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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

DIY Boho Feather Headband + How I Style It (3 Hairstyles)

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I'm so glad I finally finished editing this video because I'm so excited to show you guys this super easy (and cute) DIY for headband. I'm so obsessed with it right now, I'm using it almost every single time I go out :D
I'll be back with the usual nail tutorial next week!
Let me know what kind of video you want to see more (DIY, Back 2 School idea, etc), I'd love to hear your request.
Also, don't forget to instagram me your recreation :)
Thank you for watching & have an amazing day!!


Monday, July 29, 2013

☀ SUMMER Nails ☀ Nautical Ocean Jewels

Anywayyy, summer is finally here, so today I'm gonna prep your nails up to kick off the summer. I'm sure you're all very excited for summer, right?? :)) 
Me, not so much, since I live in tropical country, so it's summer almost all year round, which kinda bums me out, because I always want to wear those knee-high boots, ankle booties, winter coat, sweater, etc etc. And I want to play with snow too!! The upside though, I can get enough sunlight everyday to film a video :)
Anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoy this video and give it a try :D
love you
Ombre Nails Tutorial
--Pink Ombre--
[The Face Shop] Lovely Me'ex Nails in PK101
[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails in DPK001 Pick Pink
[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails in DBR403 Royal Coral
--Blue Ombre--
[The Face Shop] Lovely Me'ex Nails in BL601
[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails in DBL601 Blow Blue
[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails in DPP503 Double Purple
[The Face Shop] Lovely Me'ex Nails in WH002 (White)
[Etude House] Dear My Party Nails in PBE102 Golden Bell
[Etude House] Look at My Nails Care Ultra Shine Top Coat (Topcoat)
[Skin Food] Nail Vita Alpha Peeling Base Coat (Basecoat--I've only used it this once and didn't really work, but I'm going to give it another try soon)

The Summer Bakes Project

What is Summer Bakes Project?

It's pretty self-explanatory.

Summer, because this project will take place in the course of summer. Bakes, because it consist of me baking.

So, basically, since I don't really have anything to do this summer, I'm gonna try to bake cookies, cakes, muffin and other baked goods. Then, I'm gonna record this entire journey in my blog just as a personal "baking diary". I'm also going to attach the recipe that I followed just in case if anyone who read the entry want to give it a whirl ;)

I'm hoping I can get at least 15 baking done, especially because I can't bake anything once I'm back to my boarding house (no oven).

I'm so excited about this project!! Gonna be super fun :D

Alright then, see you on my first summer bakes post soon xoxo

Alrighty, as you may notice, summer is long gone and I don't have any summer bakes post up *cry in shame in the corner*

It's not that I didn't bake anything, I actually baked quite a lot, but I just never get around to do a blog post about it *damn my ultra procrastination nature*

Anyway, I'm still going to do blog posts on them (some of them just too good to not be shared), but it's not gonna be summer bakes anymore, so I'm changing it Lily Bakes -I know, I'm really creative that way-

I apologize deeply for my lack of competence and now let me just drown myself in my tears of shame. Cheers xoxo

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails - DGR701 Tint Mint (Review & Swatch)

In this post I'm only going to show you swatch, color description, and the quality (opaqueness) of the product, for the basics of the product (price, quantity, cruelty-free or not, etc) go HERE.
I also won't say anything about the "long-wear"ness of this nail polish, because it really varies to your everyday activity. It can last me for a week, but maybe only lasts you for 3 days and vice versa.


Hi everyone, now I'm back to review and show you more swatches of the Dear My Deep Color Nails collection after a long hiatus on this topic :)

To start things off (again), I'm gonna review one of my most favorite color from this line..

DGR701 Tint Mint

Tint Mint is a mint that leaning towards blue, like Tiffany Blue. (yes, I realize the font color is not tiffany blue)

1 coat

The formula of this nail polish is a bliss to work with and is really opaque.

It has a beautiful smooth creme finish and 1 coat probably enough if you apply it a little bit thicker, but I always start with a thin layer, so I do 2 coats here for it reach it's maximum delicious creamy opacity. 

2 coats

It dries rather quickly and also an almost 1-coater. What more can a nail polish addict ask? ;)

You can see how opaque and creamy it goes here:

take care, xoxo

Monday, July 22, 2013

Back on Track

Hi everyone!!

I haven't been blogging for so long (except patronize post last night) and now I'm done with exam and I'm on my semester break!! I actually already on my semester break since earlier this month, but I've been spending "holiday session" with my family, but now I am totally free.

So basically I don't have ANYthing to do for the next 2 months :) thus I can be back to full-force blogging (not that I ever been diligent to blog before lol). I also just got my 3rd PO from Kesho Shop yesterday so I'm going to be swatching lots of nail polishes (ps. a lot for me. Probably not so much for a real nails blogger).

Other than that, I'm planning to upload at least 3 videos next month. I just had a fun filming today, so I hope I can edit it fast ;)

Also, I wanted to do 2013 Resolution and 2012 Reflection. I know, about half a year late for that lol. But better late than never, right? Yup.

I guess that's all the updates for now


Sunday, July 21, 2013

June 2013 Favorites!!! ♥

Yes I know it's more than halfway through July and it's already way way too late for a June favorites video, but I think it's such a waste if I decided not to upload it after editing it. I actually filmed this on early July, but I never get a chance to edit it since I was on holiday with my family.
Also, I'm in my hometown right now and it took so long to upload. Sigh..
Anyway, I hope you guys like this video and I'll have a new tutorial up in within a week (hopefully) :D



☀ SUMMER Nails ☀ Nautical Ocean Jewels

Dear My Deep Color Nails Review
DBR403 Royal Coral:
DPK002 Wink Pink:
DPK001 Pick Pink:

October 2012 Favorites


[St. Ives] Energizing Citrus Moisturizing Bodywash
[Batiste] Dry Shampoo -- Floral & Flirty Blush
[Sally Hansen] Vitamin E & Aloe Kwik Off
[Revlon] Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain -- Romantic, Honey, Rendezvous
[The Body Shop] Body Lotion in Satsuma Puree
[The Body Shop] Spa Wisdom Morocco Orange Blossom Finishing Mist
[Etude House] Dear My Deep Color Nails in DPP504 Bye Violet

Green's Original Pancake Shake
Froot Loops

Despicable Me 2
Mrs. Doubtfire