt. Use them almost every single time I go to the gym too. So comfy.

Daiso stuffs.

Awesome oil solidifier (great for disposing used oil), garlic/ginger/anything fine grater, pump bottle (for nail polish remover and alcohol), ant poison, IG-worthy wooden spoon, and random bandana. Turns out, my short hair looks horrible with bandana *sigh*. Or maybe it's just my face lol.
Hammie gachapon!! This one is like those cup no fuchiko, but in hammie form. None of them similar to #TataTitiTututheHammies tho.
Awesome cover up for when you have blisters. Tried it and it's really super effective. It's like putting on a topcoat on a blister! Bye bandages.
Cute Daiso dining utensils. The stuffs in plates/ramekin aisles is the most worth it things you can buy in Daiso IMO. Totally regretting not getting more T_T
Lo and behold, the famous Lu Lu Lun Sheet Mask. Cheap cheap.
I'm not loyal to any particular face wash atm, so decided to try out the forever-hyped Perfect Whip.

As for the Kanebo's Evita, again, got suckered into its gimmicky packaging. IT DISPENSES ROSE FOAM OKAY, HOW CUTE IS THAT??!! *Justifying impulse purchase like a champ*

The other one is the jelly soap from LUSH. Great for travelling! Compact and no mess.
I've never tried a boxed hair dye before, so why not start with Japanese brand one, right? Afterall, I hear a lot of great things about Japanese boxed hair dye.

Well, as it turns out, they're all damn expensive! Around ¥2500!!  To be fair, I've never purchased this kind of thing before, so I don't really know what's the average price lol could be ¥2500 is average.

Anyway I picked the cheapest one, which is from Beauteen for around ¥1000. We'll how it'll turn out. I'm still gathering the courage to color my hair on my own.
Stocking up on my holygrail sunscreen. The other one is heat pack, because it was still quite cold there.
Hair stuffs I want to try for my poor bleached and colored hair.
Heated eye mask for chillaxing and toxin-pulling thing that I had mistaken for salonpas lol.

And that wraps up this post!