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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Monthly Montages - May & June

I guess it shouldn't be monthly montages if I kept doing it bimonthly like this :p

May and June were a busy month for me school wise because it's the end of the semester and I had lots and lots of projects to be submitted, thus the long hiatus on this blog (I tried to post up more videos on youtube though). I'm actually on my final exam right now.

The good news is, next semester is my 7th semester and I only have 4 classes in total, so I only need to go to campus twice a week (YAAAAAYYYY!!), but meanwhile I'm also gonna be doing my thesis.

All in all, I think I'll still have a lot more free time next semester (5 non-school days a week baby!), so hopefully I can be more active on both youtube and this blog. The point of this long story telling is that I'm probably gonna do monthly montages actually MONTHLY starting next month :) Aaaa, I'm so excited to finish this 6th semester (still have final exam to tackle)


Whoa nelly, it has been almost a month since I last blogged. That above intro was written in the end of June, but somehow I never finished up this post even though I only needed to put captions on a couple last pictures. So, here we go, lemme finish it up now!



  • Tried to make blooming onion, it's pretty good. Important tip: ALWAYS double-dip into the batter. My single-dip ones turned out lousy.
  • I think the water in the hotel I stayed in when I was in Singapore is kinda magic. My hair became a lot softer and I got very little tangles when I wash my hair there (also woke up with a wave some more). Or maybe the water here in my boarding house just sucks.
  • Got to get an obscene amount of Jagabee whenever I go to Singapore.
  • Also, have got to eat durian in China Town. Love.

  • Finally went to a Bath & Body Works. Everything smelled sooo good. Too bad the BBW there is really overpriced. $32 for a scented candle?! Really?!
  • Also finally tried mentaiko pasta after drooling over it for so long since I saw it on either Xiaxue's or Cheesie's blog.
  • Indonesian McD needs to bring this here.
  • A simple nail art I did to try out the OPI X Mariah Carey nail polish set I got at the Changi airport (I have to wait for 4 or 5 hours so what to do beside shop and eat?lol).

  • Nail polish galore from Singapore. Eek, I'm so excited for my first OPI nail polish!! 
  • Subway has the best cookies ever imo. Crispy on the outside and chewy inside, not too sweet either. My favourites are the white chocolate macadamia nut and raspberry cheesecake. yummy. I NEED Subway in Indonesia please. Their sandwiches are so good too, I love the parmesan oregano bun and honey mustard dressing, kinda craving it right now.
  • So sad Lolabox decided to closed down :( After their 1st anniversary no less. I guess that marks the last beauty box standing in Indonesia. I wish a great future venture for Lolabox team :) Receiving Lolabox had been one of my monthly highlight for the last 9 months. Thank you!
  • Saw this on FB and decided to make it. It's like egg in a basket but better!

  • Went to Chakra at The Breeze BSD for a study session. All the food that I tried there were good. I definitely recommend that beef thingy on top, don't remember the name though. Their mushroom soup too!
  • Their molten lava cake was also yummy. Basically everything we tried there were either quite good or really good, so no harm in trying out their stuffs.
  • This vanilla ice cream from Gyokuro was so milky, love it. It's at Mall @ Alam Sutera top floor near Sogo.
  • Bought this Japanese melon from Ranch Market for 30k (wtf so expensive for a melon), but so worth it, very sweet and juice. Really made me want to try the real deal, I think the famous one is Hokkaido melon, right?


  • Uploaded my first lookbook video! It was a lot of fun to film. click HERE to watch :)
  • Purple everything cos I love some purple
  • Finally tried the risotto at Pancious after drooling over it for a year, but could not justify the price for it. You know, with me being a total cheapskate and all :P It's pretty good btw.
  • One of the reason why I moved. That was the situation in my old boarding house. The AC broke down and was drippin' all this water (some got onto my laptop wtf), drenching some electronic boxes I have underneath the table and almost gotten into the wiring. I already complained and it needs more than a week for the owner to finally call a repairman wtf. And even then, the AC is still kinda broken. It has been kinda broken for the past 2 years anyway, it just gotten more and more broke. So I said peace out to that boarding house (I also have other functionality -or rather not functional- reasons of course).

  • Strawberry parfait :9 from this green tea place at Mall@Alam Sutera (can't remember the name) It's Gyokuro, just saw it on the picture above which I'd written the caption last month lol
  • Aaah Uniqlo tank top galore. It was on a pretty good sale (30% off I think), so me and my mom bought like 10 pieces. Yup, I got her addicted to Uniqlo tank top too. It's the only clothing piece I'm currently willing to splurge on to be honest. It's a great basic and fit your body nicely, the fabric is soft and nice too.
  • Toying around with some nail art for 4th of July and clearly failed lol, so I filmed THIS tutorial instead.
  • Tried the Italian fish and chip from Fish & Co. Who knew that marinara will goes great with deep fried fish stuffed with cheese.

Alrighty, that concludes my May and June montages and as per usual it filled with food. Anyhoo, I'm finally settled right now, I'm done with the moving, the exams, and all other little things, plus I still have summer break until mid-September (woohoo!), so I'm hoping right now I can focus on my thesis, youtube, and this blog. Wish me luck! ;)

Take care, xoxo