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Monday, May 30, 2016

My 1st Sociolla Pink Box - Unboxing & Mini Review

Hola people!

Today I wanna do an unboxing for April's Sociolla pink box :)

What is Pink Box? It's a box that Sociolla bloggers receive each month that contains product(s) that Sociolla carry.

Speaking of, I have a discount code for you for when you shop at SOCIOLLA(*):
Yes, both the link and the code are affiliate, which means if you use them, you get the discount and I get a little kickback from Sociolla for promoting them, but you don't have to use either of them if you don't want to :)
April is my first box and it was a nice surprise because I was actually confused when the delivery guy gave me a pink Sociolla box as I didn't remember ordering anything from Sociolla at that time. And I just love Sociolla's box, period. I still have ALL MY BOXES from when I was subscribed to Sociolla's subscription box. I put them up as cute decor and to store miscellaneous little trinkets.

Oh by the way, about the subscription box. I decided not to extend my subscription for now, I've updated the reason why HERE at the end.

Now let's see inside the box!
It's VITACREME B12 goodies!

I first know about vitacreme from the first Sociolla box where I got the sample size of the day cream.
Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection

It's a day cream that contains SPF30+++, so it's a 2 in 1 product for you face, day cream (nutrients - vitamin B5, C, E, and B12) and sun screen (protection).  It moisturizes your face and protects it from polution and UVA-UVB at the same time.

As a day cream, it claims to be anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and super water-proof (so yay for swimming).

As a sunscreen, it has a decent SPF30+++, which I think is pretty standard for a day cream.
Now, to be honest with you guys, I am waaaay waaaay too loyal to my holygrail Biore UV Watery Gel, so I gave this away to my mom. It's okay though, 'cause I still have the sample size from my January box, so that's the one that I tried.

//Please note here that this Vitacreme B12 one is NOT necessarily replaceable by the Biore UV as the Biore UV does not contain vitamins (to my knowledge), ONLY sun protection (excellent superb formula and SPF50++++). However, I don't really care much for morning skin care to begin with (only Toner & SK-II FTE, not routine), so I still prefer to use Biore UV as my sunscreen-completely personal preference. If you like your skin vitamins and nutrients, obviously use a day cream as well, or in lieu of, if the day cream comes with SPF like this Vitacreme one//

I tried it on Sam and he said it doesn't feel sticky at all. For me however, I'm very particular about stickiness (you probably already know this if you frequent this blog or my youtube channel), even some Bath & Body Works lotions are way too sticky for me. With this day cream, I still feel a slight stickiness, it's slight, but still a bit too sticky for me.

You can purchase it HERE if you're interested.

Now onto the second product:
Vitacreme B12 Lightening Beauty Cream

Actually, I cringed when I saw this product lol. 

Living in South East Asia, where fair and pale skin is coveted by most people (seriously, some people are so afraid of getting tanned, they cover their face with their hand when they're just walking a few meters to their car), "lightening" skin care here usually means its purpose IS to lighten your skin, to make your skin tone a few shades fairer, and I'm not down for that. I love my skin tone just the way it is, thank you.

I guess being shamed for my skin tone over the years makes me to have a certain resentment when it comes to lightening product lol. #iambitter. I wouldn't say I was bullied, because I'm sure those people don't have any ill-intention when they say things to me, they just genuinely think that a fair skin is what all people want and what you should desire to have, because that's the norm here. Nevertheless, those words really did affect me when I was younger (I've been getting it for as long as I can remember, probably starting 3 years old?). Sorry I'm going on a tangent here, that's another story for another post. Let's go back to the mini review.
Thankfully, the ever-so-helpful Titaz emailed me its functions and it's not actually a product to bleach your skin.

It's a Dark-spot Corrector!

Its purpose is to lighten pigmentation marks and prevent the development, which means it's able to even out your skin complexion. It is also said to be able to lighten your lips.

I have loads of pigmentation from my acnes, so I'm happy to give this baby a try.

I've been using it for two and a half weeks now and I'm only using it at night time, because despite the claim of being a non-greasy formula, I still find it slightly too sticky for me to wear it during the day. Like I said, I'm just too annoyingly persnickety when it comes to stickiness. This one absorbs even better than the day cream, so if you're not nit-picky like me, you probably wouldn't feel a thing (I read other reviews and they said it doesn't feel sticky to them).

Within this two weeks, here are a few benefits that I see:
  • It's moisturizing. Usually whenever I use my acne cream I always get dry patches on my acne area, which is normal I think, given an acne cream is supposed to dry out your acnes. However, ever since I use this cream before the acne cream, I never get dry patches anymore.
  • I don't really get those boxcar and rolling scars anymore. My acnes tend to just either healed completely or turn to hyper-pigmentation now. I'm not 100% sure that it's solely because of this cream, because it's not even its purpose, but the only other new thing I've been using is a toner from Kiehl's. So maybe it's the combination of my current skin care. Bottomline I'm just glad because I used to get those type of scarring quite a bit.
  • I don't get as much cystic acne. Yay! Even on my period, I only got one cystic acne, which is quite a triumphant for me lol. My other acnes tend to be those mild ones and they appear a lot less. I won't contribute all this solely to this cream because I also have been getting really diligent with my night time skin care, but I'm sure this cream helps as well, because it's not the first time I'm trying to be diligent, and this time it works better than before.
As far as its effectiveness on healing hyper-pigmentation, I can't say much yet because I haven't taken an updated photo of my current complexion (I took a 'before photo' before I started using this cream), which is why I'm only calling this blog post a mini review.

I'll have a full-on complete review on this cream once I've tried it for more than a month to be really sure on what I think about it.

Meanwhile, you can purchase it HERE if you want to give it a go. It's paraben-free and mild, so it's suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive ones.

And you can use the code "LILYZHEN50" to get Rp 50,000.00 off when shopping at Sociolla (*) ;)

FTC disclaimer: the items in this post are sent to me by Sociolla for review purposes as a part of Sociolla blogger. I am not paid to write this post. However, discount code and links with (*) are affiliate. All my reviews are my own honest opinion as always :) Trust me, I'm incredibly picky on accepting brand/items collaboration that it can took me days to decide because I'll be researching high and low on the internet about the items/services offered. I only promote things that I would actually use myself. I've shopped at Sociolla even before I became a Sociolla blogger, so I have faith in them.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Sociolla Box April 2016 - Unboxing & Review

Another month, another Sociolla Box review! Click HERE (*) to subscribe to Sociolla Box.

I'm not going to go super detail about the products this month, just the price and such. You can watch the video here to see the products' details:

First thing first, the box is a bit bigger this month (see above pic for comparison). Not that it affect anything, but I thought it's worth mentioning.
Avene Thermal Spring Water
Retail Price: Rp 178000 (150 ml)
Avene Micellar Lotion
Retail Price: Rp 217,000.00 (200 ml)
In the Box: Rp 27,125.00 (25 ml)
Kedip False Eyelashes in Candy Cane
Retail Price: Rp 35,000.00
IOMA Gentle Exfoliating Emulsion
Retail Price: Rp 695,000.00 (50 ml)
In the Box: Rp 13,900.00 (1 ml)

EMK Beverly Hills Anti-Aging Serum
Retail Price: Rp 2,652,000.00 (30 ml)
In the Box: Rp 132,600.00 (1.5 ml)

Maaan, that anti-aging serum is damn expensive. Didn't realize it until I write this post. It better make my skin as smooth as a baby's butt.
The Box Price: Rp 450,000.00 (3 months subscriptions)/Rp 850,000.00 (6 months subscriptions)/Rp 1,650,000.00 (12 months subscriptions)
The Box Value: Rp 386,625.00

This is the most value box Sociolla has ever put out. Hands down. But items wise, I actually prefer last months' and the first months'. 

Anyway, this is the last of my Sociolla subscription. I signed up for the 3 months (then +1 free cause it was grand opening). You can watch the video above to see my thoughts and overall review of the Sociolla Box subscription service. Whether it's worth your moola or not. Too lazy to write them down lol. 

Am I gonna continue to subscribe? Hard to say. I'm leaning toward yes, but still not 100% sure. What do you think?

I decided not to extend my subscription for now, not because I didn't want to (I really do, which is why I still religiously watch Jihan's unboxing video of it), but more because Sam and I suddenly (yes, it really was sudden, no exaggeration, it was kinda like an overnight decision lol) decided to buy our own apartment, so I figured we need all the money we can save. In the future when I have more to spare, I'll probably subscribe again. You know my love for subscription services is endless haha.
Click HERE (*) to subscribe to Sociolla Box.

You can use the code “LILYZHEN50” to get 50k off your purchase *wink wink shameless plug wink*. 

As I said before, It is an affiliate link and code, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, ok. It doesn’t affect you either way (except if you use the code, cause then you got discount!!!), only affect my income haha.

FTC Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I paid for the subscription service myself. Link with (*) is an affiliate link.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Japan Post otw, Blogo Review!, Sociolla Pink Box


I’m in the middle of editing my Summer Japan Trip Day 2 photos now (Click HERE for Day 1). There are 100+ PHOTOS!!!

And that’s after narrowing it down a couple times wtf. Almost half of it are from my Dad’s camera though, ‘cos he is a super shutterbug kind hehe. He probably took more than twice as much photos as I did on that trip -and I took a LOT, trust me.

It’s already..err..5 days?? since I started editing it and I still got 40+ photos left. But it’s ok, because half of what’s left are crappy iPhone photos that I usually don’t bother to edit too much (just resize + brightness), so I should be done editing by tomorrow :D


Anyway, I’m blogging on Blogo now, which I haven’t done since I bought it a year ago. I kinda have a love-hate relationship with it. Like I LOOOOVE the interface, it’s super clean-looking and nice. I also love how easy it is to embed instagram, link, youtube videos, and quotes from webpages (they automatically add the source of the quote. convenient to the max, right?).

see? much better than blogger’s “new post” interface, right?

BUT!!! Blogo has some fatal flaws that makes me go back to just blog on blogger time and time again.

First up, I cannot change the alignment of the paragraph!! Second, cannot change font size without making it into a heading and the heading has to be in a new line while what I want is to change font size of certain words in a sentence (to make it dramatic and whatnot). Thridly, I cannot change the actual font and sometimes I want to use other font than the default for certain sentences. Fourth, cannot change the font’s color! And that’s a big no no for me because I love colorful post, ok?

Fifth, I really don’t like how the pictures on the post is only shown as a grey box on Blogo. Like this:

And I have to hover to see the image. Even then, it only shows a partial of the image. Like this:

Err, I like to look at the picture I’m blogging about while I’m blogging about it, thank you. I guess this is not a big deal if you don’t blog with a lot of photos.

Sixth, and I just remember this because it happened while I’m writing this post. So when I upload a picture onto a post, the picture is not placed to where I want it to be, but on the top/bottom/middle of the post (this one happens almost ALL the time), or worse, it replaces other picture on the post. This doesn’t always happen, but it does happen from time to time. When you do a post with shitload of photos and this happens, you have to hover all the images already on the post to see which one is replaced and it’s annoying af.

Seventh, cannot do multiple photos upload. You have to upload all the photos one by one. So inefficient. Again, I guess this is not a big deal if you don’t blog with a lot of photos.

Eighth, the new line coding on Blogo is different (or not compatible) than those in Blogger I think, so when I go to re-edit a post (the ones that I originally make on Blogo) on Blogger, the new line/break line got all wonky and I have to redo all the new lines wtf. Which I guess is not that big of a problem if I only use Blogo to blog, but I don’t. See reasons above.

Ninth, and THIS JUST HAPPENED. IT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!! I was almost finished with this post, and suddenly the post scrolled up to the top and it FREAKING ERASED like 4 or 5 long paragraphs I already wrote wtfwtfwtf. I don’t know, maybe I accidentally press a key on my keyboard while typing or something. I tried to undo, but it just like Blogo sent me back to a state before I wrote those 4 to 5 paragraphs. So I had to retype everything WTFHHKPQ. Err, I think it’s a fluke lah, never happened to me before, though I’ve never really used Blogo that much before, so who knows? Anyway, just to be safe, I click save every paragraph or so now lolol

So, yes, I want to love Blogo all the wayyy so so bad. I paid for it after all. But I just can’t. YET, at least, until they have updates on the matters above. But it’s been almost a year already since I bought, so I’m positively pessimistic lol. Plus, they have a board discussion on new features and they said that they’re not keen on changing the way images appear (see reason 5).

Ps. I think you can change alignment and the font’s size/color/type using inline CSS (yes, they do have HTML/CSS embedding feature, which actually is awesome), but it’s too bothersome to write an HTML code everytime I want to change the color please. I prefer just clicking a color like in blogger interface.

<p style=“color:#cccccc”> LIKE THIS CAN CHOOSE COLOR but too bothersome, not worth it if you intend to use lots of color</p>

LIKE THIS CAN CHOOSE COLOR but too bothersome, not worth it if you intend to use lots of color

LIKE THIS CAN CHOOSE COLOR but too bothersome, not worth it if you intend to use lots of color

Wait. Turns out cannot use CSS. I think the code embedding thing only works for HTML code. cmiiw.

This is what code and html embedding feature looks like on Blogo:

Ok, I’m done with this random review. Super unintended. I was just going to blog short post about the Japan post lol.


On a side note, Just received this month’s blogger items from Sociolla, so expect an unboxing soon, and review in a few weeks. It’s a skin care, so I need to try it a few weeks before I can get a good grip on the product :)

Meanwhile, you can always go to Sociolla to shop your fav beauty products and use the code “LILYZHEN50” to get 50k off your purchase *wink wink shameless plug wink*. It is an affiliate link and code, but you don’t have to use them if you don’t want to, ok. It doesn’t affect you either way (except if you use the code, cause then you got discount!!!), only affect my income haha.

Ok. Good Night ladies & gentlemen, Imma go get ready to sleep thankyou :)

Monday, March 21, 2016

Sociolla Box March 2016 - Unboxing & Review

I have yet another unboxing of Sociolla Box!

Here's the unboxing video that I uploaded in my Bahasa channel (Yup, I have bahasa channel now!):

Here's the LINK (*) if you want to subscribe, and as always, here's the breakdown of everything that is in the box.

My Beauty Diary Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Mask
Retail Price: Rp 29,900.00 (single sachet)/Rp 125,000.00 (box-5pcs)

Okay, if you're a mask junkie like me, you're probably already familiar with this particular brand of sheet mask. This brand has been raved about by many. I've tried some variant from this brand as well and I find them to be good, so I'm happy to get this.

Polka Matteness Lip Lacquer in "Maracass"
Retail Price: Rp 185,000.00

This is probably the best item I've ever gotten from Sociolla Box so far (imo). Saying that I love matte liquid lipstick is probably an understatement, as I find matte liquid lipstick to be the best lip product ever. Serious. So this product definitely hits the spot for me. It's also in my favorite lip color, which is nude (I know, I'm so boring lol). You can see the swatch of this liquid lippie goodness in my unboxing video above.

Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfume
Retail Price: Rp 750,000.00 (100 ml)
In the Box: Rp 7,500.00 (1 ml)

Babor Cleansing Gel & Toning
Retail Price: Rp 350,000.00 (200 ml)
In the Box: Not sure how many ml in the sachet, but let just say 3 ml -> Rp 5,250.00

Okay, let me explain myself. In the video, I know it looks like I have some kind of vendetta against sachet samples lol, but I really don't. I don't mind getting sachet samples, so long as they are counted as a "bonus" item (like Lolabox did).

Since Sociolla promises 4-5 items, these sachet samples are clearly included as this month's items, and that is just a bit upsetting, given you can get samples like this easily from BA without the need to subscribe to something. I don't feel it really worth my money to get samples like this, which to me, seems just like a filler item to fulfil the "4-5 items" that they promised. But maybe that's just me.

The Box Price: Rp 450,000.00 (3 months subscriptions)/Rp 850,000.00 (6 months subscriptions)/Rp 1,650,000.00 (12 months subscriptions)
The Box Value: Rp 227,650.00

Does the box have higher value than what you paid for? Yes, of course. Still, this box is a hit and a miss for me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the lip lacquer, and I like the mask just enough. However, I am a bit disappointed that they would count sachet samples as its own item (? I don't know how to explain, but I hope you get my point), which to me just seems like a filler. You definitely pay less for all these items compare to if you were to buy them retail, I'll give you that, but isn't that a given for a subscription service? Lol, I think I have more points, but I'll save it for next month's unboxing when I'll be deciding whether to continue to subscribe or not.

Meanwhile, if you're interested to try it yourself, here's the LINK (*). It's quite fun getting package every single month, kinda like a birthday :)

You can also use the coupon code "LILYZHEN50" to get 50.000 off your purchase when shopping at Sociolla (can be used for other items, not just the Sociolla Box - min. purchase 200.000).

FTC Disclaimer: This is not sponsored. I paid for the subscription service myself. Link with (*) is an affiliate link. 

Friday, January 22, 2016

1st Sociolla BOX (January 2015) - Unboxing & Review

I come to this long forgotten blog bearing GOOD NEWS!!

Subscription box is BACK in Indonesia!

Since Lolabox shuts down almost 2 years ago, there is no more beauty subscription box in Indonesia -legit one, not fb-based-anyhoo-put-together bag-, at least to my knowledge, which means no more monthly surprise.

Not to be dramatic or anything, I really was kinda sad when lolabox closed down, mainly because I liked the anticipation of getting a surprise box every month, but also because I have enough points for more free box lolol #cheapskategonnabecheapskate

Naturally I was eager when I received an e-mail that SOCIOLLA is launching their own monthly box.

Anyway, I was going back and forth a bit whether I should sign up because they are pricier than Lolabox. Lolabox had “the more month you subscribed, the cheaper your box is” system, and if you subscribed for 6 months, it reduced the overall price quite a bit. Sociolla has the same system, but not as much price reduction (and you can’t just subscribe for 1 month, minimum is 3 months).

Sociolla do have 1 free box for first time subscriber though, so in the end I thought why not try it for 3 months, so I signed up.

And the first box arrived...
Surprised me quite a bit ‘cause it’s like half the size of Lolabox! Okay, tbh, I wasn’t just surprised but also kinda sorta disappointed, but then I convinced myself, what matters is the insides, right?

So I recorded the unboxing because I haven't done one of these for almost 2 YEARS! Here is the video:

If you're not bothered to watch the video, here's the product & price breakdown anyway (I'm nice that way lol):
Lavie Lash in "Amaryllis"
Retail Price: Rp 44,800.00

I remember there was a time when Lavie Lash was quite the rage. I felt like every other blogger talks about it, so I'm quite happy I got to try it myself. Plus, I'm totally into the "falsies" bandwagon now and has been leaving my mascara in the dust. Another thing, I like the type they sent, looks quite natural from the packaging. I think I'll do a review on it on separate post.

L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 
Retail Price (Travel Size - 30ml): Rp 146,000.00

Another raved about product. This hand cream is probably one of the most known product from the brand.

You know I love nail art and all things nails, hand care included, so this is definitely my favorite product out of the bunch. I've been wanting this coveted gem for quite sometime but can never justify the price, so yup, I'm a happy camper.

I've been using it everyday since I got it. So far, here's my thought on it: It's definitely mosturizing, but I'm still not sure if it's more moisturizing than any other hand cream because I don't use hand cream a lot to begin with - it's just a habit that's hard for me to get into albeit it being important if you do your nails a lot like I do. They still feel slightly sticky once you rub it all over, which is a big no no for me for a lotion (just can't stand stickyness), but since it's just on my palm, fingers, and the back of my hand, I can deal with it.

Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection SPF30+++ (Mini)
Retail Price (50ml): Rp 269,900.00
In the Box (3ml): Rp 16,194.00 -> Rp 17,000.00 (I'm just gonna round it up)

This is my least favorite from the box, not only because it's tiny, but also because I'm really not interested in suncreen. I'm still loving my holygrail Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel. It's the BEST sunscreen I've ever tried!!! No unpleasant smell, no sticky residue, absorb flawlessly into your skin, and makes your skin velvety!! Plus SPF 50++++!! And also the Biore UV Spray is super awesome! Eh, sorry OOT, but anyway, I just count this as a little bonus.

Cottage Shower Gel in "Le Caramel"
Retail Price (Travel Size - 50ml): Rp 18,500.00

If you've watched my videos or read this blog, it's probably no secret that I love Cottage body wash, especially in this caramel scent as I always mention that it smells like freaking alpenliebe candy. I've even done a review on Cottage body wash HERE. Probably even better if they include the bigger size (sorry, it's the #kiasu in me), but yeah, no complaint with this.

The Box Price: Rp 450,000.00 (3 months subscriptions)/Rp 850,000.00 (6 months subscriptions)/Rp 1,650,000.00 (12 months subscriptions)
The Box Value: Rp 226,300.00

Honestly, I was a bit underwhelmed at first (you can see it in the unboxing video), probably because I've been seeing ipsy unboxing and such, but after I scroll through my Lolabox posts, this is not bad at all. Lolabox had certainly put out worse boxes (and better ones too of course). Probably could've been done with more SHEBANG, this being the first box and all, but I do like 3 out of 4 products and I really love the hand cream, so overall I'm not mad at this. Infact, I am quite pleased with the box just as is (also because I only paid Rp 112,500.00 for this box with the first subscriber free box). What do you guys think? Does the box worth bucks? #thatrhymed #ithink #imbadatrhyming

Click HERE to subscribe.

Take care,

Monday, November 23, 2015

JAPAN Summer Trip Day 1 | Shinsaibashi & Sinsekai


I’m gonna start to blog about my Japan trip last July.

6 months later lol.

But I’m crazy determined to blog about this trip as a memory keepsake. I crashed my hard drive once and lost all photos including my homestay photos and that sucked balls (cried for about 3 days straight wtf), so yeah, from that day I swear I’m gonna put all my important memories online as a back up.


It’s my most favorite country aside from Indonesia. Even before I went to Japan, it always has been. Maybe because of the fact that I was brought up on manga and anime.

I’m not what you say an otaku though ‘cause I don’t really follow many manga/anime anymore, only Detective Conan and Shokugeki no Souma (the anime) now. But I still love Japan. I love their culture, their heritage, their products, their produce, their cuisine, their hospitality, their safety, and this is probably going to be a long list if I was to write down all the things i love about Japan.

But I guess you already get it. I love Japan.

It always has been the number 1 country I want to visit (my bucket list is to visit every single city in Japan. cray, right?). So my trip there last summer was almost surreal and one of my dream came true.

You know how sometimes when you build up something in your head, usually the reality will never be as good as you imagined it to be?

But this one totally exceeded my imagination and I can’t wait to go back.

Okay, sorry I got a bit carried away lol.

Let’s start from the very beginning, shall we? and by beginning I really mean like the earliest step, which is Japan visa. My mugshot face aside, IT IS DAMN CUTE AND NICE lol.
Comparison to my chinese visa. Japan visa is laminated wth, even my european visa is a mere paper. To be fair, the chinese visa background is nice, but but but.. 
Japan visa got SAKURA HOLOGRAM!! *I’m so easily amused lol*

Can’t believe I just wrote a paragraph praising a piece of visa wth. Sorry to waste your time.
Oooh, and I did a nail art solely for this trip. Not as neat as I want it to be because I did it in a hurry before going to the airport, but I’m definitely planning to have a tutorial on it!
Rosie pao from Juanda airport before our flight to Malaysia for transit. It’s cute, but really overpriced for what it actually is. Taste is okay.

✶ First destination was Osaka

Our flight was actually supposed to be on the 16th, but it got advanced to the 15th, which I had no problem with, because that means ONE MORE DAY in Japan. YAAYY!!

However, since our tour starts on the 16th, on the 15th we had to roam around Osaka ourselves, which actually, I think is better.


I personally much prefer to go without a tour. Going with a tour (even this one, where ALL the participants are our family friends and we got to arrange the tour ourselves) means a lot of..restriction?

I couldn’t fully enjoy all the things I want to because there are timeline. For one, who the fuck goes to Universal Studios, Disneyland, Disneysea, and go home by 4-5pm?! That still pissed me off until today lol. And only because we had to have dinner at 6pm (It was free time afterward). Tsk, such a waste. Yes, we did arrange the destinations ourselves, but the tour agent arranges the timeline, and the bus can only be booked until 8 pm (later, there’ll be an overtime fee), hence the sucky timeline.

The food. I think we had 2-3 chinese food when we were there. DAFUQ, right?? Why would I want to go to Japan and eat freaking chinese food?! But it is inclusive in a tour, so we had to. Plus, we also went with some people who don’t necessarily like japanese food and I do realize not all people love food, or trying new food, as much as I do. There are people who eat just because they have to, for life purposes you know lol. I guess for a foodie, a group tour like this really sucks from that aspect, ‘cause we actually want to go pick and try the local restaurant and such, and the FOOD is actually a big part that we want to experience here.

And going with a bunch of people with different ages and interests needs some adjusting as well, so it’s probably better to go with small group or a big group with similar interests. I think going to your dream destinations is always better with your loved ones and friends, not a bunch of acquaintances. Yes, most of this family friends are more of acquaintances for me, because they’re my parent’s friends. Probably why my big bro decided to skip this trip even though I know he wants to visit Japan as well.

Also don’t forget that going with a tour will definitely be more expensive.


Of course joining a tour also has its perks, like we don’t have to walk to our hotel after a tiring day, transportations to and from airport, we can sleep some more in the bus on our way to the next destination, and no chance of getting lost. But all in all, for me at least, the disadvantages far outweigh the perks.

Plus, information is so readily available to us now, so we can just google all the touristy places and how to get around in Japan. You also get to explore Japan yourself. on foot. The experience gotta be more memorable, right? All that being said, this Japan trip is still probably the best vacay I’ve ever had.

Sorry super long paragraphs again haha. I wanted to share my opinion on pro and con of going with a tour agent.

Okay, let’s continue..
Since we arrived a day early, we used train to get to our hotel from the airport. Spotted this 2 school girls. The uniform is exactly like those in manga O_O. 

My little brother and I were thoroughly mesmerized by the view from the train ‘cause it really felt like we stepped into a manga *childhood memoried flowed in*.
We booked the first day hotel ourselves through Agoda I think. It was the BEST WESTERN Joytel Osaka, which was a good and affordable hotel. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a lodging in Osaka. It’s located near Suminoekoen station and just a few stations away from Namba and Shisaibashi station (the shopping and food heaven).
It’s also in the same building as Don Quijote and DAISO. Super convenient.

Not to mention, it’s near MISTER DONUT!!!

A video posted by Lily Zhen (@lilyzhen168ii) on

I didn’t take photo, but here’s a little clip.

I LOVE DONUT, and this mister donut is different from my usual favorite Dunkin’ Donut. I think the donuts here are baked? Cmiiw. They have several types of Donut. The curly one has a sort of choux pastry texture, the balls ring one is kinda chewy like mochi, and the usual donut-shaped one has a cake/bread/donut texture married into one. Definitely different to your run of the mill donuts and they’re really good.

It was the only time I found mister donut on the entire trip, so even after I came back to Indonesia I still craved it so much. BUT recently I found out that Mister Donut has opened a branch in Jakarta!!! In f(x) Sudirman and Kelapa Gading I think. Both are about 1 hour and 2 hours away from my place respectively, but I WILL go there to get that donuts lol.
There is also a resto on the first floor and it was already noon, so we settled there to have a bite first since we were famished (our flight didn’t include food). Basically it was our first meal since 5pm the day before - except for me, glutton me couldn't stop munching down nasi lemak during our transit in Malay.
The machine we chose our order from.
Outside the resto there was this row of gachapon and one of them was for gudetama. 

I love playing gachapon and I love gudetama, so I played it. It was a no brainer.
Except that I ended up with this gudetama-person instead of the egg form gudetama -___-". There were many types of egg form one, which were so cute, especially that broken eggshell ones, and there was only one type for the gudetama person. And I got that one. Just my luck, right?

Anyway, I feel this gudetama-person one is kinda creepy looking, so I gave it to my big bro 'cause he likes it.
Waiting for our food. It's so hard to take decent wefie with this one, he's always pulling all kind of weird expression. So I just follow suit.
Complementay ocha :D Taste wise is same-same lah with the one from Sushi Tei
Takoyaki from random stall near the hotel. It was good, but tastes quite the same to takoyaki you can find in Indonesia, just a bit more mushy. I expected it to taste like 1000x better, so I was a bit dissapointed, but no worries, the next day I found THE BEST TAKOYAKI I have ever tasted.
Mine and my mother's, Kitsune Udon, which I think is one of Osaka specialty. It's udon with light soup and topped with aburaage (deep fried tofu like those used in inari sushi). Tastes yummy and refreshing. The udon was perfectly cooked as well, not too chewy, not too mushy.
My brother's, Japanese tonkatsu curry rice. I don't exactly remember how it tastes, but I remember it to be really really delicious as well. The pork was juicy and tender, the curry was nice.

See that flat tummy? Yea, it's gone in a matter of days I was there. and hasn't come back ever since. 
My Dad is a yoghurt addict, so he went to Don Quijote to get some. This meiji yoghurt is yummy, not too sour and a bit on the thinner side if I remember correctly. Definitely worth a try if you love yoghurt.
And off we go to start exploring Osaka.

Fiddled around the ticket machine like a normal tourist. The rest bought one-trip ticket, while my family bought a day pass ticket because I thought it's be cheaper if we want to explore. 

Our first destination was to Namba area.
Upon exiting the train station, you are greeted with this long looong row shops.
Quick OOTD. This was my outfit on the flight as well (didn't change), and I froze my butt out. Note to self, don't wear shorts on a long-hour flight. 
Okay, one more. This one with my head looking like a jellybean.

Bag & Shoes are from Cotton On, T-shirt I stole from my Mom, and shorts I can't remember where it's from, have had it for forever.
One of the shop is this Sanrio Gallery. 

I didn't go in the first day because I've never been a fan of anything Sanrio (way too baby cutesy and girly for me). Until gudetama that is. I think I didn't realize that gudetama is from Sanrio at that time.
At the end of the long row of shops is the gate to Shinsaibashi-suji, which, is another long row of shops. If you're a shoppaholic, you'll probably get trapped in this maze of shopping district.
Look at that heads after heads crowding the street. Udah kayak lautan cendol.

To be frank, my usual self will get super claustrophobic and just leave lol.
Stopped by Matsumoto Kiyoshi, which is a Japanese drugstore and spent quite some time in there browsing through all the cute and gorgeous japanese beauty products. Look at all that SK-II goodness at the back!

I only had one thought while I was in there (aside from "ah so cute, buy. also cute, buy. buy, buy, buy),


On a side not, I'm gonna do a shameless plug now.

Have you seen my Japan haul? ▾

Click it, click it, click iiittt. It's full of awesome stuffs!

Okay, I'm done with the shameless plug.
Settled at a foodcourt after more walking around for dinner. 
Udon from hanamaru with a purrrfect soft-boiled egg.
And oden!!

The triangle thing is konnyaku and the short tube one is daikon radish. I've always wanted to try both of these thing, so checked ✓

Konnyaku is like a bland chewier version of agar-agar, and the daikon is like..well, radish. 
Had Yoshinoya beef bowl as well, which is yummier than the one from Indonesia's Yoshinoya! This one is more savoury and has more fat, so it's a LOT more melt-in-your-mouth goodness. PLUS it's paired with Japanese rice!

After dinner, my little brother, whom we are gonna refer to as Nico from now on, because typing 'my little brother' has proven to be too long for me, was tired, so my Dad brought him back to the hotel while my mom and I explore some more.
Stopped by this shop for dessert because it smelled so freaking yummy from outside.
They sell this. Waffles. Maybe it's a popular snack in Japan? I saw tons of stores selling this, even at Universal Studios!
Wait, lemme take a selfie wth this cute waffle first before I tell you how it tastes. #penting
I chose the maple flavoured one and it was SO YUMMY!!!! It has crystallised sugar bits throughout, so you get a nice texture combination from the fluffy waffle with the crunchy crystallised sugar. The maple flavor was very pronounced as well. If I was to nitpick, the waffle was a tiiiiinnnnsyyy bit too dry for my liking. Just a tinsy.

After walked around some more, we reached Dotonbori street
The area is all light up beautifully with a river calmly running underneath the bridge and lantern decoration were all along the railing.

You can spot the famous octopus statue there and beside it, cut off, is the signature Glico running man sign of Dotonbori street.

We were waiting for my Dad to come back from the hotel, so we went inside H&M to window shop.

Yes. Window shop.

That was the plan anyway.

But when we entered...

We kinda went ballistic.

The sale was CRAY. CRAY I TELL YOU!!!

It went to as low as 100 yen. 100 YEN!! That's less than $1!

LESS THAN $1! Even Mangga Dua and Tanah Abang cannot come close to beat that price!

Most of the clothing were around 100 yen to 700 yen

Have you ever seen that kind of price from H&M before? I sure hadn't, until that day. Which bring me to my next question,

HOW CAN JAPAN H&M PRICE BE THAT CHEAP?? HOW? Indonesia H&M is quite pricy and Singapore H&M is just pricy.

I suspect child labor.

jk.jk.jk. Maybe they have manufacturer in Japan.
With the loot. You can see the 500 yen rack at the back.

At some point, because of the crazy cheap price, I even considered 500 yen to be quite pricy.

And started to grab more of the 300 yen pieces.
Look at that 200 yen price tag, from 1190 yen!!!

More than 85% OFF!
Obviously full of joy from the AWESOME AWESOME HAUL.

I'm not sure if the crazy sale is an all year round thing or maybe it was just around the time I went there.
Must take total touristy picture in front of the famous Glico running man sign. Nevermind that I cover more than half of the sign wth.

After my Dad joined us, I decided to go to Sinsekai area for a late supper, mainly because I don't wanna waste the 1-day train ticket #supercheapskate.
I read that Sinsekai is a pretty sketchy area, even with Japan's high safety standard, but it was okay when I went there.
I was in awe when I stepped into the area.

It felt like I stepped into a different era.

It was a nice contrast to the modern and busy Namba area. Here, it felt more like the olden days Japan. Quite peaceful and serene when I was there, because there were very little people around.
I read that many restaurants open 24 hours and that the area only "comes alive" at night, but it was already closing time when I was there even thought it was only around 9.30 p.m.

Honestly, it was quite deserted already when I was there, so it probably best to go there earlier.
The landmark of Sinsekai, Tsutenkaku tower, which is modeled after the Eiffel Tower.
Okay, here's one without me bothering your view.
I lovee the architecture around this area, got that nice homey peaceful vibe with narrow street and all (nevermind that it's actually Japan's more seedy neighbothood lol).
I was looking for a specific food, motsunabe.

hot pot dish typically made up of beef or pork tripe, cabbage, garlic, chives and togarashi peppers in a soy sauce or miso based soup. -

It's the first pic, second row one. But all the stall that sells it were either already closed or ran out of it I continued to search for this, but even until the end of the trip I still couldn't find it T__T. 

Oh, well, all the more reason to go back to Japan ♡
Settled at this random shop that still open. It was almost last order already when I got there.

This place also ran out of motsunabe, so I ordered the next thing on my list of Osaka's Specialty (motsunabe is not Osaka's specialty btw, just really wanted to try it).

Battered and deep fried pieces of food on skewers. Meat and vegetables are the most common ingredients for kushikatsu. -
I don't remember what I ordered already, but I find most of them to be okay only. Some of the meat were a bit overcooked, so they were a lil' bit tough.

You can now go to Kushi-Ya at AEON Mall if you wanna try kushikatsu.
This one is definitely the mochi katsu. Quite fun to eat.
And then this. OCHAZUKE.

Not sure where this dish came from, but it's pretty popular in Osaka and Kyoto.

This one is a rather unique dish, some people may even find it weird the first time they hear what it is. It's basically green tea poured over cooked rice with some topping (mine was flaked salmon).

Sounds kinda weird, right? Tea poured over cooked rice? 
But you gotta try it!
It was really yummy and a rather comforting food. Super light as well. I imagine this is a perfect food for rainy days and for when you're under the weather. It's a light savoury soup, refreshing and comforting at the same time.

In case you're wondering, it doesn't taste bland or bitter at all from the green tea. The rice isn't soggy or mushy either.

It's kinda hard to find this dish in Indonesia, but you can buy the packet instant ochazuke at AEON department store (the japanese food area). Yea, I went to AEON a lot, so now almost every "japanese food thing" I own are from AEON. I kid you not, I went there like twice a week, sometimes more (What is my LIFE?!).

The instant ochazuke is really amazingly simple to make, just pour out the the packet (contains green tea leaves, nori, etc) over cooked rice and pour some hot water over it. It's my current go-to too-lazy-to-cook-but-really-hungry meal.

After our meal, it was already almost 11 p.m. I think, so we rushed to the subway station.

And there, I saw what first a rather funny, then turn into a effing disgusting sight.

Here goes the story...

The train was pretty packed, so some people had to stand. I luckily got a seat, which I was oh so happy about given our stop was at the very last station and my legs were already numb from walking around all day.

Then, came in an adolescent man. There weren't any seat, so he grabbed one of those handle thing and stand in front of me, but in the opposite side.

I thought he was really sleepy and tired 'cos he kept swinging left to right on the handle with his head looking down. At one point, he even smacked his head on the pole.

At this point I thought it was funny cute, I thought, "Waaah, so hardworking until sleepy like that."

Anyway, this was going on for quite a while until more and more people stepped out of the train as it was nearing the end of the subway line (aka our stop).

Then, an older lady sitting beside where the man was standing was getting ready to get out of the train. Just when the older lady got up and walked pass the man, he kinda lost balance and almost hit the lady with his shoulder (fortunately she was fast enough to dodge it). He continued tottering to the now empty seat. He then banged his head against the train quite hard before finally dropped onto the seat.

This is when I realize...he was not sleepy.

He was HAMMERED. He was so crazy skunk drunk, he kept his eyes shut the whole train ride and didn't even know his stop (I don't think he was even conscious). I couldn't differentiate a sleepy person to a drunk person wtf.

Then came the DISGUSTING part.

Now he sat opposite to where I sat. He had his head up facing the ceiling.
Suddenly, his mouth was opened by force from inside his mouth and out come a lava like substance. non-stop.
It took me a second to realize what it was because I was so stunned by the amount of the thing that came out of his mouth, but yup, he PUKED!!

Right in front of me was a man spewing his gut out non-stop. I don't think he even realized that he was puking, because he just sat there still. He was probably unconcious already. Yup, he was THAT drunk.

It was so disgusting lah, the puke got everywhere, to his shirt, arms, pants, and even the seat of the train!

We quickly moved to the other side of the train.
I mozaic the puke for you, you're welcome.

I actually have everything on video, from when he was swinging on the handle, to when he banged his head hard on the train, and to when his gut started spilling out of his mouth, but I think it's too disgusting and puke-inducing, so probably none of you guys would want to see it.

Anyway, even after we got out of the train, which was already the last station I remind you, he still sat there unconscious, ruining train ride for everybody with his fucking disgusting vomit. Let's call him DM from now on -> Disguting Man.

In the end, a train officer had to brought DM out by supporting DM on his shoulder. Poor train officer, had to deal with this kind of nonsense and shittery after a long day of work. And got puke stain on his uniform some more. Tsk.
Alright then, that's the end of Day 1. Quite a night.

Stay tuned for part 2! That one is going to be a looong post I think. I'll probably split it into parts.

Stay safe and don't you ever get so hammered you vomit in public places. Please vomit at your own property. Thank you,