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Friday, July 14, 2017

Smoothies Bowl Hype | RAISIN Resto & Kitchen

Okay, so commitment obviously failed, but better late than never I guess. And I must must blog something to bury the embarrassing emo-ish crap post, right?

There are a lot of new, hip eateries popping up in Jogja, but I usually stick to restaurants that I've frequented for years. Not because I don't like to try new places to eat (I DO. SO MUCH.), but because most of these hip cafes/bistro/eateries that I've tried in the past were damn gimmicky only.

Most of them are winning in picturesque decor, cozy ambiance, all that hipster-ish shiz, just Instagram-worthy all around. But for the most part, the food is either bland, substandard, or okay only. The kind of eatery that I would only visit once, take photos, and never come back. Some more the price of this kind of place is a bit pricey for Jogja standard.

I don't really mind the price (they're still not as expensive as Jakarta's standard cafe price) IF the food is good, but that's not the case. I'm not even sure they know what the food in their menu is supposed to taste like. Even when I ordered a simple scrambled egg, what came was a horrific curdled mess of yellow dried bits (I'm looking at you Gadjah Brasserie 😒). A beef burger that used a sad piece of ham as the "beef patty". Bland baked rice. And so much more.

You get my point. They give you a menu with westernized/hipster-ish food and serve you their attempt at it.

Okay, rant over.

Anyhoo, 5 days ago almost a month ago, I decided to go to this new eatery because I wanna try smoothies bowl and see what's all the fuss about (other than that it looks pretty).
RAISIN Resto & Kitchen
The decor is the usual run-of-the-mill hip cafe decor; white walls, wooden furniture, hanging plants, huge windows, cushiony seating area, all that jazz. A nice, cozy, hang out place, but nothing I would shout about (I do love the huge windows tho, great for photo taking).

Okay, without further ado (because I've written 9 paragraphs without a single photo 😅), here's my order:
Milk Coffee

I know, I know, boo hoo boring choice. But look at the presentation!!! Not boring, right? Been done thousands of times, but still intersting imo.
I don't like coffee, so I can't really say what I think about it because my answer will always be "blech". But my brother and my Dad said their coffees are good.
Smoothies Bowl
Yes, the thing that made me come to this place. I ordered the avocado banana smoothie bowl with acai, flax seed, coconut, pineapple, granola, and strawberries topping.
Tbh, I was kinda disappointed when it came to the table because the color isn't as vibrant as I imagined smoothie bowl to be (I cranked up the saturations so damn high in these pics). The pineapple is canned pineapple, so it doesn't have that nice bright yellow color. It's also mushy, doesn't have that nice pineapple crunch. The strawberries are mushy too.

I do have to say that I love their home-made granola! I'm not a big fan of granola (I loathe oats, which are in abundance in granola mix) in general, but their granola is good.

The smoothie itself is okay. Taste like if you were to puree avocado and banana, nothing special. A bit too loose for my liking. A thicker texture would've been nicer because I just felt like drinking an avocado juice in a bowl.
Dory Sambal Matah
The 'it' thing right now is sambal matah. Everything has sambal matah on them. I, for one, am not complaining because I love sambal matah!

I like their sambal matah, but it was lacking a bit of punch (not like I need it to be spicier, but there's something missing, like that extra oomph). The dory itself is okay. I'd prefer the meat to be thicker though (you see how thin it is in the pic) -this is not cheapskate thing (which I know I am), this is a "it would have a nicer bite to it" thing.

I actually ordered this again via go-food a couple days after I went there.
Tofu Burger

I honestly don't remember how this tastes 😅. I don't even remember if the meat filling was fish or chicken, so that's probably a good sign that this particular dish is passable.
Fish Bowl with Orange Honey Sauce
This one is actually very tasty. I love the sauce.
This is one of the top two dishes we've had that day (the other one is another rice bowl). The meat is generous, the sauce too. All around great dish imo. The sauce has a slight tangy taste that is nicely balanced by the sweetness of the honey (omg, I sound like a food connoisseur or not 😂) .
Chicken bowl with Pineapple & Sweetened Soy Sauce
Another winner in my book
Just like the previous rice bowl, the sauce is what makes this dish. I recommend you guys go for their rice bowl if you decide to go there (their menu is quite vast it can be a bit overwhelming). Yummy .
Singapore-style Dory Fish
Ok, I'm not sure what the actual name of this dish is, but it was for sure have something to do with Singapore.

Overall, it was an okay dish. The sauce was nice, but the dory was a bit dry. I would have preferred that the fish is steamed to give that soft melt-in-your-mouth texture rather than being floured and fried like this one.
Random photo of other coffee drinks we ordered. I don't remember the name, but my Dad and brother said that the coffees are nice. So why don't you try them yourself if that floats your boat 😉

Would I come back again? Probably yes for that rice bowl (I mean I technically have eaten there again by ordering via go-food, right?).

Okay, that's all for this blog post! All photos are taken with my mobile phone. Super love it, not regretting upgrading at all. Maybe it's because my old phone was almost 4 years old, the camera upgrade seemed really significant. Anyway, I'm blabbering now. kthxbye!

RAISIN Resto & Kitchen
Jalan Sagan III No. 5, 
Terban, Gondokusuman, Terban, 
Gondokusuman, Kota Yogyakarta, 
Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 
55223, Indonesia
Opens Everyday 10AM–11PM
+62 274 2923797