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Sunday, December 18, 2011

are you bored?

you're bored or not?
if you're surfing blogs, most of you probably are :p

here's something I found that quite interesting and can occupy quite of your time.

I think some of you already know the site.

yep, it's just bunch of personality kinda quiz that you can take. I found it quite fun if you really have nothing to do.

Some that I took and like :

What kind of dessert are you?
Angel Food Cake
result image
You are sweet and savory! Your bubbly attitude keeps everyone in a good mood! You are cheery and preppy, but don't let your looks confuse people, because deep down you've got a little bit of Devil's Food Cake in you!
I've never even eat angel's food cake before!!! Should try next time. Though I'm pretty sure I'm gonna like devil's food cake more. It's chocolaateeee!!

Where should you travel?
Get on a plane to California, unless you already live there go to Las Vegas!
I do really wanna go there. Anyone want to pay up the fee? :p

What goddess are you?
You are Amaterasu, the Japanese goddess of the sun! Amaterasu is honored as the guardian of Japanese people, and the symbol of their cultural unity. Her name means "great shining heaven" and she is draped in a beautiful orange silk kimono and standing on an octogonal mirror reflecting the light and warmth of the end of winter.
You're off to the ball
To your surprise. . . He does too!
Your heart beats with excitement as you climb out of the horse drawn carriage. England was beautiful, you knew that already, but something about this just added everything up. Taking up your red velvet dress, you climb elegantly up the marble steps with your date on your arm. He was always very quiet, and a bit shy, but was the guy you've had a crush on forever. When you realized that he didn't have a date to accompany him to the ball with you quickly asked him if he didn't mind going with you. He said ok, not really excited, but you were. The double doors opened for the two of you as you walked inside, greeted by massive chandeliers and couples gliding across the dance floor. You admired the beautiful palace with awe, sighing at the couples in each other's arms. Suddenly, your date turns to you and bows very lowly, taking your hand delicately in his, "May I have this dance?" he asked, his voice more powerful than usual. You smiled, and blushed as he kissed your hand, "Well, I only know how to waltz." You stutter. He leads you onto the dance floor, "That's ok, it's the only dance I know." He puts his hand around your waist and your hand lays on his shoulder. Trying to feel the music, you prepare yourself for his lead. You've only had a few dance lessons before you cam on this trip, just to prepare yourself for this night, but still didn't feel quite ready. To your surprise, the boy who was so quiet and gentle, lead you about the dance floor with awesome strength. Twirling you around 'till you were dizzy. Suddenly, your heel caught the hem of your dress and spun you off balance, tripping you in the middle of the dance. Stumbling to regain his balance, your date catches you in his strong arms, holding you close, almost afraid to let you go. Your breathing hastens at your clumsiness, but you both are rewarded with a standing ovation. Glancing around in confusion, you notice you ended in a perfect, romantic dip. You smile with relief at your mistake, and are slowly brought back up by your date. "A kiss!" A sudden voice shouts out from the crowd surrounding you. "Yes! A kiss!" More voices join in and you begin to blush with embarrassment. "Well?" Your date glances at you. In shock, you hardly notice he is leaning forward. Before you could make a decision, his lips are against yours. The throng of people cheer, and you blush almost as brightly as your dress. Your crush kissed you so tenderly, it was like magic. You could hardly believe it as he stared into your eyes and spoke softly, "I've always liked you." He smiled.
It'll definitely my best night if that happens!!
this one really really super nice. go TRY TRY TRY!!


I tried a bunch of other quiz too *shows that I'm in an awesome idleness. have zero thing to do lor!!*, but these are some that I find good =)
Especially the ball one!!


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