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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"A wise girl kisses but doesn't love, listens but doesn't believe, and leaves before she is left."

-Marilyn Monroe -

Monday, February 27, 2012

3rd video of this month...

Pretty sure there will be no 3rd video for this month. 

I have a couple of videos ready to be edited and I've actually filmed another one yesterday, but I don't think I can finish edit it by the end of this month because I have assignmentS. Except, miraculously, I can finish my assignments by tomorrow, which is 28, I probably can upload another video before March.

Another pointless entry, but really, my other entries are pretty much pointless too :p

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Some Fortune

Today is my first time ever getting fortune cookies, because I can't ever find them. But, today I'm trying out this new chinese bistro with a friend and they give you a fortune cookie per meal :)

Didn't take any photos since I didn't bring my camera and I know I will not like the result if I use my mobile phone. So, I think I'll go there again next saturday along with other friends too cos the price is really reasonable and will take picture then~

Yup, I realize this is a pointless post, but I just, for one time, want to post twice in a day :p

Night xoxo

My First Katsu!!

Hmm, I guess the title already give it all..

I made my first ever chicken katsu \(^o^)/

For a cook noob like me, it's a big deal, okay. For the 1st semester I'm away from home (I'm starting 2nd semester now), I've never really cooked meat, like fresh meat. I usually used luncheon meat, hot dog, nugget, all those yummy unhealthy stuffs :p. Reason is I got confuse what kind of meat I have to buy, there are so many cuts -___-"...

Enough with the background it is..

I know it doesn't look good, but it's quite yummy, I'm gonna give it 3/5 :D
The french fries a bit tough though 'cos I fried it first and by the time I'm done with my katsu it was already dry --" and I think it's just the way I fried it wrongly (see, total cooknoob. Can't even fry frozen french fries)...1.5/5!

Anyway, I got a bit carried away by my first katsu, I decided to make one again a couple days after that.

If you think you see two same picutes, trust me, they're different. I cannot decide which one better. 

Much better than the first one, yes? This one I put dendeng and cheese inside. yums ^^. 4/5!

And the french fries, they're like perrrfectly fried! Crunchy outside and soft inside. Cooking goddess must've accompany me in the kitchen. I give it 4.5/5! I would've given it 5/5, but then you might think I'm being bias and over-selfproud. 


Oh, well, screw that. Because I AM damn proud of myself *vain overload*!! I give it a freaking 5/5!!

I'm using bulldog sauce mixed with tomato ketchup. The taste is okay. Gonna try adding pepper next time ~(^-^~)(~^-^)~

Have a wonderful day ^^

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Diana's 19th

Someone is getting older here and will enter her 20s soon!!
I wish her all the best wishes in the world :)

Okay, let's start this entry...

For her 19th birthday, Diana treated me, Sam, Jan, and Sara to this french vintage restaurant called Nanny's Pavillon. Right now, they have a total of 7 branch. What unique about them is that each branch has its own theme and all of them have this nice vintage homey feeling attached. So far, the themes are garden, living room, library, bathroom, terrace, barn, and the newest is sewing room.

I've been to the library one before and it was so nice with all the faux books, book's shelf, etc etc.
Seriously, check them out. They have quite of an ambiance~ the food is good too. I'm gonna say 8/10, but for the pancakes variety, 9/10. Their apple pancake and peanut butter pancake is really good. On the other hand, the price is quite high for a student like me >.<.

Click HERE and HERE to see more pictures of the themed place. They're nice even just to look at ;)
Do visit the official website. It's chio max!

Anyway, let's move on, I feel like I'm advertising them -___-"...we went to the BARN branch~

The watermark is hugeass 'cos I want to cover up the random people's faces :p

These are the first floor. Really nice, you tell me. And that table + chair are too cute >w<

The second floor, where we ate. They have this glass wall, so the lightning is perfect for camwhoring in the morning to afternoon, even evening, and will be kinda romantic for dinner!

The vintage-ish menu.

Random shot of Jan with an absolutely weird expression. Looks like somewhat constipated or so --"..and there were hearts in front of him. Errr...

Really love this shot with the heart. Thanks Sara :)

Group pics! Sam, me, Diana, Sara, and Jan. The waiter took it for us :)

Now, let's move on to the stars of this entry. The food, of course ^^ (aside from diana)...
p.s. all of the judgement are merely based on my taste :p

Both Diana and Sam ordered this beef baked rice. 3.5/5 'cos I'm not huge fan of brown sauce, but Diana like this one the most out of all the dishes we ordered.

Mine! Auntie's sausage baked rice. 3.7/5. It's really good at the beginning, but towards the last couple of spoons it started to get a bit nauseating, because it has a little too much white sauce to my liking.

Jan's rim's tuna with rice. The photo really looks salivating, isn't it? I forgot how it tastes though. It was nice, I guess.

Sara's. Hubert's chicken capers fettucini. 4/5. This is my most favourite one that we ordered, the melted cheese and the chicken is so good :9.

Nanny's cocktail in blueberry and mango. Have a lot of fruit bits in them, and we agreed that the mango one is yummier.

And the birthday girl with her tiramisu tart.

Sam got the first cake 'cos he was the one had been really busy planning the surprise, gifts, cake and all.

The already defiled birthday cake. It's from dapur cokelat and it tastes really amaaaahhziing~~~ 4.6/5 ! I ate a few slices even though I was already quite full. It just melted in your mouth like little pieces of clouds <3

Random shot of lanterns remaining from the CNY.

Went to karaoke afterward.

A shot of a weird background video playing on the song "A Whole New World". It was all full of people covered in mud. A little bit disturbing, I'd say -___-"...

Got photobombed by Jan --"..

My big head covering Jan *revenge accomplished* and Sara covering Sam with a glimpse of Diana :D

And..look look what we spotted on the way back...

And it wasn't just a half curve rainbow, it was a FULL curve rainbow!! on a nice canvas of dusty twilight!
This picture doesn't do any justice to how beautiful it was. And I captured it on car, thus the blurriness, just believe in what I'm gonna say, it was INCREDIBLE!

To end this post, I'd like to wish my dear friend, Diana, once again, a very blissful years ahead ♥


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Strawberry FIMO Nail Art

So, here it is, the second video of this month like I promised before^^..I've actually already done with the editing a week ago, but just got the chance to upload it.
It's in HD!!! And! This time I'm trying to do the voice over, so I'm really sorry for my bad pronunciation
Anyway, it's actually an overdue video, I filmed it like almost a year ago :p

I hope you like it :)

And I'm kinda hoping I can upload another tutorial this month, but most likely not gonna happen, because I have a web programming assignment T.T. I'll try my best though, maybe, if possible, in the end of month.

Oh! Oh! I have another new year's resolution! ALWAYS bring my camera around! I'm tired of the sucky quality of my blackberry's camera --".


Saturday, February 18, 2012

something you should know

once you've earned it, nurture it. for when trust has been wounded and promise has been broken, you'd have to climb a thousand mountains to get it back.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Just Rambling

  • This is the LAST DAY of my final exam!! Yaaayyy \(^o^)/!! just wanna put it out there :p
  • 1 more subs to go to 400!!! *teary touchy feely*
  • I think I will remove the doll-doll from side page, just because when I open my blog it creates an annoyingly surprise noise -___-"...
  • One of my 2012 resolution is to upload at least 1 video a month, and I definitely already break that one because I didn't post any in January, BUT!! I'm gonna make a compensation by uploading more than 1 video this month. hopefully 3, but 2 is guaranteed ;)


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday I'm in LOVE

Here it is..the valentine's day nail art I talked about before...

*drumroll please*

I've actually uploaded it this morning, and gleefully went to campus for final exam, went to watch movie after that and had fun and stuff..
Then, I get home at like 9 pm realize...the video already got 66 views, 2 comments, and 5 likes!! in 1 day!
That's a lot for me okay... *teary eyes*..
But then..the horror...I saw weird comment about how the video is only same shot for 5 minutes, so I went ahead and watched it..apparently, there's some error in the uploading process that the video ruined... T.T...
So, I try to upload another one..still corrupted...
Deciced to shrink the video quality from HD to this video right now...and I succeeded in uploading it!!
I don't know what's wrong, but I can't seem to upload HD video ><..

About the nail art...I made this to be a part of youtube collaboration, "Friday I'm in Love", by robinmosesnailart and ProfessionalDQ
I really am thankful for this open wide collaboration. from the bottom of my heart!

I do hope you guys like this Valentine's day nail art as much as I do, because so far, from all the other videos, I put the most effort in this one. ;)

*Still have final exam until next week T.T*

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

love is around the corner

Please bear with me and the super corny title *puppy eyes*

So, valentine's day coming up. Any special plan?

I've been brainstorming 2 days back for a valentine's nail art idea. And, yes, I AM in the middle of final exam right now, because that' how I do it.
I've recorded the final look of the nail art today and will edit it tomorrow.
And, upload it by friday. And yes, tomorrow and the day after that, I'll still have final exam. *See how dedicated I am?lol.jk.*

Okay.Peace out !
*I'm not even sure they're still saying that :| *