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Friday, December 16, 2011

I have a new pet ♥

Not a real pet lah, my boarding house won't allow one. It's a blog pet!
It's on my side bar --------->
go feed her! =)

I found the link this morning from estherxie's blog in her 2007 archives.
*Still going through all her archive. Really love her blog. Somemore, she blogs really regularly.

It's sooo cute that I have to try it immediately!

the first interface you'll see. already so cute lor!
To start of, you are asked to pick the pet. I chose the pink one. The nicest one I think :p.
The blue one has weird hair and the green one has weird face and no clothes! --"

Then, fill in the biodata =)

I don't why, but I have this thing on naming anything with food name x_x
Since right now I'm obsessed with cupcake, I named her cupcake! *duh!.. but it's already taken :(
Then changed to cuppycake. also taken T.T
see her head so big like cupcake frosting, so named her frostycup. and it's not taken yet!! \(^o^)/ *of course lah, who else would give such a lame name like that..
frostycupcake too long, have to shorten it to frostycup~

and your pet doll can have pet too! *woot woot*

chioness max!
undecided which one to choose. I'm not a cat person, so definitely not cat. the flowery thingy is just too pink. choice left is pig and elephant.
I literally spent minutes and minutes to decide this one --"..
Chose the elephent at the end, cos it can blow water. Pig can only move move.

then, choose the background. different car provide different food~
choose the middle one of course!

 that's it!!you'll have your code!

Say hi to frostycup =)

don't know why her age is minus one --"..

after that there's not much you can do...just feed her and feed her nonstop. But, it's quite fun making her =)

go feed her okay! just click on the car and then a food will popped and give it to her ^^
I also read that if don't feed her it can die, but there's like the doctor to cure her and you'll get her back in 5 days. I wanna try!! curious how the doctor thingy works. Later if I got bored, I'll starve her!! *evil laugh*

byebye =)

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