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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Get well soon, lappie~

I'm not sure if I'm gonna be able to upload the second video of this month T.T

The thing is, a couple days ago I spilled water over my laptop when I tried to open the bottle wtf. And now the keyboard won't work!! Luckily, my parents was coming to visit me, so they brought my laptop back to Jogja to get it serviced in Asus center *fingercrossed the guarantee still works >.<*

What this has got to do with the video?
Well, actually I have the video files with me, because I always save my stuffs in external hard disk, but!! I haven't finished editing them T.T. My dad lent me his laptop meanwhile, but I'm 100% sure this laptop cannot do the editing (plus it doesn't have the software and I don't have the master with me), or if it does, it would take ages!!

Sooo, yeah, no second video for this month.

Despite my laptop accident, I'm really happy though this past couple days 'cos I got to meet my little brother, mom and dad, and my grandma and spent time with them!! Oh!! and my food cabinet got stocked up! ^^


Friday, April 20, 2012

Rant on The Face Shop Sale...

I said in my previous post about the face shop mini haul that they're gonna be having a crazy sale. The shop's employee told me that there will be 40%+10% off sale because they want to renew their packaging and add ingredients and whatever shit that is.

And I was sooo pumped and couldn't wait!! I was already planning to get a big haul and try their higher price range of nail polish (the colors are really gorgeous please), so today is the first day of the sale and I was excitedly going there, only to find out from the EXACT  same employee that the sale is only for the skincare wtf.

When she told me about the sale I was on the cashier paying for nail polishes and she told me about the sale and didn't mention that the sale was only for the skin care. She said it like it was all items.

AND when I asked her whether the sale is for the member card holder only, she said that the sale is for all people, but today I found out that the +10% is for member card holder wtf square.

AND she told me the sale will start on 19th of April, but it actually start on 20th of April wtf wtf wtf.

Major FAIL!

I was so pissed that I kept on ranting on the way back to my boarding house *poor Sam had to listen lol*.

Soooo, yup. No haul whatsoever. I really hate it when I already got all pumped and it ended up disappointing the shit outta me.

I'm done ranting.
I'm not so much ranting here about the actual sale, which I'm sure might be great, rather than about the fact that the employee gave me a very unclear message and two of 'em are wrong -___-"...

NOTD (Short Nails) - Going Nautical

Hi, lovelies ^^

I was just searching the pictures of my Kiwi nails, then I found this pictures of nail art I did almost a year ago and thought I'll post it up 'cos I think it's quite cute :)

*I'm really sorry for the quality of the pic ><". I used my sucky blackberry camera for this.*

It's really suitable for short nails!! ^^

I'm pretty sure I saw this design somewhere on youtube and tweak it to my liking. I think it was luxuriousnails. (let me check on that and put the link here). FOUND IT!! here's the link to the video.

have a great day ^^

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOTD - Spring Fresh Kiwi Nails

It's here!! ^^

I know, it's only been like couple minutes since the last post, but the uploading went much more quickly than I thought it would be. I thought that it would be hours, but apparently my internet is being good to me it finished just in 15 minutes or so. Yaaayyy!!

*I'll put up some pictures of the nail art tomorrow. I'm really sleepy now* /edited/

Here's the picture to get e better view of the nail art :)

I really hope you guys like this design. It's a really easy and simple twist on your regular french mani :) and I think it's a great spring nails 'cos it has this 'fresh' feeling to it~
And if you have fimo piling up, you can use them up for this, it doesn't have to be kiwi, just play around with the color as you want.
Product used:
Yellow - The Face Shop YL701
Green - MISSHA GR02
Silver Glitter - L.A. Color Silver Glitter
Yellow Shimmer - Arezia 26
take care xoxo

Uploading Right Now

Hey there!!

Right now, I'm uploading another tutorial :) I'll put it up here once I've finished the uploading process.

And I'm really excited because my parents and my lil' bro will come to visit me next sunday!!

That's pretty much finish this entry. teehee.

As always, take care.xoxo

Friday, April 13, 2012

MLTR - 25 Minutes

This is an old song, but I just know about it recently.

Sam sometimes played this, but I've never really listen to it or ask the title, but, I don't know, I guess the song just has been growing in me and yesterday it really caught me. Really love it <3


After sometimes I've finally made up my mind

She is the girl and I really want to make her mine

I'm searching everywhere to find her again

To tell her I love her and I'm sorry 'bout the things I've done

I find her standing in front of the church

The only place in town where I didn't search

She looks so happy in her weddingdress

But she's crying while she's saying this

Boy I missed your kisses all the time but

This is twentyfive minutes too late

Though travelled so far

Boy I'm sorry you are

Twentyfive minutes too late

Against the wind I'm going home again

Wishing me back to time when we were more than friends

But I still see her in front of the church

The only place in town where I didn't search

She looked so happy in her weddingdress

But she's cried while she was saying this

Boy I missed your kisses all the time but

This is twentyfive minutes too late

Though travelled so far

Boy I'm sorry you are

Twentyfive minutes too late

Out in the streets

Places where hungry hearts have nothing to eat

Inside my head still I can hear the words she said

Boy I missed your kisses all the time but

This is twentyfive minutes too late

Though travelled so far

Boy I'm sorry you are

Twentyfive minutes too late  

Boy I missed your kisses all the time but

This is twentyfive minutes too late

Though travelled so far

Boy I'm sorry you are

Twentyfive minutes too late 

I can still hear her say

I definitely don't know if the 25 minutes is literal or not. I'm not good at catching this kind of stuff, but I'm sure about one thing.

Never hesitate or you will regret it later because you missed it just by a little bit. Embrace you life, take and cherish your chance.


The Face Shop Mini Haul

Yesterday I went to Living World to grab supper with Sam, 'cause the conton bay there have this promotion where you buy 1 portion of porridge, you'll get another one for free!! so each will only have to pay for 10k or less!! IKR??!!

But, I think the promotion only available at noon or morning, so we walked around to find another place to eat and pass The Face Shop.

Being a total nail polish freak (which is very very unhealthy for my money), I just can't pass the shop just like that, I have to see what they have in stock. And, as I predicted they have new stocks of nail polishes!
WHYYYYYYYY *scream in silence*

EVERY single time I go there to actually buy some nail polishes (when I already save some money), there are only a few colors or I don't really like the stocks they have at the moment. BUT, if I just pass the shop while walking with friends, they ALWAYS have a lot of new stocks and a lot of colors I like wtf.

Anyway, I decided to go eat first at Solaria, then doing calculation to my allowance and decide whether I'm gonna buy some nail polishes or not. *Had noodles chicken katsu with teriyaki sauce which was yuuuums!!*

Anyway, decided that I've been a good girl this month and haven't taken any money out from the bank and only use the card once for grocery, so I bought some. yaaaayyy me!

This is just a mini haul also, but they're gonna have a clearance sale pretty soon, so I'm gonna have some great loot there. So freaking excited! *yup, I'm easy to please*

PP402, RD302,BL601,BR802
I've been trying to expand my pink and red nail polishes, because I used to dislike those color of polishes, but now I think both are basic color, so yup.

I think if you want a good quality nail polish with a medium range of price so it won't totally make you broke, TFS and Etude House is way to go*.

I already did a little review on Etude Nail polish before, because that was the first time I tried Etude, but I'm not gonna do review on TFS 'cos I've been using them for quite some time and I kept buy again.

Color wise, TFS have a much much wider variety, but price wise Etude is cheaper by 4k*, but the content of course is more than Etude also.

I love them both equally! Or maybe TFS just a little more, but Etude has this topcoat that I looooovee.

TFS = @32K*
Etude = @28k*

*For the type I bought which are the cheapest of all the types. TFS has a really really gorgeous color for their higher price nail polishes. Never tried it, too expensive.

If you buy 4 nail polishes you get 1 free nail sticker. It used to be you get 1 free nail polish from other type which has the same price, but not as opaque. I guess they discontinue that type 'cos I've never seen it again. Oh, well, nail sticker is better than nothing, right? ^^

//price in IDR

have a great day xoxo

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Breakfast and Fat?

Yesterday, I woke up and start my morning by cooking my absolute favorite breakfast so far.

perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs, french fries, & spicy wings <3

Well, actually I don't get up and cook. Not my thing. I HAVE to sit in front of my laptop first and open my daily read web. Is that weird? like I HAVE to open my daily read web first. It's the first thing I do when I wake up. Any of you guys do it too?

Planned to blog afterward, but then Sam came. I thought I'd just blog after class, because I only had class till 3.00 pm, but that plan got scrapped too. So, here I am, blogging now in the morning :) Well, it's almost 10, but still. Sam and Diana came, so continue it now, which is 10 pm :p

What else I'm gonna blog about?

I have a few things I wanna share, but I think I'll post it in different entry.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Oh! Oh! I definitely getting fat!!
I don't mean like fat fat and all, but you know, it's when you realize your waistline getting wider and your jeans getting tighter. *that rhymes!!* My tummy also getting bulkier and bulkier -___-"...

I've always had the pear body type, but I usually able to manage it with clothing, but I think now clothing won't do as much T_T

Like seriously, you see my hand and other upper body parts you'll be like
"Are you anorexic or something?" or "Starve yourself eh?" etc etc

and then..

you see my hip, thigh, and other bottom body parts you'll be like
"You loooove food, don't you?" 

It's like all the food I eat directly go down to my waist, hip, thighs, and calves!! And if I reduce my portion of meal, it's like the upper body parts like hands, cheek that's getting skinnier.


O yeah, I definitely ranting about carbs now -___-"...

Will blog something more proper next time. till then, have a wonderful week!!xoxo

Sunday, April 8, 2012


The chase would always be more fun, but what I've gotten now is much more precious

Sunday, April 1, 2012

NOTD - Lacy Burlesque Nails

Heeeyy, This is my March's nail art tutorial :D

It's also another tutorial that I shot a year or so ago but never got the chance to edit it. This video is like way back when.

I personally really love this one because of all the lacy feel :) And yes, this one quite a pain in the ass to remove because of all the glitter!! Using the aluminium foil technique would really help :) 

So I hope you guys like it as much as I do <3

Oh! and do you guys think I should keep doing voice-over for my upcoming tutorial or just a text like the usual? ;) 'Cos I realize my english pronunciation isn't good and my voice in video isn't all that pleasant at all.

Enjoy and happy sunday xoxo