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Saturday, December 10, 2011

remember chemistry?

My life has been quite boring this lately. thus nothing to blog about. It's just assignment after assignment -__-"...

Let's list down the assignments I got this week :

  • Algorithm
  • Character building
  • Intro to computer
  • Discrete math
  • Linear algebra
  • Web programming

a LOT!!!

I just did the web programming assignment. Not done yet, though. The css alone took me 3 freaking hours!! Still have to do the html and javascript T.T~ gonna continue tmw. Already too tired and my eye are red right now!! @.@"
Oh!And it's modeled after this blog *too lazy to think of other design..

Here's something interesting I found a while ago :)

2 men walked into a bar.
The first man said "I want H2O please."
The second man said "I want H2O too."
then, the second man died.

get it??get it??get it or not? Honestly, it took me a while to understand it =X..

hint : H2Ois hydrogen peroxide. It's used in bleacher, rocket fuel, etc.

get it now??

ok lah, after awhile it's not funny anymore.
end here. already super tired.

nite nite ^^

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