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Monday, May 30, 2016

My 1st Sociolla Pink Box - Unboxing & Mini Review

Hola people!

Today I wanna do an unboxing for April's Sociolla pink box :)

What is Pink Box? It's a box that Sociolla bloggers receive each month that contains product(s) that Sociolla carry.

Speaking of, I have a discount code for you for when you shop at SOCIOLLA(*):
Yes, both the link and the code are affiliate, which means if you use them, you get the discount and I get a little kickback from Sociolla for promoting them, but you don't have to use either of them if you don't want to :)
April is my first box and it was a nice surprise because I was actually confused when the delivery guy gave me a pink Sociolla box as I didn't remember ordering anything from Sociolla at that time. And I just love Sociolla's box, period. I still have ALL MY BOXES from when I was subscribed to Sociolla's subscription box. I put them up as cute decor and to store miscellaneous little trinkets.

Oh by the way, about the subscription box. I decided not to extend my subscription for now, I've updated the reason why HERE at the end.

Now let's see inside the box!
It's VITACREME B12 goodies!

I first know about vitacreme from the first Sociolla box where I got the sample size of the day cream.
Vitacreme B12 Day Cream Sun Protection

It's a day cream that contains SPF30+++, so it's a 2 in 1 product for you face, day cream (nutrients - vitamin B5, C, E, and B12) and sun screen (protection).  It moisturizes your face and protects it from polution and UVA-UVB at the same time.

As a day cream, it claims to be anti-aging, anti-oxidant, and super water-proof (so yay for swimming).

As a sunscreen, it has a decent SPF30+++, which I think is pretty standard for a day cream.
Now, to be honest with you guys, I am waaaay waaaay too loyal to my holygrail Biore UV Watery Gel, so I gave this away to my mom. It's okay though, 'cause I still have the sample size from my January box, so that's the one that I tried.

//Please note here that this Vitacreme B12 one is NOT necessarily replaceable by the Biore UV as the Biore UV does not contain vitamins (to my knowledge), ONLY sun protection (excellent superb formula and SPF50++++). However, I don't really care much for morning skin care to begin with (only Toner & SK-II FTE, not routine), so I still prefer to use Biore UV as my sunscreen-completely personal preference. If you like your skin vitamins and nutrients, obviously use a day cream as well, or in lieu of, if the day cream comes with SPF like this Vitacreme one//

I tried it on Sam and he said it doesn't feel sticky at all. For me however, I'm very particular about stickiness (you probably already know this if you frequent this blog or my youtube channel), even some Bath & Body Works lotions are way too sticky for me. With this day cream, I still feel a slight stickiness, it's slight, but still a bit too sticky for me.

You can purchase it HERE if you're interested.

Now onto the second product:
Vitacreme B12 Lightening Beauty Cream

Actually, I cringed when I saw this product lol. 

Living in South East Asia, where fair and pale skin is coveted by most people (seriously, some people are so afraid of getting tanned, they cover their face with their hand when they're just walking a few meters to their car), "lightening" skin care here usually means its purpose IS to lighten your skin, to make your skin tone a few shades fairer, and I'm not down for that. I love my skin tone just the way it is, thank you.

I guess being shamed for my skin tone over the years makes me to have a certain resentment when it comes to lightening product lol. #iambitter. I wouldn't say I was bullied, because I'm sure those people don't have any ill-intention when they say things to me, they just genuinely think that a fair skin is what all people want and what you should desire to have, because that's the norm here. Nevertheless, those words really did affect me when I was younger (I've been getting it for as long as I can remember, probably starting 3 years old?). Sorry I'm going on a tangent here, that's another story for another post. Let's go back to the mini review.
Thankfully, the ever-so-helpful Titaz emailed me its functions and it's not actually a product to bleach your skin.

It's a Dark-spot Corrector!

Its purpose is to lighten pigmentation marks and prevent the development, which means it's able to even out your skin complexion. It is also said to be able to lighten your lips.

I have loads of pigmentation from my acnes, so I'm happy to give this baby a try.

I've been using it for two and a half weeks now and I'm only using it at night time, because despite the claim of being a non-greasy formula, I still find it slightly too sticky for me to wear it during the day. Like I said, I'm just too annoyingly persnickety when it comes to stickiness. This one absorbs even better than the day cream, so if you're not nit-picky like me, you probably wouldn't feel a thing (I read other reviews and they said it doesn't feel sticky to them).

Within this two weeks, here are a few benefits that I see:
  • It's moisturizing. Usually whenever I use my acne cream I always get dry patches on my acne area, which is normal I think, given an acne cream is supposed to dry out your acnes. However, ever since I use this cream before the acne cream, I never get dry patches anymore.
  • I don't really get those boxcar and rolling scars anymore. My acnes tend to just either healed completely or turn to hyper-pigmentation now. I'm not 100% sure that it's solely because of this cream, because it's not even its purpose, but the only other new thing I've been using is a toner from Kiehl's. So maybe it's the combination of my current skin care. Bottomline I'm just glad because I used to get those type of scarring quite a bit.
  • I don't get as much cystic acne. Yay! Even on my period, I only got one cystic acne, which is quite a triumphant for me lol. My other acnes tend to be those mild ones and they appear a lot less. I won't contribute all this solely to this cream because I also have been getting really diligent with my night time skin care, but I'm sure this cream helps as well, because it's not the first time I'm trying to be diligent, and this time it works better than before.
As far as its effectiveness on healing hyper-pigmentation, I can't say much yet because I haven't taken an updated photo of my current complexion (I took a 'before photo' before I started using this cream), which is why I'm only calling this blog post a mini review.

I'll have a full-on complete review on this cream once I've tried it for more than a month to be really sure on what I think about it.

Meanwhile, you can purchase it HERE if you want to give it a go. It's paraben-free and mild, so it's suitable for all types of skin, even sensitive ones.

And you can use the code "SBNLAC3U" to get Rp 50,000.00 off when shopping at Sociolla (*) ;)

FTC disclaimer: the items in this post are sent to me by Sociolla for review purposes as a part of Sociolla blogger. I am not paid to write this post. However, discount code and links with (*) are affiliate. All my reviews are my own honest opinion as always :) Trust me, I'm incredibly picky on accepting brand/items collaboration that it can took me days to decide because I'll be researching high and low on the internet about the items/services offered. I only promote things that I would actually use myself. I've shopped at Sociolla even before I became a Sociolla blogger, so I have faith in them.

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