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Monday, January 13, 2014

Lolabox December 2013 Review

Hi loves!! This is going to be my review for the December 2013 Lolabox!

Waaay waaaay long overdue, huh? Well, I was going to post this while I was in my hometown, but I forgot to bring the little card which I wrote all the information on with me, so I have to wait until I'm back hehe.

Enough chit chat and let's see what Lolabox have in store for you (which some of you probably already know from other diligent bloggers who have posted this last month).

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As always, I'm gonna start by talking about the box, because let's face it, I'm probably almost just as curious about what kind of box I get as what is actually inside the box.

This month, they go with a simple white box and a writing of this months' theme. Quite a contrast to last months' "loud" box. Some people quite bummed out about that, but personally I do prefer this because I can customize the top lid as I want to since the writing is not covering the whole lid as last months' writing does.

Greeting Card from Lolabox

As you probably know, the theme is

Best Year Ever

I guess an expectation of the best box ever comes with a theme like that, so let's see if it really is the best box Lolabox ever put out ;)

[Kenzo] Flower in the Air Fame Eau de Parfum

Full-size: 30 ml (Rp 610,000.00) / 50 ml (Rp 855,000.00) / 100 ml (Rp 1,160,000.00)
In the Box: 1 ml (Rp 11,600.00)

I think this perfume need no introduction since it is quite a popular one, at least in Asia. The scent is a very florally sweet one. Normally, I stay away from sweet scent, especially vanilla since most often than not, it nauseated me. While this perfume doesn't have a vanilla note, it's still quite sweet, but I actually like it. Maybe because the floral notes balance the sweetness?

Overall, I do like scent, but with that being said, a perfume sample 3 months in row? No, just no. It's getting a bit repetitive imo and I hope there won't be any perfume sample for the next couple of months or so.

[One Piece Hair Studio] Tansan Sparkling Gelee

Full-size: 100 gr (Rp 700,000.00)
In the Box: 5 gr (Rp 35,000.00)

Honestly, I'm still confused with this product. It says it's a jelly hair vitamin, then it says that it's a hair styling gel that can also be used as moisturizer of scalp, hair, and skin. So is it a vitamin or a styling gel? Anyway, I tried to google this product but found no information at all, so I just used it once for the tip of my hair. Didn't really make a difference though except helped my tangles a bit, and I'm just not comfortable trying it directly on my scalp.

[Dr. Jart+] Black Label BB Cream

Full-size: 45 ml (Rp 488,000.00)
In the Box: 3 ml (Rp 35,533.00)

This one is a light coverage BB Cream and great for everyday use since it contains SPF 25/PA+++. I don't see anything that makes this BB Cream stands out among other tons of BB Cream that are offered on the market right now though. Don't get me wrong, it is a good BB Cream, it mattify my face, but not too much to make it look dull, and it doesn't have a heavy feeling on skin.

Other than the deluxe sample of the BB Cream, you also get these sachet samples of Dr. Jart+ Moist Moist series. 

Now, if you've seen my previous reviews about Lolabox, you probably already know that I hate getting sachet samples. Mainly because I don't think I can really test out sachet sample (especially for skin care item), and sachet sample packaging only allow me one use unless I put it on a container first which is too troublesome for a single sachet sample, and frankly, counting sachet sample as one item in the box feels like a rip-off (unless you give out like 10 or more sachet samples for each product. I mean, I still prefer other types of packaging, but at east it doesn't feel like you got cheated on). 

Well, good news! These sachet samples doesn't count as its own different item, it's just an "extra" item to the BB Cream. Kudos to Lolabox for listening to their subscribers' complaints regarding sachet sample! I really really appreciate it, since not a lot of subscription box do that ;)

[Astalift] Moisturizing Mask

Full-size: Rp 145,000.00 / pack
In the Box: full-size

This is one fancy sheet mask, that's for sure! While the pricing seems a bit absurd to me for a single use sheet mask, I read a lot of good reviews about this, so I'm eager to receive it in my box. I haven't try this one yet though because I want to save it for special event :)

[Sigma] Eyeliner Brush E05

Full-size: Rp 132,000.00
In the Box: full-size (technically this is travel-size, but I think it's same brush as the full-size except with smaller, shorter brush handle cmiiw)

If you love make-up, I'm sure you have heard about the brand Sigma before. There was a period of time in youtube where Sigma brushes were all the rage and all the beauty vloggers own them. I have been wanting to give them a try for a year or so, but the international shipping is just ridiculous (btw, now you can order them from Luxola)!

Needless to say, I'm happy to receive a sigma brush. The thing is, I was always a liquid liner/felt-tip liner kinda girl and gel liner just seemed tedious to me (from past experience trying it), so I was a little bit bummed out that the brush is an eyeliner brush. Since I don't want to left this brush unused, I went ahead and got myself a gel liner from Maybelline.

After first try, I'm a convert. Now I use gel liner most of the time when I'm wearing make-up. This brush is just so easy to use and allow a smooth glide to make a winged line. The bristles is not too soft that it slips and slides, but not too stiff that it pokes your eyes. If you've tried gel liner before and you feel it's just difficult to draw the line, try to find the right brush! On the side note, I also like the fact that gel liner (the one I use anyway) have a matte finish since most of liquid liners give a shiny finish.

Definitely my most favorite item from the box (well, tied with the next one).

[Anna Sui] Nail Polish 902

Full-size: Rp 150,000.00
In the Box: full-size

This one is only included in 50 random boxes, so I was surprised that I got it. Lucky!
I already have a review on this HERE.

Vouchers & Coupons

Some workshop brochure, more Luxola coupon, and Lazada coupon.

Lolabox Price: Rp 145,000.00 for 1 month subscription / Rp 375,000.00 for 3 months subscription / Rp 725,000.00 for 6 months subscription
The Box's Value: Rp 509,133.00 (with Anna Sui nail polish) / Rp 359,133.00 (without Anna Sui nail polish) + however much the Dr. Jart+ sachet samples cost

In the Box: 6 Items (3 deluxe samples, 3 full-sizes)

Overall, in my opinion, with the Anna Sui included, this is indeed the BEST box Lolabox ever put out. I'm very satisfied with it! Can't wait for my January box to come very soon.

Hope this review helps in some way!

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xoxo, Lily

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