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Friday, January 10, 2014


Do you know what am I gonna talk about today?

No, I'm not going to give you a lecture about humanity, living life or some sort of things like that.

I'm just going to let you into my own little "new year tradition" ...

Every year, around New Year and Chinese New Year, McDonald's always have this seasonal menu called the Beef Prosperity.

*Didn't see that coming, did ya?! Or may you did, oh well*

Anyway, this tradition started four or five years ago when my friend, Detta, introduced me to this oh so good burger. Then after that, every time new year rolls around I WILL get out of my way to go to McD's and get my hands on a Beef Prosperity Burger at least once every year. Mind you I'm not a big junk food eater, except for the occasional KFC here and there *does pizza hut count as junk food too?*, but McD? I probably can still count with my fingers how many times I go there in a year. But this beef prosperity always have me coming back every time it's available.

This year will be either my fourth or my fifth year keeping this not-so-healthy tradition alive. Believe it or not, I'm quite proud lol, since I don't really have many tradition of my own I stick with.

So, that's my little tradition I wanna share with you, now let's get down to business. 

I really wish I could have taken better pictures, but the sun just wasn't agreeing with me and we couldn't wait to eat them all, so it is what it is.

Double Beef Prosperity
Beef Prosperity is basically beef patty glazed with black pepper sauce, topped with onion slices, and sandwiched between two burger buns. Sounds pretty simple, right? But they're just so good. I really love the crunch and the bitter sweet taste from the onion and the touch of spiciness from the black pepper sauce. Not to mention the meat is also thicker than their usual burger patty.

They are available in single patty and double patties (pictured above) and I actually prefer the single patty because it just has the perfect meat to onion to bun ratio imo.

This year, Beef prosperity is accompanied by this curly fries (also seasonal). 

They're not bad, but I wish they were crunchier on the outside. I definitely prefer last years' shake fries.

Ps. Can you spot the runaway regular fries? ;)

left: Mixed Berries right: Mango
And lastly, the drinks it comes with this year, mixed berries fizz and mango fizz. They are just soda with syrup and flavored nata de coco. 

I'm not really a fan of carbonated drinks (except for mountain dew, but I can never find it for the last 4 years or so), so I got these two just because they're included in the package. The mixed berries is not bad, but not as refreshing as the mango one. Sam said the mixed berries tastes like cough syrup lol. We both liked the mango fizz better.

These beef prosperity packages will be available until 10th of January 2014. Yes, today is the last day, so go and run to your local McD's if you haven't had it. 

From 11th of January 2014 to 10th of February 2014 (I think) they will change it to Chicken Prosperity which I just heard about this year, so you bet I'm gonna go and give it a try too, although it's hard to imagine it will beat beef prosperity.

As far as international availability, I think beef prosperity only available in Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia, but I'm pretty sure it's not available outside of South East Asia, let alone US and Europe. Too bad. Well, we don't have McRibs, chicken wraps, etc, or those fried cheese thingy I tried when I was in the UK, so let's call it even!

xoxo, Lily

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