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Sunday, January 19, 2014

[Cottage] Shower Gel in Strawberry & Mint (Review)

I got this Cottage shower gel deluxe sample from my Lolabox this month (I will put up the review for the box next week hopefully) and I got the scent Strawberry & Mint!

Have you heard about this brand before? It's a French brand and I think they just launched in Indonesia not too long ago.

  • Retails for Rp 58,000.00 / US$6
  • 250 ml/bottle
  • Available in various unique scents (strawberry & mint, caramel, vanilla, green tea, ocean blossom, etc) 
  • Paraben-free
  • Silicon-free
  • Contains SLS (Not Sulfate-free)
  • Recyclable bottle

The packaging of this shower gel really reminds me of those old school milk bottle, which I think is a really adorable concept. To me, the cap looks like it is made of those cheap plastic material (you can see the rough line in the picture above), so I'm not entirely fond of the overall packaging "look", but the fact that it's 100% recyclable helps.
This shower gel has a milky consistency just like a regular shower gel. I love how I can make a lot of bubbles with just a small amount of the shower gel. It leaves my skin very soft and smooth after shower.

When I first use this, the scent really reminds me of a fresh strawberry juice with a bit of minty smells. It's a very refreshing scent. Suitable for people who love fruity smells like me. The scent lingers after I finished my shower, but not too much, probably for 2 to 3 hours max since the lingering scent is not too significant to begin with.

Where to Find?
As far as I know, in Indonesia, you can get them at Ranch Market and Guardian, but I think only selected one, cause I have yet to find it in Guardian store near me. I'll try the other guardian next time.

OVERALL: I do like this shower gel as it leaves my skin soft and I'm intrigued to try the other scents too. The cons are probably the fact that it is still not easy to find in Indonesia and the price point is quite expensive for a shower gel in Indonesia market. I also wish the scent could have lingered on longer since it is such a lovely scent.

xoxo, Lily

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