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Saturday, December 17, 2011


I really should write down a list if I got something to blog about!!
Seriously, I'm getting more and more senile lately..I've thought about 5 or so worth of post and now..POOF! I forgot -___-"

It's only 10.50 and I'm already super sleepy.

Had a lot of fun today.

Ate ramen at Ajisen. First time ate the ramen here. It's nice!! drank the soup till all gone. Got pic of it but too lazy to copy from phone. tmw will edit =)

Went to Grace's house and did discrete math and linear algebra with Diana, Jan, and Sam. She got 6 pomeranian dogs!! Sooo cute can melt
Again, got photo of the dogs but too lazy :p.
And went home and got to boarding house at 9.30pm O.o... lucky, there's no strict rule about curfew  \(^o^)/

Tiring day but really happy overall!!


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