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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Revlon - Peachy Review


It's been a while. Again.

It's hard for me to keep up wth my blog with all of this holiday feeling goodness around me. I just want to cuddle up in my bed and spend the rest of the day doing exactly nothing lol.

But!! Today I have yet another Revlon nail polish review <3. And I hope you're not tired of it just yet cos I have 2 more of them coming :)

Anyhoo this time I give their top-speed nail polish a try..


(I really should've cleaned up the messy bits of the label before taking pics --")

It's an absolutely beautiful peach coral color with creme finish that's perfect for spring/summer.

The color is fresh and soft enough to be a whimsical spring color.

And yet bright enough to be a fun summer color <3

With that being said, you can tell that I'm in love with the color. That's why I decided to buy it, normally I wouldn't buy their top-speed 'cos it costs almost twice the regular nail polish.

The formula is good. 2 coat is enough to get it opaque and smooth. I'm happy with it.

As for the fastness of the drying process, it's not that significantly different from the regular one, so it's kinda a downer after you pay more money. I guess yeah it dries a bit faster, but not that fast that I will be willing to pay more. But, note this, the top-speed line I think have a prettier colors. Whether it's worth to pay more is definitely your call. If you have more money -plus it's still cheaper than opi-, why not? :)

Now, let's get into the swatch!!

1 coat

2 coats. See how it's already opaque and smooth? love it :)

Soo, yeah, I think that's all my review for this nail polish.

LOVE the color, love the formula, not very keen with the pricetag lol.


Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Nail Parlor Corner 1.0

Ok, so I just bought some little boxes and organized the desk on my little nail art corner, so I decided to do a tour kinda blog post on where I usually do my nails ;)


(this post has been on hold for like 4 days now -___-", so now I'm gonna continue)

Okay dokay~

FIRST!! The overview ;)

Yes, when I say little nail art corner, I literally mean little corner.

p.s. please ignore the hanger on the floor there.

Underneath the table I have some magazines and the handycam I used for filming tutorial.

I'm not going into details with the side because it's super messy and I haven't found a way to organize with this small space yet. Basically I have all my nail polishes in that brown box (it was a shoes box), my nail art accessories (rhinestone, stripping tape, pearls, etc) in the gold box (it was a mooncake box), and between them are acrylic paints, palette, and little container.

On the side note, if you have mooncake boxes, utilize them as containers, they're usually very pretty!!!

And now, the table, which basically is the reason I wanted to do this post in the first place...

Cos I just organized them and just got those fuschia boxes and hamtaro containers for such a great great deal!!

I bought it at a japanese store, similar to Daiso, only in this one the price vary. And they have section for things that are on sale. I think I got the hamtaro for 50% off and the fuschia for 30% off. The total only cost me IDR 30k (less than $3)!!!

Now, let's go into more details :D

Right : Little boxes I made using wrapping paper, little plate and lit I used for my acrylic paint.

Middle : Nail care (nails/hands cream, nail butter, nail nourishing stuff, orange stick).

Left : Pedi kit (foot bath, exfoliator, pumice, bath salt).

Selotape tuck between the fuschia box and purple one.

Purple box : nail polish removers (yes, I have 5 bottles of them lol), big tube of white acrylic paint, water spray for when I use acrylic paint, more nail polish remover in little bottle (never use them though), and the salon shaper (only use them once!! such a waste -__-". I might revisit them again for my money sake haha).

Oh! Oh! The nail polish remover in the bottle with white lit is milk-scented!! Neat or what! Never really use them though. I bought in Singapore for like S$1 or a little bit more.

And the clear glass container beside it actually a lipstick container, so it has all this separator thing which is p.e.r.f.e.c.t to store nail art brushes, dotting tools, nail buffer, nail clipper, orange stick, tweezer, cotton bud, etc~~

And isn't that hamtaro container sooooo cuteee???!!

There was a fuschia one, but I hesitate to buy them, so I put them back and went around the store, when I decided to buy them, they were already gone T.T, so I bought this gold and green one.

I use it to store my cottonpads and aluminium foil :D

Before I bought them, I store my cottonpads and aluminium foil in this little boxes I made using wrapping paper, which obviously cannot hold as much, so I'm so so so happy with this finding ^^

And that should end my nail corner tour :)

I know the writing in this post seemed very rushed, that's because I'm super sleepy and I don't want to put this post on hold for another day and since it's been 3 days since I initially made this post I get kinda bored and didn't really have the mood to make them more, well, decent :p

anyhoo, good night xoxo

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Revlon - Touch of Mauve Review

Okay, this is another Revlon nail polish review.

It's not that I'm a big fan of them, it's because they're the nail polishes that I have easy access on & still quite in my budget.

Anyway, I went to a Revlon counter a couple days ago specifically to buy their Cotton Candy nail polish I talked a couple months ago but to no avail, so I bought this one instead.

So, here it is Touch of Mauve

It's a pinkish nude color with purple/silver micro-shimmer. The micro-shimmer doesn't really show on nails, but you can see it in the bottle.

the formula is okay. They're not the best to work with, but hey, it's Revlon, I never really get along that well with their application mainly because of the brush (the formula itself is actually not much of a problem, but I like my brush wider). With this one though, the formula is a tinsy bit hard to layer with cos they make your nail kinda bumpy and a bit hard to get a smooth finish without topcoat.

Anyhoo, the opaqueness is good enough. You can get away with 2 coats, I suppose, but I think 3 coats is better.

This is with 1 coat and the nail line is actually still quite obvious.

This is 2 coats. It doesn't really show in the picture, but there's still a bit nail line peeking throuh and still very bumpy, so I decided on 3rd coat.

This one is 3 coats without topcoat.

With topcoat (really smoothen the bumpiness). The color is a bit different here because of the lighting, the 3rd coat photos is the one with the accurate color.

The close-up on the micro-shimmer. It's almost non-existen irl and you can't really see it. If you don't really look into it, it's like a creme finish. 

So, that's my opinion about Touch of Mauve.

I do love the color, because the nude does match my skintone, but the application I'm not really keen with. Would I buy this again if I ever run out? Yes, because this is one of only 3 nude nail polishes that I've found matches my skintone :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Revlon - Emerald City Review

Okay, it's been quite sometime since the last time I blogged and I don't really have any good excuses for this, cos really it's just because it's holiday and I'm back home.

Naturally, when it's holiday and I'm back home, I have literally nothing to do and I'm sure as hell will splurge every living second of it lazying around, soaking all the holiday-goodness, and get as much sleep as I can before I have to go back to college in mid-sept.

So, yeah, that's what I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. In the first and a half week I'm even too lazy to move my ass to go outside the house. I'm like one of those vampire whose afraid that sunlight will burn them, thus stay indoor. Except, I stayed inside at night too. I only go outside for dinner every other day. These last days I've gone out with friends though.

And wasn't that boring to just lazying around for one and a half week, you ask me?

NOPE. I cherish every second of it!

Move on past that, today I decided to start blogging and, you know, doing something again lol.

This is a review of the other Revlon nail polish of the 2 Revlon I bought last April or May. The other one is Ocean Breeze.

Now, as the title said, this one is Emerald City

See see how pretty and shimmery it is in the bottle???? It's a beautiful deep forest green color with shimmery micro-glitter. How can you not love that????

Anyway, even though I bought it under the presumption it would be a shimmery nail polish, it turns out to have a suede finish. Kinda disappointed, but this is actually my first suede, so I'm completely okay with that.

The formula is quite opaque and easy to apply.

This is with one coat. I know, doesn't seem opaque, but all you need is 2 coats. And that's for me is a quite opaque formula.

2 coats. The polish turns suede very fast. Oh how I wish it has a shimmery finish :(

Close-up on the micro-glitter.

Without topcoat.

With topcoat. Even with topcoat, after a few minutes, they still turns into kinda suede finish.

Overall, I love the color, like the formula, and if I ever run out, I'll go buy again ;)